Swayamvar nahi Shaadi

or so he claims when he says ‘“Swayamvar nahin Raam Shaadi bolo, jab thaan hi li hai to shaadi karke hi jaaoonga.”

Ever since I first saw Rahul Mahajan ki shaadi promos, I have been at a loss to figure out, who in the right mind would want to marry him?

Well, we found out. There were plenty and most of them from media/acting backgrounds. Not really surprising, is it? I am willing to bet that most of them must be hoping that they stay on long enough for the audience and headhunters to notice them and then would have luck of getting rejected by the man:) That would surely be having the cake and eating it too, wouldn’t it?

The thing with all these reality shows is that you get hooked!  I started watching it, to just see who would want to marry him and I am so hooked! They are such a laugh riot.  Of course, I would be grateful if Rahul Mahajan’s laughter could be sedited out or even beeped out! He does sound exactly how Smita describes . The stuff the girls came up with was just hilarious! One girl claims that ever since she saw Dil toh Pagal hai – she was convinced that she would get married to a ‘Rahul’!! Another one, has been pining away for him for that 10 years – ever since she saw him, when she was 14. Thats right – 14 years of age! That must be the longest crush ever! Some are already in love with him. One claims that he is perfect – apparently he is a responsible person – now where could she have possible got that from? And honest because she says he wants to go good for the nation if he ever enters politics! Yes, right! Show me one politician who says he wants to do ‘bad’ for the nation.  That’s all we need, for him to enter politics as well. As if we did not have enough ‘interesting’ people in politics already!   One of the girls was a Iskcon devotee, but she was chucked out. Guess they did not like the fact that she spoke more about Krishna than Rahul 😉 Apparently every girl dreams of getting married to a celebrity – really? I must be living in some kind of parallel universe as I am yet to meet a girl with these ‘dreams’.

Yesterday, we got to know some interesting general knowledge facts, like Obama’s real name is Obama Bin Laden!! and another contestant had a tough time figuring out which country Nagaland belonged to – Columbo(????) and South Africa being one of the names that she tried with! It was hilarious! She was given so many hints and yet could not figure it out.  It amazes me that people who know(and love) Rahul Mahajan have no clue that Nagaland is part of India! Is it just a sign of the times? I  must be out of touch because I still haven’t been able to figure out what exactly is so great about Rahul Mahajan? I though people would run the other way, if asked to marry him. Apparently I am very very wrong.

When I had first seen Big Brother here – the time when Shilpa Shetty had participated, I was surprised to see how easily celebrity-dom is cast on so many people. It does not seem very different in India. People seem to be becoming ‘celebrities’ based on all sorts of claims to fame. One of the contestant claimed that her mother gave her the money that she had been saving for her gall bladder operation, to her daughter so that she could participate here. What? Competing in a reality show is more important than an operation? What kind of child would accept it? Wouldn’t that be a fair indication of the person’s priorities?

Reality shows are here to stay. I guess, we will continue to see more and more celebrity crazy people trying to compete in them for their 2 mins of fame. Are we getting shallow as a society or is it just the opportunities that have opened up avenues to show case such people. Reality shows that are some kind of talent show/hunts certainly do open up avenues to the talented – but when reality shows are just entertainment, and the standards constantly dropping to further sensationalize it  – where will all this end?

55 thoughts on “Swayamvar nahi Shaadi

  1. It’s heartening to know that these girls are willing to look beyond the obvious (and minor) flaws. Why let a reputation for abuse (wife- and substance-) and a braying laugh come in the way of a potentially blissful relationship?

    It is heartening indeed! These are such minor flaws, am sure everything else will more than make up for it 😉


    Quirky Indian

    • QI, these girls are deep, way deep…Their intelligent quotient is up there in the 200s…Unlike shallow people like you & I, they don’t give two cents to ‘rumours’, police reports and physical attributes like a braying laugh…Like you said, they only want a happy & prosperous married life with some money and physical excitement thrown in…

      LOL, Bones! That sounds about right!

