House hunting woes

The last few days, the site that I have been haunting is I almost send a silent prayer everytime I refresh the page.

You see, we are house-hunting. The landlord of the house we are staying at, had put his house on sale.  We had been quite sure that the house would not get sold all that soon, given the economy and everything. The agent had also assured us that sales do tend to take their time.  But then, little did we know that that’s not how it works when we are the tenants.  In our case, the house got sold almost immediately. I should have heeded husband’s advice of keeping the house shoddy and turning off prospective buyers 🙂

Anyways, since I did not (listen to worthy advice, ie), it is up to me to find us a home before we get kicked out. Not that I mind – I happen to love looking at houses. Husband claims that it is my ‘hobby’ looking at houses, their floor plans, the decor and stuff like that.Then again, looking in desperation is not fun at all.

I had started the search in the area that we live. It is a really nice residential area with plenty of green space and a lovely playground, with great schools nearby and Poohi has friends nearby – all reasons to stay as close to where we are. Fate, however has other plans – not a single house up for rent anywhere nearby.

So in vain I widen my search in a desperate attempt to find a suitable house. The houses I find , I can’t even begin to describe. Some houses look like they have never seen a vacuum cleaner in their lives, some have cubby holes for rooms. One house, I was not even able to view, the tenant went missing when we landed there. I was not really upset, the outside was scary enough for me.

You see, I have this strict methodology that I follow while looking for houses.

1. No show, no go – No picture in the advertisement, I will not take a second look at the property. I have realised after years of house hunting that if they have not posted pictures, there is a reason for it.

2. Get the postcode and check the surrounding area. Some times the most beautiful houses are in really seedy areas – and I don’t want my daughter playing with children with vocabulary  sprinkled with colourful words, Thank you very much.

3. The schools that we have applied for Poohi for next year are close by.

4. Any house that has been on the market for more than 2 weeks – no point looking at it.

Apart from all this of course, the size and parking etc, etc matters. Now after all this filtering, how do I still end up at houses which look marvellous in the pictures only to look like vandalised houses in reality? The pictures were a decade old !

Or better still the grass in the garden is so overgrown that there might be wildlife in there.

Grass that looks cleaner than the carpets inside.

Rooms which make my cubicle at work look spacious.

Storage space? What’s that again ?

How can there be houses without a washer-dryer in this part of the world where it rains most of the time?

One real estate agent actually told me to try to imagine the house without the dirt!

The ultimate disappointment was this morning, when I actually managed to find a house which looked perfect – at least in the pics, had everything we wanted, but apparently the tenants decided not to move out. I have a feeling that they checked the market and decided to stay put. Back to square one. Back to praying and refreshing and hoping against hope that I will find my perfect house, before we get homeless.


64 thoughts on “House hunting woes

    • It was quick..coz i came to put comment on ur previous post but found this one 🙂 🙂

      🙂 I was wondering coz I had just posted when your comment popped up 🙂

  1. After reading ur choices abt seems its really tough job..
    Imagine house without dirt 😆 😆 😆
    Say him to imagine helping u in finding house without his commission;-)
    That should have done it 🙂

    Wish u luck in search of good house..and hope to hear good news soon !!
    Thank you 🙂 I will really need all the luck 🙂

    • Oh dear .. I totally agree with ur to-hv list! I mean thatz the minimum atleast na … this is indeed hard business .. we hv shifted 3 places here and its a pain finding one .. and we hd to change one just in a month as the owner who behaved liked an angel turned to be Hidimba suddenly! N with that we hd a 10 day trip to Himalayas cmg up in that one month we told her we wud be mvng out . no joke @ all 😛 😛

      LOL @ ‘angel turned to be Hidimba ‘ 🙂 We have been lucky with landlords so far – we just take ages to find a house 🙂 And this time, we have more constraints as I want to be near her school too.. Lets see if something decent comes up.

      Gud luck Smithu … hope ur prayers r answered .. sending mine too 🙂

      Thank you , thank you 🙂 I really need them 🙂

  2. This is the toughest job, Smitha with a small growing child at home. First priority should be good locality with decent people, as you say. She should have good decent friends to mingle with.

    That is what I like most about where we stay now – it’s a lovely area with lots of children and good families. So we don’t worry about who she mingles with. And all the good areas also have good schools – but it also makes it difficult to get rental properties in areas like this because people don’t leave these places unless the have to 😦

    You have given a beautiful list of how to look for a house, nice one. All the best.

