Beaten pink and black..

I do know that there are no free lunches – ever,  but it doesn’t stop my heart from skipping a beat in excitement when I saw a letter addressed to me with a stamp saying ‘Official Confirmation of award’.

See that envelope torn in a hurry? – that was how excited I was.  But then, it just takes a second to come back to earth with a thud. I was eligible for a award which would be at least £15, could be £50, £100 or even £1,500! All I needed to do was open a credit account with somebody. Yeah, right! As if it would be anything else. I was just grateful that some uncle of mine , in Nigeria, did not die and leave me a fortune. All my hopes of a special gift on the eve of Valentine’s day were dashed. Serves me right for thinking that Valentine’s day is something special.

As the season of love surrounds us, all sorts of offers come through the door. We got a ‘pizza lovers’ booklet of offers from Pizza Hut. If Pizza Hut was offering, could Domino’s be far away?  And then there pink coloured restaurant menus announcing special Valentine’s day menus, which caused Poohi to jump in delight. Everything pink is her’s by right. So before I could recycle them, Poohi appropriated them and hid them away – for future cutting up into shapes.

I had been out shopping yesterday and was glad that I went alone. Every bakery had pink cakes. Pink hearts decorated most shops. Love is most certainly in the air. Of course, Muthalik might not agree. Although that piece of news was greeted by most of us with glee.

I could never understand what it was about Valentine’s day that makes some people go so ballistic? It used to be Shiv Sena’s forte earlier, but seeing that they are busy elsewhere, helpful cousins of theirs are helping out every year these days. Funny, isn’t it, because  while reports confirm that the days after Navaratri, sees a boom in abortions, I have never read anything similar about Valentine’s day.  But that, I guess, is legitimate and part of our ‘culture’. Valentine’s day is an import so it is ‘right’ to beat up people, forcefully marry them off!  Women drinking in pubs is an import again, so they can be beaten up? Yeah, that is part of our culture – beating up people and intimidation.

Is it such a wonder that others decided to take matters into their hands and decided to blacken his face? I can just say that he got what he deserved – a taste of his own medicine- just a year late, probably.

49 thoughts on “Beaten pink and black..

  1. Hahaha!

    Smi, I’m sad that Nigeria wale uncle stopped leaving fortune me after I put him in spam.

    LOL! We even used to get proper mails from him 🙂 and a form to fill out our bank details 😉

    Valentine’s Day for me is when Peanut brings lots of Pink stuff (c**p in adult language) in her shoebox. She is so excited today because it seems they have exchanged a lot of gifts (all papers, pink stuff, stickers, chocolates and cards) in the class past one week.

    They did not celebrate it in school here- Chinese New Year was the theme this week – It is Chinese New year today, na. She has no idea abt Valentine’s day – but she sure loves all the pink 🙂

    Pink is Poohi’s. No question about that. Chakkara..she is.
    I am just glad she can’t read this 🙂

  2. i love the festivities around valentines day and we usually make it a special day this time ufff i am in house arrest

    House arrest ? What happened? We normally do nothing – am quite lazy about all these days 🙂

  3. Muthu uncle rightly got his face blackened and no sympathy for him there.

    I agree.

    But the fact that it was done by goons of Congress youth wing gives it another political angle which the pseudo-secularists (I know the patriots of India hate this word because they love Kaangress) would always support. Why? Because it was done by Congress goons. Oh! Congress cannot have goons. Yeah right!

    LOL! Am with you on that! Violence does not get justified just because it is by the Congress! The sad thing is a lot of the communal anger is happening as an after effect of the psuedo-secularist actions of the govts. For instance that 10% reservation in Bengal – now if BJP campaigned there – there is a high possibility that they might get more votes than they would have otherwise.. If only our political parties were not to play vote bank politics.

    Another hilarious observation was Congress workers selling MNIK tickets.

    Congress successfully got common man’s attention from many other serious national issues.

    Absolutely! And channels like NDTV have been going on and on about it as if watching MNIK is some sort of patriotism. I saw in the news that Ashok Chavan was making a statement by watching the movie. Funny, isn’t it, how farmer suicides, price rise and all that is conveniently forgotten?