  2. Who would want to marry Raakhi Sawant for that matter? But they do. Actually once people get the addicted to fame, they will do anything for it. Its worse than drugs and tobacco. It is unbelievable to what lengths they can go to get it. Most of the things are just stories, so don’t get bothered by them.

    Atleast Rakhi Sawant did not have reputation of abuse – although Elesh might claim differently. Either way – both are equally bad. It is degrading to watch at times!

    Here they show something called ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’, the same concept as ‘swayamvar’, and it amuses me to see, how physically involved the ‘celebrity’ gets with the contestants all through the show. It so corny, and such an obviously set-up show, its not even funny. You can actually see them choosing the right angle to kiss and stuff.

    Yes, apparently this is copied from that. It must be horrible to watch. Alteast our desi versions are funny thanks to the contestants.

    And yes the reality shows, no matter how pathetic are really really addictive!

    I know! They really are!

    • Btw, I heard that there is infact talks of starting a reality show in UK that is on the lines of death.

      Apparently, they have invited volunteers with terminal illnesses and will telecast the last few days or weeks of their lives and how it affects family and friends. The whole idea is to get the audience hooked onto something that they have never seen before but only felt. Let me google and get you the name of that show. I heard about it on radio the other day…

      I don’t understand who would want to see it – it is so depressing to even think about.

      • Massod, that reminds me of some news clip i saw on TV…that said that some channel wants to do a live show on making real human mummies and wants people to volunteer…so that once they die the news channel can claim their bodies and start the mummification process live on TV.

        I cant figure out whats happening to the media and do viewers really want to see such stuff!!

  3. Don’t be so surprised, I know a very smart girl who always knew she will marry a Raj ever since she watched DDLJ. She is actually getting married to a Raj next month, the guy is nice so no issues:)

    Wow! But I hate to see girls/boys taking huge decisions like marriage on the basis of such frivolous criteria, you know.

    Most of these girls are wannabe actors so they are doing all this so that they can be seen on TV. More than the girls it is Rahul Mahajan’s giggling that irritates me. I hate to admit that there is a bit of gender bias in my approach to this programme. It was OK when guys were making a fool of themselves to woo during the Rakhi Sawant’s Swayamvar, it was irritating but women stooping low to catch Rahul’s attention is a little offensive.

    Rahul Mahajan’s giggling might be the reason that makes me stop watching it – it is unbearable!

    I had intended to mention about women degrading themselves – but finally forgot when I did the post – You know, I think there have been so many instances of the girls dancing for no reason – and it looked just cheap! I don’t recall anything of that sort when the contestants were men! And not just that – cooking for Rahul and all that is so irritating to watch. I mean they just add to the already existing stereotypes.

    • “I know a very smart girl who always knew she will marry a Raj ever since she watched DDLJ. She is actually getting married to a Raj next month, the guy is nice so no issues:)”

      LOL actually it was hilarious to see fangirls posting SRK videos on twitter too. It is one thing to like or LOVE someone but blindlove… 😆

        • hahah this takes the cake….people are Nuts when it comes to celebrities. But it should stop somewhere.

          I think this poor Raj will definitely have to learn all the lines from ‘DDLJ’ if he wants his marriage to succeed 🙂

          • Wow. To have such a fantasy since young and to actually have it come true. That’s amazing amd some story that is!

            BTW, Rahul Mahajan’s LAUGH. OH.MY.GOD.
            It is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Worse than a donkey’s cry! Seriously.
            And unfortunately for me (I guess), I mimick it QUITE WELL. 😉 😛

            LOL! Do you mimic him! I wish I could see that 🙂

            But this show… this show is making my vacation very entertaining.

            I can sure imagine 🙂

  4. Hey…

    i just stumbled over ur blog..:) Are u Chinnu from Madakki/Jamshedpur?
    If not…. too many coincidences 🙂 Am Sorry..

    Will email you 🙂

  5. Et tu chechi! Of all the shows this had most irritating promo. Every other reality show i atleast watched a few episodes. But dont have the guts to watch this one. If u are addicted to it then pl keep writing on it. Its fun reading ur take on it. I always felt that bad stuff is made to give fodder to bloggers.