    Thank you. I am hoping for the best too 🙂

  3. Sheesh…I know house hunting can be quite challenging….

    Oh yes it is! Everytime I go house hunting, it is such a frustrating exercise.. But all worth it when you find that perfect house 🙂

    Maybe the other tenants also use the same ploy – keep the house dirty to turn off potential buyers!!!

    That must be it 🙂

    Hope you find a good house sooper soon 🙂

    I am hoping too 🙂

  4. aww.. we were househunting too! found one.. not the perfect one when it comes to size.. but given all the other factors, we decided to go ahead with it.. i have a similar filtration criteria when i am searching for a house! 😛

    Oh you did 🙂 Congrats! I hope I find one very soon too 🙂

    all the best for your hunting!

    Thank you! I certainly need it 🙂

  5. i always believe there is one house, perfect one as per your list waiting for you, right there… and one fine day you will see an ad for it and grab it :)!!

    Yes, I have that hope too 🙂 Every time I house hunt, I come across horrible houses and then get to see that perfect house 🙂 Am just waiting for that perfect house to appear 🙂

    yes, having shifted v freq ourselves and loving the whole process, i do have this theory that i hopefully keep repeating…

    I don’t really look forward to shifting this time, too much to pack up – but it will all be worth it if the house is good.

    so all the best, keep looking dont panic.. n u will be fine and already into ur new house soon..

    Yes, fingers crossed.

  6. I love vintage houses…especially the houses in British horror movies(say amity villy).Hope you will find a good house AFAP.

    You love houses from British horror movies?? You want us to live there or have nightmares 🙂 I would love a property with nice period features like an old fashioned fireplace and stuff – but with modern conveniences 🙂 But that would be asking way too much, I guess 🙂

  7. smitha, i am surprised to hear this …there are more houses for rent than ever in the last 10 years. people are offering lower rents, free cable, etc etc just to rent out their apartments.

    That is what I thought too, Anrosh – only to find out that good houses are too rare.. I also think that the place we are living in, most people buy to live, so rental homes come up only when people are forced to move due to some constraint..

  8. I agree to all the points you have stated for house hunting. As you know in between putting comments on blog now a days I am hunting for houses too and it’s a royal pain in the wrong place not to say lack of important tome to surf blog :mrgreen:

    I know! I spent the whole morning today looking at houses – real houses -not on the internet 🙂 But seriously, it is such a time consuming activity.

    Aww you are the house hunter in your family?? The same is here too..if my husband had his way he would just drive from the old house to office and come back to the fully settled new house in the evening 😥

    Goodness! Are these two guys twins lost in the Kumbh Mela? You know, last time, I had to come all the way from London to look at houses in Leeds, while husband was working in Leeds coz he was too ‘busy’ to do so..

    Btw you should have let Poohi paint on the white sofas when prospective buyers had visited 😡 😈

    See – thats where I went wrong!

    Yesterday I went to see a beautiful house and liked everything about it and then noticed the front yard was on a slope. I nudged my husband and said it will not do and he asked why? I whispered when it rains it will wash off all the snow from the front yard and my husband snapped back… “Next time you can draw a painting for your perfect house” 😥

    LOL!!! You and your obsession with snow! I used to find houses in the US far far far better..

    PS: Thank god we couldn’t lease it coz the Man discovered on time that his sweetheart of a car will have to be parked out in the street 😆 the feeling of revenge is so so sweet na?? 👿

    Yes, I saw a house today – which is slightly smaller than our current house(but beautiful otherwise), but one of the cars might need to be parked outside.. So have to see if hubby dear will compromise to have his precious car on the street 😉

    All the best to both of us for hunting down that perfect place called HOME 🙂
    Yes, all the best for both of us 🙂 Am sure we will find that perfect place called HOME 🙂

    • “Btw you should have let Poohi paint on the white sofas when prospective buyers had visited”..LOL Saksh…yes Smits why did you not think of it?? che che(swaram style ) 😀

      I know, Deeps! I should have consulted you guys earlier 🙂

      • House or no house you are always welcome Swar… I assure you we have good camping tents and equipments. So the whole of Boston is at your disposal to choose, where you want the tent to be pitched 😛

  9. call me crazy,but I love house-hunting 🙂 . Maybe its because its been a while since I’ve house-hunted and I’ve forgotten about the grind involved!