    • Exactly! why the hell should I waste my money to watch some rich star’s films. I know everyone knows my SRK craze and I own every single DVD of his films. But this one..nah! I will watch it on TV.

      Now that is taking a stance 🙂

      I bow to SRK, the most intelligent marketing brain in Bollywood as of today.

      Absolutely! He is very intelligent – no doubt about that!

      NDTV weirdos should also go sell tickets.
      They might as well be doing that – going by the rhetoric!

      • Oh, I agree to this…and I heard the movie is not worth all this talk too. I even think SRK knew abt this and made up this whole marketing to get some extra mileage!

        He has been extremely successful in marketing it 🙂 He got more than just some extra mileage.

    • Agree with all of Sol’s words. Not watching MNIK either.
      Muthalik?ugh! less said the better

      I agree totally. With my record in watching movies – there is not even the slightest possibility of watching it 🙂 I am amazed how watching a movie has become equivalent to taking a ‘stance’! I am so sick of watching MNIK updates on NDTV!

      Most ROFL moment was Muthalik saying attack on me is an attack on democracy! 😆 yeah right!you moron!

      Oh yeah!!! Wonder where all these thoughts of democracy were – last year?

      PS:-Valentine’s Day is fun if for nothing else then for looking at what so many others are doing. Pink and red in the air 😀
      specially those heart shaped red ones are well… too much! 😀

      Absolutely! I just find it all over-hyped. A lot of people celebrate just because it is the ‘hip’ thing to do 😉

  4. Pink is color of also all valentine party invites coming in pink colour 🙂
    Poohi is darling…me too use to collect all pink color stuff and also use to name my all doll as pinki…later pinki sr and then pinki jr 🙂

    Really 🙂 How sweet 🙂 I was never too bothered, to be honest 🙂

  5. Since 2nd April 2009
    66,666 Visitors have passed this way 😆 😆 …sixer on ur visitor count 🙂

    Wow! I never noticed and would have missed if not for you 🙂

  6. i am aversed to the idea of pink and hearts. plus i dont really relate to V Day..oddly, i dont see too much of the pink theme and the red hearts this time…may be i need to go to the malls once.. to see how pink the festival has made them…

    • Me too Mandira, I don’t really care about Valentine’s day. We never celebrate or do anything – but I don’t understand why people need to object to other people’s celebration of the day, you know.

      Here everything is in pink – store displays and special offers everywhere.

  7. I scrolled down to see another photo that will show the award. Sigh. You broke my heart Smita. That too when V’day is around the corner. Sigh. 😀 😀

    They broke my heart too 😦 Very badly 😦

  8. This news began my day on a laughing note 🙂 I tried very hard to remind myself that this was not how a Democracy should function, but just couldn’t help laughing aloud 😆 This was just too good 🙂

    I know! It was funny- even though as you say, it is not how democracy should function 🙂 It made my day for sure 🙂

    Now I wish all their cousins would also be made to see that if pink is not acceptable, they might see black 🙂 After all people are also beginning to learn the only language they understand.

    ‘Now I wish all their cousins would also be made to see that if pink is not acceptable, they might see black 🙂 ‘ – Absolutely!

  9. Glad to hear Poohi enjoys every piece of pink 😉

    I am ok with Valentine’s day being around me and being celebrated. What is wrong in celebrating one day for love, it is fine by me. Before kids, we used to go out to a movie(which we anyway did once a week then(sigh!).. Now as Solilo says it is whatever S(and this year A too) take to their class and bring back 😉

    We never did anything – but I don’t understand why people have to go crazy and stop others from celebrating. It is nice that Valentines day is celebrated in schools there – here somehow they have nothing like that in school.

    Muthalik thing scares me too, even though he got a good deal, about what people do in retaliation.It gets worse.

    I know! Last year, we were so stunned to hear about how they beat up women – it could be any of us. How could such a thing be allowed ? It will continue in a cycle unless strong measures are taken to ensure that people don’t even think of doing such things..