    Yeah me too 🙂 I had to know who would want to marry him 🙂 If does not do something about his irritating laughter -I might end up not watching it 🙂

    ‘I always felt that bad stuff is made to give fodder to bloggers.’ – Oh so true!

  6. I read in news that the govt is observing all these reality shows including splitsvilla, emotional atyaachar etc. Some of the channels have been already served notices too… Hope the day is not too far when they ban such programs altogether which are a plain PITA for poor audience like me.

    Hope it happens. The only problem with govt agencies is that they tend to go over board or they do nothing. If only we could get a fine balance..

  7. Totally unrelated to this post- I bought Silent Raga it was the last copy on the shelf. Can’t wait to read on my way 18hr flight (dammit!) home (yippeee!!).

    Congratulations!! Do write your take on it! Would lvoe to read 🙂 ANd you lucky girl!!!! You are on your way to India! I am so jealous!

  8. LOL .. there’s nothing real abt them 😛

    That is right!!!

    The gall bladder operation thingy is too too much .. I just can’t believe any child cn do that actually 😉

    I know! Can we even imagine it?

    I saw that Obama Bin Laden thingy in the trailers … ROFL, but seriously can’t believe ppl r soooo dumb 😉

    Did you 🙂 It was quite funny 🙂 At this rate, our nation’s IQ will be grave danger 🙂

    I think u r rt Smithu … its all abt stealing the limelight and then gng away probably 😀 And then they will make another reality show where the two get apart! God grant them good-will!

    I know! It is all about the publicity and money, I guess.

  9. I dont know whether to laugh at such stupidity on National Television or cry at the pathetic girls, who think that they are in love with RM !!! OMG !!! Smitha, I am not a TV person at all, but I am glad that I am not watching this show !!!

    I am not a TV person either – but I end up watching this junk 😦 It is all a game for publicity – thats it 😦

    Taking part in this stupid show is more imp than gall bladder operation ???? Sad state !!!

    I know! How can people even think about it? I mean don’t they have any sense?

    ROFL @ Indian girls’ pathetic show of GK !!!!

    Sad, no? And here we thought that we were well-aware people 🙂

    Sometimes, I wonder if all these stupidity is also part of the natak business !!! Everything that happens is for cheap publicity, isnt it ???
    Quite a possibility, I guess! Maybe a play, actually. No publicity is bad publicity, is it?

    Krishna devotee rejected ???? Will the Krishna Followers start a protest now ?????

    LOL! Lets hope not! We have enough protests already 🙂

  10. Reality shows, are really very addictive. I haven’t even seen the promo, so cannot comment much, but I just hate Rahul Mahajan. He looks like a “Nashedi”(drug addict to me) and I feel so sorry for these girls of today with zero general knowledge.

    I know! And it is not just looks, from what has been reported about him. I wonder if those girls know what they are doing.

    Did i tell you before, i love this display pic of yours..u look great

    Thanks Nids 🙂

  11. I am finding that whoever named TV as an idiot box is so right with each passing day and i am glad that i came out of the addiction…

  12. Smithus, the whole point of reality is voyeurism (to an extent). So the more sensationalistic and attention-grabbing its content, the better way to drag eyeballs and hence raise TRPs. simple 🙂

    I just wish it weren’t – especially when you see what is passed off as entertainment on TV these days.

    as for the girls…well.. just like i mentioned on smita’s post… they are all out for some fame and stardom of their own. what better than a swayamvar reality show, esp when they’ve seen how popular Rakhi ka Swayamvar was despite all its flaws? simple..

    I know. It works for them very well. Sad but true.

  13. What an awesome post, Smitha. I have to admit it..didn’t know who this character called Rahul Mahajan was, until the anti-promos that was going on in Blogville. And over the weekend, I actually sat through one hour of this program. And honestly, I couldn’t BELIEVE what I saw. Girls are actually fawning over him, giggling with him, and GOSH, actually FLIRTING with the guy?! Oh God!! What have we come to? Seriously. I mean, like Quirky aptly pointed out, some people do look BEYOND the obvious, but this takes ‘noble-ness’ to an all-time- high. Itseems there were 16000+ applicants… can I just cry?!!!