    All I can say is lucky you 🙂 I love house hunting when you have a selection of lovely houses and no big pressure to decide quick. Right now, it has become quite painful.. Some of the houses were real nightmares.

    LOL @ the colourful words 😆 Oh yes those colourful words are picked up much faster than any other word.

    Yes, and I am always paranoid of that happening.. Some people here use the F word as an adjective, verb, pronoun – any which way they like 🙂

    The criteria that you’ve listed are so apt,Smits. You have to consider so many things,nahi,especially when it concerns your child,nahi!
    I know, Deeps – earlier it used to be so much easier- just had to worry about proximity to work.. Now there are so many things to worry about..

    • Me too Deepu .. I so loveee it 🙂 I ws even considering becoming an agent and showing ppl arnd 😛

      Swar – me too!!! I really think I would market a house well:) The other day, we had buyers who had come to see the house and I was talking to them and ended up gushing about how lovely this house is 🙂 Husband got so angry – he was like, ‘If you can’t not deride the house, could you atleast refrain from marketing it 🙂

  10. Here’s hoping you find that perrrrfect house soon,Smits! Good Luck 🙂

    Thanks Deeps – I really need all the luck in the world right now 🙂

    Chal bye,weekend starts 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend! Catch you after the weekend 🙂

  11. Hmm this reminds me of my temporary house hunt in the UK. Gave that up when I came back.

    🙂 It was just as bad in London too – especially when you want a house in a high demand area..

    Now restarted it all over again in Mumbai! 🙂 It’s fun in a way, but yes the more desperate u get the less fun it becomes. I can totally understand ur frustration.

    It is fun too – just not too much fun when you are under the pressure to decide and move soon..

    I am reminded of a statement Vimmuuu once told me that his mom told him: “The right house and the right spouse (for u) will come only at the right time.” 😀 😀 😀 I must say, I have to agree…! You can search high and low, but u will get both only when the time is right…!

    Yes, that sounds about right 🙂

  12. Given that we live in our own ‘Sweet Home’, the points you have raised make me think through the kind of pain my tenants might have gone through 🙂 Though I am a friendly owner, i don’t like the shoddy maintenance…. There are times when I have supplied the marble cleaning shampoo free of cost to my tenants 🙂

    Lucky lucky you! I have been lucky with my landlords too – but then we also take good care of the property. I would not want people who destroy properties if I were a landlord either. We have a flat in Blore which we have rented to people we know – mainly because we don’t want people who might spoil it 😦

    Never really thought of so many things to keep in mind while choosing a house.. I will be more considerate in giving all that info to future tenants to reduce a bit of their pain points.

    🙂 It is a lot more difficult with a child – earlier the most important factors were distance from places of work – now we have a lot more to consider.

  13. Hope u get house of ur choice,i never knew it is that tough to get a house.With me it was always hubby who selected and moved before i landed here.

    Lucky you 🙂 For me, I am always the house hunter 🙂

  14. I just went through this but I didnt have a deadline. My lease was up and we were month to month and I hated our old apt. It took me 3 months to find everything in your list(I couldnt move away from the girls’ school) and something we could afford(rentals start from $2800 in my area)

    Yes, I had been looking on and off too, as are lease was up and we were on month to month as well- but I really like where we were staying – I would have liked a house with a dishwasher – this one doesn’t have one.. But this was quite different – the pressure to find a place.

    Rents start from $2800??? Wow!!!

    Good luck and I hope you find something that you can fall in love with soon.

    Thank you 🙂

  15. ur husband left it to you, huh ??? Thats what we men do and come up with the best of flattering reasons ! 😀 😀 😀

    Yeah yeah 🙂 Lets put it this way – I don’t trust him with important things like house hunting – the only thing he will look for is to check if his precious car has parking 🙂

    Btw, you are putting more thought into this whole rented house hunting; I never did this much for finding a bride ! 😀 😀 😀
    LOL! That’s because you had your parents helping you 🙂 Btw, somebody had promised to write about his engagement- wedding is nearly here, where is the engagement story??????

    Dont worry, keep looking. Im sure you will find your paradise soon 🙂
    Are you alright? Suddenly so nice and sweet 🙂

  16. Oh! house hunting? How about townhomes for rent? I am surprised that there are houses without washer/dryer. Then what do they expect? To dry clothes outside in the rain?