  10. Sigh! Never celebrated Valentine’s day properly until now.. and even this year, I have not planned anything as someone was due to visit us and has cancelled 😦 Btw, that Nigeria uncle of yours…is he the same as mine 😉 ? Useless scam-mers 🙂 Poor Smitha.. that envelope says it all.. but don’t worry my dear, I am sure there are loads of pleasant surprises waiting for you this whole year 🙂

    Me neither, Pallu. Yes, the Nigeria uncle is a common one that all of us share 😉 ‘loads of pleasant surprises’ – touchwood 🙂

  11. Yay!! finally ,the pink chaddi boy gets the taste of his own medicine !! My nigerian uncle has written to me even this month asking me for my account number so that he can do a wire transfer of 1Million francs!!and i thought that Francs were replaced by Euros .. silly me ;-)!

    LOL! Yes, he seems to be a tad out of touch – still talking about euros 😉

  12. what is the official way to celebrate Valentine’s?? Going out for a fate? Happens every day isn’t it? Exchanging gifts, also happens on many other random days. So what do these idiots specially oppose I don’t understand. They are just frustrated, jealous, dirty people.

    Exactly, GM! Why make such a big fuss? Let people celebrate if they want to – don’t do anything if you disapprove of it. But meaningless violence – why? I just cannot understand these people!

    I hope you get a ‘real’ winner’s announcement one of these days Smi! All the best.
    I wish 🙂

  13. For some reason – irrespective of whether I m in a relationship or not – I’ve never celebrated Valentine’s Day. I found the concept a little too over-rated. what’s with this one day u have to celebrate if u’re a couple… even if it has nothing to do with the day u 2 met, proposed, got engaged or whatever else!! But well, peace to all those couples who celebrate it and enjoy it…. may they keep celebrating it always.

    Me neither – we do nothing to celebrate – never felt the need to. But I don’t understand why people try to prevent others from celebrating if they want to.

    As for the Muthalik issue, I am still ROFL 😆 I still havent gotten up from the floor yet!!! 😛 😛
    I know 🙂

  14. I couldnt help guffawing at Muthalik’s fate…. seriously… ! plus Times now news channel had put a video of him speaking one year earlier and yesterday… and it looked really really howlarious to see him eating his words… ! no other comments were required… !!!

    ‘it looked really really howlarious to see him eating his words.’ It was, wasn’t it ?

    bout that awards… sigh that sweepstakes and what not… now I m almost above them all…!
    Lucky you 🙂 You seem to hit the jackpot in Scrabble 🙂

  15. Imagine how much money they spend on all this..

    I know! Even if 1% fall for it – I guess it must be paisa vasool for them 🙂

    as for V day.. i am neutral.. neither i hate it nor do i care much.. and i never understood the Pink fever much….

    Same here.

    maybe it is more relavent if you are dating, but married….. everyday is the same…… i mean in a good way.. 🙂

    I agree 🙂

  16. Arre did you not know…I am a millionaire…thanks to all the Nigerian Uncle’s and Aunts. I keep winning lotteries nearly everyday.

    As for Valentines Day…I think it is getting highly over rated…I am not a secret spokesperson for anyone. All this pink makes me dizzy. I feel the world suddenly starts thinking of love and the other 364 days people are free to murder,lie, cheat and forget LOVE.

    Let me go pop in some sweet pink candy and I will be all lovey dovey hehehhe 😉

  17. Atlast Muthalik got what he is deserved…. sometimes we don’t have to appreciate its lawlessness….

    Valentine’s day…. I don’t have any reason to celebrate it… 😛 😛

    and the letter… thats too much…. after the e-mails.. they are sending through mails… phew….

  18. hey i’m a bit lost here…
    wat happened to muthalik this year?
    what did he say now? “i’ll drag every married couple to nearest lawyer and get them divorced”??? 🙄
    you know- whatever he says is always weird, :mrgreen:

  19. I go and celebrate a day of love whenever I want 😛 So, I think Muthu uncle must be hating me all the more bcoz every day is probably a V-Day 😉 😉

    LOL! Yes, Muthu uncle must be hating quite a few of us!

