On about nothing – again.

I have to stop writing about the weather – but weather seems to be the most happening thing around here. The most clicked website on my laptop in the BBC weather page. The weather forecast for today was sleet and snow and icy roads – very treacherous and dangerous. For us, it just means that we stay put indoors today.

The biggest fallout is that going to school was out of question. The school was considerate enough to text us parents to let us know that they would ‘understand’ if our children were not to come to school today given the conditions outside. School closures were in the news last week with people alleging that schools were opting for the easy way out by closing schools. London Mayor Boris Johnson asked the education sector ‘to think twice before closing any schools in the event of further bad weather’ . Lots of parents seem to be upset by the closures too. For us, it was a quick decision not to send her to school – made easier by the fact that the school themselves had kept the nursery closed. From these reports, it just showed how important every day’s work is, for so many people even more so when they were single parents with no alternative options of child care to fall back on. For many, the only option was to brave the weather, take their children to school and then go to work.

On a lighter note, my biggest problem was keeping daughter entertained. Reading, playacting, painting – anything to keep her from being bored. School is so full of activities that the things we do at home is not half as fun – even less so, when we have stay indoors. These days , her favourite activity is pretending to be a princess and wearing a throw like a cape and walking around. It drives me nuts because the ‘cape’ ensures that all the cushions land up on the floor and the house looks like a hurricane passed through it 🙂 I will be GLAD when school starts again.

A friend and I had been discussing about how our children love school so much. They don’t have any problems waking up for school. Poohi wakes up all excited about going to school. The only exception is when she is unwell. She wakes up with, ‘Is it morning yet? Time for school?’ One of the reasons I think children find it difficult to wake up on time is because they have not had their full sleep. Especially when they sleep late and have to wake up on time. I make it a point to ensure that Poohi’s bedtime is not delayed during weekdays. During weekends, once in a while it does get late, especially if we go over for dinner to friend’s places but never during school nights.  A friend of mine was telling me how once she had guests over on a Sunday night and they did not leave until 2 in the morning. Her child was up all that time too – unable to sleep when there were guests around. How inconsiderate is that?

Oh dear, I just noticed that I have rambled on and on.. Just before signing off – what is your policy on the movies you would like your child to watch? I am extra careful and am very very very careful about what she watches. I am even very careful about what I read to her. I am not too fond of fairy tales where the princesses are waiting for Prince Charming to ‘rescue’ them. Call me crazy but I am not too comfortable with introducing such ideas into her head.  I know parents who let their children(of Poohi’s age )  watch movies like Rang De Basanti and think that I am being over-protective.  While RDB is a great movie – I still feel that it is not appropriate for my daughter’s age. What would be your take?

26 thoughts on “On about nothing – again.

  1. Rang De Basanti is my favourite movie ever. Like an all time classic, I can watch it all day long.

    By the way, you are the first Indian blogger I have encountered on wordpress. You gotta stay on my list 🙂 So, friendship intended here.

    Thank you, and welcome here.

  2. I holding back to rant and crib about weather but the weather god does not seem to have any mercy. Neither they are caring about my thoughts or my tweets for that matter. 😀 😀

    I know! No respite, from the looks of it 😦

    I love fairy tales. I love the innocence and feel good factor in them. 🙂

    I like fairy tales too – but some of the books that I have here, are a little too, I don’t know.. I am not too comfortable reading them to her 😦 So I edit as much as I can while reading them 🙂

  3. That was one roller coaster rambling 😀 From snow to school to the apple of the eye ! I am going to be a parent soon – now i know a sneak preview of what all to worry about 😀

    Congratulations! You must be all excited! When is the baby due -if you don’t mind me asking.
    Yes, I went on, didn’t I ? Was too lazy to edit – so just published it as such 🙂

  4. Hugs Smithu .. I cud go on abt the weather too … but the opp. abt hw hot it is allll dayyy long most days in a yr 😦

    I am sure that is what I will be saying in a couple of years from now 🙂 The grass is always greener on the other side I guess 🙂

    U r so rt though … its a real problem as we cannot skip school/work daily .. I ws feeling the same when there ws a bundh here every single day! I mean hw the hell cn u shut down the city for so long? Its just next to impossible … well, lemme stop before I start ranting out here 😉