    Townhouses – I am open to everything except flats – I just don’t want to move into a flat unless I have to.. The thing is that most of the houses in good areas don’t go on rent 😦

    I can never understand that – how people manage here without a dryer.. But from the look of it lots of people do. A friend of mine says clothes take 2-3 days to dry as she does not have a dryer – I can’t even imagine that – having clothes hanging all over the house 😦

    Hope you find a good place to rent soon.
    Fingers crossed..

  17. That is not such a great place to be in isn’t it? Hugs Smitha. I am sure you will find just the right house for you soon enough. You have made good ground rules, I can see that, these important things would never come to the mind of a moron like me. had it been me. All the best, I am sure the right house will find you, soon!

    GM, This is after years of house hunting 🙂 I can’t tell you the kind of houses I have seen 🙂 So now, I have a checklist that I tick off. The agents I am in contact with knows the list too 🙂 So they actually tell me if I ask about a property, if is suits us or not 🙂

  18. Phew!!! I completely understand what you are going through. The exact.. note.. the exact thing happened to us last year. The condo we rented got sold shortly after it was placesd on sale! And we had to unwillingly look for other places again within a three “block” radius. Luckily enough.. a site called craigslist helped!! And we found a place in the same building and a higher floor (Implying better views) and ON the last minute.. practically before we were kicked out!

    Oh wow! Lucky you 🙂 Something similar had happened to us just before Poohi was born – we actually shifted when I was 8 months pregnant 🙂 Am hoping that it all falls into place at the last minute this time as well 🙂

    Hang in there.. Keep searching.. and it will fall in place. Just keep hunting!
    Here is what my mind was like back in the day:

    Will check this out 🙂

  19. Ah, the joys of house hunting! Murphy’s Law at work, Smitha, Murphy’s Law at work…

    My husband looked at 30 apts.. when he moved to Singapore (I came when everything was unpacked and ready 🙂 ) but liked only 2…It’s hard, terribly hard…I remember when we moved to Gurgaon, I had to go house hunting with M (who was less than 2 at that time) in the middle of the afternoon in June…The agents were worse than the weather!

    Oh god! That must have been tough! In that heat, with a 2 year old – I don’t envy you! Atleast I manage to go seeing properties while Poohi is at school – so it is much easier.

    I’ll keep in mind your husband’s advice to keep the house shoddy if my landlord plans to sell…
    I should have listened to him 🙂

  20. Wow! that was a handy list for anyone else looking around for a house. You are very right about finding most of the houses in a real dirty state. I have seen houses with a stale stench as if they belonged to a pre-vacuum cleaner era even in the suburbs very close to the city in Melbourne.

    I can understand it well how difficult it is for a cleanliness freak like me to let my home stay dirty especially when someone is about to drop by to have a detailed look at it. Had I been in your shoes, I too wouldn’t have paid heed to hubby’s smart advise.

    I know how difficult it can be to get the right house in the tough times these days. Good luck with your house hunting 😀

    May you find the home of your dreams soon without much refreshing of the real estate website.


  21. Oh Smitha, cant tell you how much I relate to this. Noobie and I are hous hunting as well.. and its been a pain!! Quite a pain! 😦

    Lets pray and hope, both of us find houses soooooon!! 🙂

  22. Have never house-hunted, but given that I am lazy, I’m sure I wouldn’t like it one bit. For you its extra tough – far-away land, no house-help, a family included, soo many concerns.

    I kept praying that you had written this post AFTER you eventually managed to land yourselves a good place. Keeping fingers crossed for you 🙂

  23. Seriously finding the RIght house can be such a pain & u can not trust a guy to do that! They overlook even the basic things!!!

    Hope you get your dream place in ur dream loaction soon!!!! Relax! Am sure the correct place will suddenly pop up and u will be in within no time 🙂

  24. I have changed so many houses, that house hunting is a hobby with me..yes neighbourhood is very important..You will get one you like ultimately..thats what happens with me all the time:)

  25. The best part of house hunting was in the hunt itself. Once the prey was netted then began the real woes :(. I just hated shifting, especially with two rambunctious kids around. But I have to admit I do miss the thrill of the hunt 😀 .

    I can imagine 🙂 I plan to send daughter off to playdates while I pack 🙂 You miss the thrill of the hunt 🙂 I do hope I have the chance to say that – once we are back in India 🙂

  26. House hunting sucks when you have too many parameters 😦

    I know 😦

    I hear you smitha and all my sympathies are with you. Have you tried searching online for owners who advertise without going through the estate agent. We found our current house the same way and it is very good. Nice and clean and bang in the town centre.