    You saw it – then you know what I mean 🙂 ‘can I just cry?!!!’ – you and me both!

    It just amazes me the lengths that people go for publicity. ‘Girls are actually fawning over him, giggling with him, and GOSH, actually FLIRTING with the guy?’ – oh yes – wasn’t that supremely cringeworthy? I mean why why why???? or rather how? when the bridegroom is supposed to be a drug abuser and his marriage broke up due to abuse – how?

  14. I thought Rahuliya bats for the other team. Gives a strong gaydar. Can’t believe that women are fighting to ‘get’ him. (is there an emoticon for puke?) 🙄

    Now that you mention it – he does feel like that!

    It is quite gagging at times. Yesterday they tested the girls knowledge on Daals – of all the things! As if a girl who can’t cook cannot get married!!!

  15. In fact, Smitha, I don’t think there is anything like fame in there. People watch him, yes, but that doesn’t make him famous! It just increases his negative impression.

    That is true. But from the look of it – even negative publicity is better than no publicity.

  16. 🙂 FUN post!! I don’t watch it but since many of my friends do, I am updated! When I saw the ads of Rahul’s show, I was hoping Rakhi joins in too as a contestant (now that she shooed of that guy) so that these 2 fools could get hitched.

    Oh god! Please don’t give the channel any more ideas!!! I can’t take 2 of them together!

    But after hearing about the show (and of course well-aware of Rahul’s colourful past), I feel Rakhi deserves better ..and that’s saying something!!!:-D

    LOL! That is saying something.

    • LOL @ Rakhi joining as one 😛
      She will again go thru one engagement only and say marriage can wait 😉
      But, I seriously found her all the more irritating!

      I agree! I can still tolerate Rahul – Rakhi was worse to watch!

      Rahul’s laughter .. cn scare away anybody no 😉

      LOL – that is true 🙂

  17. I stay away from television these days, but would love to catch up on some of this stuff; looks funny as long as I am not a prey to it. It looks funny from the surface, but has bad replicating effects in society. The moment TV became more than doordarshan and all these million channels came up, genuine ideas for good programs have diminished.

    ‘t looks funny from the surface, but has bad replicating effects in society.’ – I totally agree. It makes me worried that my daughter will eventually end up watching programs like this. Right now, of course, I take all the precautions to ensure that she does not come across drivel like this – but for how long? There might be so many teenagers who grow up with hollow aspirations like wanting to marry a celebrity. I remember reading somewhere how a considerable percentage of girls in Britain want to be a WAG – wife or girlfriend of a footballer!!

  18. Ohh that man is sooo..YUCK …Rakhi sawant and now Rahul mahajan ..i wonder if they can find some one worse than these 2 for next season 😛

    I know! Am sure they will find a way of excelling themselves by finding someone sleazier!

    I have not seen a single episode for a single season as I just cannot stand these ppl .. and yeah people without brains only can come to marry him ..no wonder they dont know where nagaland is and cannot figure that out after hints too

    I know! Unbelievable, isn’t it?

  19. I cant stand that Rahul Mahajan. I used to get up from my chair and go elsewhere or simply switch channels the minute they had even started showing the promos.

    I can’t stand him either – but thankfully, footage of him is not as much as Rakhi’s was – which makes it comparably bearable.

    Seriously how can any girl girl have the desire to marry him?? I guess we need to rephrase the love is blind part to ‘love for money and fame is blind’! Anything for money and fame 😀

    I know! Anything for money and fame and blind to everything else, sounds about right!

    And Smits you need to be commended for having the patience to sit through and watch every episode of this ‘drug addict ka swayamvar’! 😆

    Arre, it is actually fun to watch -if you leave your brains behind 🙂

  20. Pingback: Can it get more disgusting ? « Whats on My Mind

  21. Am proud of you girl!! This monday I had called in sick & was resting @ home! I caught all the episides back to back!!