    But, he had it rt and I am very happy 😀 Hw I wish I cud beat him up too 😛

    Wonder when all these ppl will grow above party politics or will they ever 😦

    I wonder too! Our political parties have no real ideology or ideas to do something good, so they have to resort to gimmicks of this sort 😦

    So, Poohikutty is happy with all the pink crafty material .. ha ha ha 😀 😀
    Yes, pink anytime 🙂

  20. LOL,Smits,I still get mails from my relatives in Nigeria,if not uncle,its my auntie telling me with much love and affection about the billion dollar worth fortune awaiting me 😀

    I know! We do have such loving relatives in Nigeria 🙂 I got a mail yesterday from Hongkong – from my ‘business partner’ 😉

    As for muthu uncle, oh yes I’m glad he got a taste of his own medicine! He deserved every bit of it.

    I’ve always liked the ‘love is in the air’ feel that comes out the strongest around V Day! I remember, while in school how much we used to look forward to the endless proposals that would finally see the light of day :D.

    LOL! I don’t think I even knew about the existence of Valentine’s day in school 🙂

    I love love pink too,like poohikutty! Do tell her that 🙂 Ummas to her!
    You too, Deeps?

    • Thatz one thing I hv to agree 😉 Drop into any mall and there’s pink every where arnd 🙂 Pleasant feel 🙂

      Yeah, pink of health 😉

  21. Happy V day Smitha……

    Thank you Happy Kitten.

    Unlce Muthalik or not V day is yet to find a place in our life.. maybe I need to wait for the kids to grow up a bit more to see a lot more pink on this day..

    LOL! I see enough pink in everything to do with little girls here 🙂 Now the V day pink too 🙂

  22. I think Muthalik uncle deserved what he got. And the cheek of the man, he now wants justice. Pathetic.

    Yes indeed! He has the cheek to talk about democracy now!

  23. I totally agree with you, he got a taste of his own medicine! and him saying it was gundagardi should get the award for serving awesome comedy in one line 😉

    I know! LOL @ ‘ him saying it was gundagardi should get the award for serving awesome comedy in one line ;-)’ 🙂

    As far as Val Day is concerned when I was in college it used to make my heart flutter, now it is nothing but a marketing gimmick! 😀 but I believe in live & let others live policy 🙂

    Me too – on the live and let live policy 🙂

    BTW Me too all for pink 🙂

    you too? I am so tired of pink 😦

  24. Poohi is so cute !!! She hid all those pink coloured pamphlets from PH, Dominos ??? Special hugs to the little one !!!! 🙂

    Passed them on – she loves pink 🙂

    ROFL @ Nigeria Uncle !!!!

    Hmmm….Valentine’s day – yes, there is a huge celebration going out there, but for ppl like me, everyday is a Valentine’s day !!! 😉

    Same here – no difference at all 🙂 We remember it is Valentine’s day because of the news 🙂

  25. Here, pink is the colour for girls, Valentines day or otherwise…Both my daughters have an abundance of pink frocks…ans one reason is due to the lack of other options…
    Yes, Pink is always the colour for girls 🙂 Anything in pink makes her happy 🙂

    So Peanut will love it here!
    I too dont place much value to this day but another way of looking at it is that it is one more day to rekindle relationships…mostly old couples like us who are nearing 15 years of being together, we need gentle reminders like VD to get together and enjoy few moments to ourselves!


  26. Great! I can here searching for my comment and your reply and realized I had not commented on this one!!!

    So where is your comment??? You left again without commenting properly 😉

  27. I look forward to V day for only one reason.. to pounce on the chocolate box my son gets from school and buy all the pink covered Hersheys kisses available in the shops 😛 Love doesn’t come anywhere near on that day coz M looks at me in disgust after watching me fight with Saman for the chocolates 😥

    Anything pink is definitely by right Poohi kutty’s… 😆 pinky kisses to her!

    PS: I better not open my mouth about political issues or Sols might dump me from her friends list 😦

  28. Oh Smitha-sorry about the award, but then you do have the Nigerian second (or sixtieth) cousin for back up.

    LOL! Yes, backups are always there 🙂

    Yes the Muthalik news was the best news abt Valentines day-and going by the reactions around, everyone was glad the justice was done (yeah, it wasn’t the lawful way, but still…)

    True 🙂 Still better than nothing, I guess 🙂

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