    Wow! We used to use Gumtree when in London – here Gumtree does not have much – most of the properties seem to be student acco or for professionals who share. I don’t even want town centre- because most families live away from the town centre, so good schools are mostly in outskirts.. As I said, so many parameters 🙂

    Try on Gumtree…you never know…

    All the best and hope you get the perfect house very soon.

    Thank you – I need all the luck 🙂

  27. Awww….don’t worry… the ‘right’ property will come up soon enough. Hang in there, Smitha. Btw, I love househunting as a hobby, too.

    That is what I am hoping for – no luck so far 😦 You like househunting as a hobby too 🙂 Hi5!

  28. House hunting is a circus and a test of patience ! We start our search in a cheerful mood then after few initial rounds and rejections become a desperate house hunter and finally when we almost give up hope its almost a blissful feeling when we spot THE right house 🙂

    That is what I am hoping for too – That is how it happens for me too 🙂

    Good luck with your house hunt ! Hope you get THE right one very very soon !!!!!

    Thank you!

  29. Lots of posts on house hunting recently!! I agree most strongly with choosing a good locality!! Makes all the difference, we found some lovely houses in localities we didn’t like and had to let them go…

    I know.. I would never compromise on the locality.. It makes so much of a difference.

    And of course it has to be close to Poohi’s school. These are helpful pointers for others who might be also looking for houses.

    It is even more important here because school admissions are based on catchment areas – so you have a higher possibility of getting admission if you are in the catchment area – so I really want to be in a good locality..

  30. Aww….. Bless you.
    I agree house hunting can be VERY difficult. And poor you only have a short period of time to find something.

    Can I just ask you? Is the only site you are using or ar you using others too??

    No no – I am trying everything possible 😦 But rightmove seems to have most of the properties listed..

  31. This happened to me — my landlord put the house on sale; I told the prospective buyer how much I liked that house. Next day, I was asked to find a new place 😦

  32. Good luck with the house hunting Smitha. I am surprised at the “imagine house without dirt comment”, that it is very hard to find good houses. Here in US, it is buyer’s/renter’s market, due to depression.

    It is quite sad.. I think the good houses are gone in a minute they come on the market.. And I also have some rather stringent requirements .. Plus good houses near good schools are even more difficult to get.

  33. All the best Smithus!
    I hope you guys find the right home…

    Thanks Pixie!

    I detest house hunting and shifting! ugh! all that packing is not something I like!! :mrgreen:

    I like looking for houses – without the pressure 🙂 Packing and unpacking – I think I have got used to it 🙂
    But, I really hope you guys find something nice and comfortable.

    I am hoping too 🙂

  34. your hubby thinks it’s ur hobby to hunt houses… LOL 😆 😆

    Is it that difficult to find a good house in UK??? 😮

    It is difficult here too 😦 I guess some of my requirements are too stringent 😦

    All the best in finding the house soon 🙂 🙂

    Thank you, Kanagu – I really need all the luck.

  35. Your checklist is perfect-and I’m sure you’ll get the house. It is such a difficult task but don’t lose patience…I hope you find the perfect one soon.

    That is what I am hoping for.

  36. house hunting is never easy.. best of luck! keep looking u will find something for sure..
    i think the only way we can get our perfect little houses is if we build them from scratch… u know buy the plot, get an architect ..that sort of thing.. of course, thats never an easy thing to do… n it not cheap either.. but it is ideal! 🙂

    ‘i think the only way we can get our perfect little houses is if we build them from scratch.’ – This is why I am dying to come back to bangalore 🙂 We have a plot which I am totally dying to build on 🙂 House hunting will continue to be part of this transitory existence, I guess 🙂

  37. Best of luck Smitha….

    have not shifted house since our daughter was 6 months old.. but I still remember the earlier times.. the packing and un packing and the mess.. but then now I gues you have people to handle all those headaches….

    Wow! That is lucky 🙂 We hope to never shift again once we are back in Bangalore. No, we have to do all the packing and moving ourselves.. But since we normally go in for furnished houses, it is just our personal stuff and some appliances that we need to move. So moving and packing/unpacking bit is still ok 🙂

  38. Ahh..I can understand..Hope you got something good now…neighbours, distance from…gosh a difficult task.

    I know and two houses we liked got taken off the market 😦 I am just hoping that we find one soon..

    best of luck yaar

    Thanks loads!