    That must have been fun! We do that too – we record them and watch whenever we are in need of entertainment 🙂

    The GK episode is a gem!!! Where is Nagaland! When after a hint “Nag is what language? Think which country” and the girl said, South Africa!!! Saying I was ROFL wud be an under statement! Even this 14 year ki crushed I mean ke crush waali girl 😉 had brilliant answers to who wrote Mahabharata! Valmiki, Parshuraam, to some ved….aah! some serial to watch I say!!

    I know!!! There were all ‘ek se badh kar ek’! ! And they could not even figure out the answer after all that prompting!

    And as u said I also wonder what these girls see in Rahul is way beyond any of us! And thats the very reason that I have stopped questioning & looking for logics! I watch it for pure unadulterated comedy & drama!

    ‘pure unadulterated comedy & drama’ – that’s what it is 🙂

  22. ohhh media/acting, that info was new to me .In fact I was wondering why so many females contesting each other to marry this moron.

    I know! It is difficult to take in!

    Reality shows ..i enjoyed shows like Roadies,Connected and Amazing race.And also malayalam comedy reality shows(It was quite healthy competition and many deserving candidates from rural place got recognition).But shows like Rakhi ka swayamwar,rahul ka swayamvar,splitsvilla(i don’t know how can they show these kinda shows in prime time)..i don’t know what to say

    I agree! Some are indeed good. They allow so many people with real talent to come into the limelight. But junk like this is just junk.

  23. Yup! reality shows can show all crap but they r so so addictive! I too got caught…just trying to figure out who were these girls who wanted to marry this wife beater casanova. It was beyond me! Seriously…and wasn’t surprised to see all wannabe actresses and models in there! Gosh! what is the world coming to. Disgusting!

    I agree! It certainly is disgusting.

  24. I saw the title song of this program and I was ready to chuck my food. Who in the right mind would want to marry him?

    I know! I can’t believe it that so many applied!

    Most of the participants are publicity hounds am sure and I hope that whomsoever is selected just ditches him bwahhhh 🙂

    Absolutely! I doubt if they will actually get married. Everybody must be in for publicity!

  25. But don’t you think a girl who always knew she would marry a Rahul after watching such and such movie, or reading a book, or reading about how Rahul suffered in his last marriage [I remember an interview by Sarika when she married Kamal Hasan, years ago- she had said something amounting to how his first wife did not fulfil her wifely duties, serving hot food, taking off his shoes (exaggeration included)] – so isn’t such a girl just the kind to come for such a show? I have no doubt that they are not interested in the husband, they simply want exposure and hope to get into Saas-bahu serials from here.

    I totally agree! It is more than likely!

    But I haven’t seen the show, so I maybe wrong, maybe they really want to marry him. In which case maybe it’s a case of raam milai jodi… 😉

    LOL! raam milai jodi sounds just perfect 🙂

  26. I cought glimse of this swayamvar..Oh no shaadi actually 🙂 on news channel ..where they were showing Q&A round when the girl ans Obama bin laden 😆 😆

    I know! It was funny, wasn’t it?

    i believe all these shows are scripted..and they put everyting which can attract more and more audience..like a normal daily sops..
    Infact when sambhavan seth ( last yr big brother contesten) came out of show ..she openly said that they use to get script in morning ..and all her fight and all were well written drama..

    Quite possible – they will do anything for some drama, I guess.

    Same I heard abt MTV Roadies too…
    so there is just name reality show…there is no reality inside..
    thats the reason u wil alway find upcoming model only in these kinda shows…

    Otherwise who will marry guy who has beaten wife..two very famour affair…aweful smile..drug addict..list goes on and on…


  27. From the sound of it, it sounds very similar to an Australian reality show, “Farmer wants a wife”.
    Me and hubby had once seen just a couple of episodes of this silly reality show.

    The extent to which this non-sense reality show went (in Aus) was more appalling than hilarious.

    Yes, in some cases these reality shows are indeed appalling. This one so far has been quite hilarious.