  39. Ur checklist is excellent…..infact I am actually thinking of putting this in the favourites incase I ever have to move[tho chances are I’ll die here…can u imagine the husband & family have lived here for 30 years :-(]
    Hope u find the house of ur expections[notice I havent said dream house :-)] soon. In the meanwhile Happy House Hunting!!!!!!

    Thank you Nance 🙂 Hope you never have to move – it is nicer that way isn’t it 🙂

    30 years! That’s called putting roots down 🙂

    Yeah – this would not be my dream house 🙂 Dream house is back in Bangalore – which I will design – am so waiting to get back and be done with all this rental homes business !

    • Aha thot I’ll just hang around & see if u’ll comment[in the meantime I went I went up to the terrace & got the clothes down & also made a snack for the kids], refreshed & voila….remember tht 1st time I had come here & we used this place for a chat session 😀

      Oh yes:) I remember 🙂 That was certainly fun 🙂 I replied here- jumped over to your place, realised that I had missed a post of yours, commented , refreshed my house hunting site and got back here to see your reply 🙂 I am jobless today – no houses to view and only sambhar and chutney to make for dinner 🙂

      Sometimes I really want to move but since we’ve been staying here so long tht the owners had been very nice & reasonable with us. And Dubai as u knw is known for its high rents 😦

      Oh that is reason enough to stay put plus the rent is reasonable! Don’t even think of shifting 🙂 You know before this house went on sale, I kept thinking of shifting – we don’t have a dishwasher. But now, when I see the other houses on offer – I just wish that I did not have to shift. Plus Poohi has so many friends near by – makes me wish we could stay on here.

    • I didnt close the page….instead I went & got the clothes from the terrace & made an evening snack for the kids & when I refreshed u had answered 😀
      Remember tht 1st comment I made on ur blog where we had this place into mini-chatroom 😀

      I just replied to the older comment – when I saw this 🙂 That was a lovely mini chat – as is this one 🙂

      Actually the apartment we stay is quite old but the rent is super reasonable coz the owners know us well by now 🙂
      Dubai as u wd have heard is known for its high rents…so its not easy to get something within our specifications.

      So ur dream-house will be built in Bangalore huh….which means u r eventually planning to move back to India :-). Have u got the land yet???

      Yes yes – eventually back to Bangalore. The plan is that by next summer – 2011 summer – we will head back. Yes, we bought the land in 2001 – but never ended up building our dream house as we kept going abroad for assignments – this time we are back for good. No more long term assignments. Husband might take up short term ones – but I stay put. Don’t want to pull Poohi out of school every so often, you know.

      • Bleddy nonsaence…I wrote tht comment and it disappeared into thin air. I painstakingly typed it out & now it appears again :-S

        WP acting funny I guess 🙂

          • Yep I was born in Kerala but brought up in B’lore & shifted to Dubai after marriage. My father has a double plot on which he has & built his house & on the other side I have built mine. As of now I’ve given it on rent…but cant wait to live next to my parents 😀

            • Oh wow! That must be something to look forward to! So you planning to come back to Bangalore eventually too?

              My parents live in Wayanad – so Bangalore is not too far from them 🙂

  40. Yeah well the main problem is tht husband has this allergy when he steps into b’lore….as soon as he gets of the plane he is sneezing & by the time we reach home he’s got a terrible cold which leaves him only when he leaves the place. So u see I’m actually weaving castles in the air :-D.
    And my in-laws have this huge house in Kerala too and we are supposed to go there to live if we ever decide to live in India. But dunno why I find it very difficult to adjust in Kerala….I break into a different kind of allergy[hives, hayfever, even ant bites swell to the size of marbles and dont ask what :-(]
    what I mean to say is…..I’m not really sure where we’ll go 😀

  41. hehehe so with u on everything..I remember one house that I saw,to be able to live there..I would need to work on it for 3 months!
    this post reminded me of the horrors I have seen!:D
    Good luck on ur house hunt..BTW,came from the ASAAAN place:D

    Welcome here, Trish 🙂 Yes, house hunting is a a real horror, isn’t it? Thank you – I need all the luck 🙂

  42. Can totally understand your worries smitha..
    My bro recently shifted to UK and is having a tough time looking for a home there.

    Hope you get a nice home as lovely as the one u r now staying soon and which satisfies all the criteria u mentioned 🙂

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