    Having a crush to marry someone “just -for-the-name” sounds asking for too much in today’s times when you can’t be sure of someone even after knowing him/her for a while. It’s true heights of blind love 😀

    Absolutely! True heights of blind love.
    Have fun watching whatever happens next 😀


  28. I hope you havent seen an episode of this too… !!!!

    Of course I have 🙂 I would not miss it – it’s too much fun 🙂

    these shows are now questioning the intelligence of the viewers… and I seriously cant answer…

    Yes, I agree. I do think it is all scripted.

  29. hilarious post Smitha 😀

    Thanks Indy 🙂

    atleast it proves one thing for sure 🙂
    1.Stupidity isnt bound within regions..women all over India can be nuts..
    2.Rahul Mahajan has a pan Indian appeal

    😆 Absolutely! Stupidity sure has no boundaries 😉 Rahul Mahajan or publicity has a pan Indian appeal 😉

  30. he he… all said and done, it is an interesting show to watch 😛

    Absolutely! Total timepass 🙂 No question of that – no way am I missing even a single episode 😉 We record them and watch them whenever we can 🙂

    And I thought it was unfair testing the girl’s general knowledge. I mean, Rahul is no genius either. 😆

    😆 That is certainly true! But I suspect, even he might know where Nagaland is 🙂

  31. Hi Smitha
    I loved your post!

    Thank you and welcome here. Do leave your link if you have a blog 🙂

    You pointed out all those issues that I myself was astounded with.
    Its shocking that some girls out there dream to be married to a celeb.
    Who is a celeb anway? How do you define being a celebrity. As far as I know Rahul, he was famous for being the son of Pramod Mahajan and for having been caught in some drug consumption case.

    I know. Celebrity-dom seems to be granted to everybody and anybody these days.

    I do watch this show (so I am in a way entitled to comment on it). I did find Rahul sensible at most times, he is sensitive too.. but far from being an eligible bachelor.

    I agree. He does come across as more sensible and sensitive than I would have thought.

  32. Ahem…just to clear my conscience 😥 I was so so hooked on to bollywood romantic movies as a kid and always believed that my prince charming will see me in some mela and sing “Chehra hai ya..” or boast to his friends about me singing “Maine pucha chand se…” 🙄 Well I hunted him down myself and the only bollywood song he threatens me with is “bach ke tu rehna..re…Khallas” 😯

    Puke puke at all those girls running after Rahul even if its for fame…grrrrrrrrrrr!!!

  33. I think people across India are equally enthusiastic to see,who wants to marry RM !! According to some of my tv buff frenz,this show is good entertainment and a laughing riot 😉

    It is a laugh riot – I can’t help watching it – purely for the fun of it and I hardly watch TV otherwise. 🙂

  34. ………….for some (most) of them i’m sure it’s just the chance to be on TV. when I saw a friend’s status on facebook relating to this program, I checked out YouTube for an episode just to get an idea of how distasteful it was…..and I was horrified!! Just watching it…made me want to hide somewhere…i cannot imagine anyone in their right mind..wanting to act that way on national television.

    Oh yes. For most, it is just an opportunity for some popularity.. ‘i cannot imagine anyone in their right mind..wanting to act that way on national television’ – same here.. And they all claim to be ‘in love’ with him..

  35. Did you watch emotional atyachar on utv bindaas? Its more crappy then swayamwar believe me!

    In that show.. one of the couple approach the TV show for loyalty test. The crew sets up ( a la sting operation) the other partner by wooing him/her with opposite sex.. and believe it or not.. everyone succumbs within 2 days and even start kissing and caressing each other.. And the footage is shown to the person who came for the test.

    Then the couple meet and fight… while the camera rolls. and this is shown prime time.. 8:30 p.m when any kid can watch it..

    Goodness!!!! That is unbelievable!!! This swayamvar is the only serial/reality show that I watch. But this is attrocious! I do hope parents ensure that their children don’t watch all this. Who on earth goes for these shows.. Sounds crazy to me.

    I wonder if there is any TV censor board.. !!
    I doubt it. But surely there should be some constraints on what can be shown at prime time?

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