    I know – I remember you saying how bad it was with all the bandhs. I mean after a point, you want to be able to go back into your routine – forced holidays aren’t as much fun as the planned ones, are they 🙂

    Hv u checked out the books my Tulika? I just loved them actually … nt anything more than what u cn tell kids actually … nthg like stepmother, princess getting lost in dreams kinda stuff 😛 Their CDs – the karadi tales r nice too with a desi touch 🙂

    Yes, Have read Karadi tales. They are nice! Some of the disney ones are so irritating! And yet so popular among the kids 😦 All Poohi wants is to be a ‘princess’ and wear those ridiculous frilly clothes – which I hate 🙂

    Movies – gotta think abt this one! RDB may nt be on my list for Poohi’s age probably! Well, even if it ws, cn they really sit thru it?

    I know! Somebody I know was actually told off by someone at a movie because her child kept crying during the movie and they still sat through it 😦

  5. I came and I am leaving…!

    Marking attendance, huh 🙂

    Will come back tomorrow and read. Was going for walk with the wife and kiddo but thought of saying hi before rushing out the door.

    Have fun! See you tomorrow 🙂


  6. Guess U.K. is the sort of place where you can talk about the weather so much… Here its one month of winter and 2 months of rain where there is actually a marked difference else its hot hot and hotter.. ! simple !

    Coz we have nothing else that is interesting 🙂 Weather is the most exciting thing here 🙂

    While we dont have an actually thought out policy on movies… we do have some movies which are for him mostly kid movies… ! Normally we avoid violent movies et all… once my son insisted he wanted to see Ghajini coz our family is Aamir Khan fan… I didnt go and from half the movie I got a call that Hriday didnt want to see the movie.. infact everytime that movie comes he asks to change the channel… he didnt like huffing and puffing violence…

    Same here- she gets uncomfortable with scenes of violence – sometimes I have to change the news as well because she is not comfortable.

    Amazingly i regret taking him to 3 idiots which I thought would be a nice entertaining movie… now he has caught the word Balatkar… !!!!! sheesh !!!!!!

    Oh dear! He caught the word?

    Thank god he didnt catch the other one !!!!! 😛

    We try to read him some of the mythology tales… Hanuman and Bheem seem to be his favourites… we do read him fairy tales too the ones I loved… but most of all he likes books that have information on animals and dinosaurs… !

    He is one big animal lover, isn’t he 🙂

    I do believe though is most of all treat him like a normal guy not like a very small kid ! Lets see where we get though…

    ‘I do believe though is most of all treat him like a normal guy not like a very small kid’ – I agree with that. I treat her like her own person too -just that some things I prefer that she stays away from – atleast for a while.

    • All my boy got from the movie 3 Idiots is that you have to push really hard and need a vacuum cleaner to get a baby out into this world 😥 God he even wanted to know how the baby got into the stomach in the first place 😦

      Did you take him to see it? ime to tell him about the birds and bees 🙂 Poohi is already after me to get her a ‘real’ baby not a ‘toy’ baby’. If she saw this, for all you know, she might come after me with the vacuum cleaner 😦

  7. Its not just you… weather is something that is always talked about all the time. Its either too cold, too warm, too nice (rare!) or too wet! I use the weather conversations like an ice breaker especially in the awkward elevator conversations 😉
    The hurricane left behind after princes.. sounds too cute!
    With my daughter (now almost 2).. i have a similar issue, how do i keep her entertained on being indoors. It’s hard and doesnt help when her attention span is only 30-45 min. tops!

    For movies… well i am not sure! RDB for a kid till the fun and frolic i guess is ok! The end.. definitely not. I was shaken up by it. I guess… we miss movies like Chota Chetan.. or jsut the simple feel good ones~

  8. You are a full hands-on mother arent you? 🙂 Poohi is lucky to have you…

    Most kids here hate going to school. But I think the system is such that kids are happier if they are going to school, coz of the way in which they approach the kids. Of course its too early to say coz Poohi is so young yet.

    And yes I also know inconsiderate parents who make kids stay late or give them dinner late when people are over. Not only are they neglecting the children they are also teaching them bad habits 😐 which they are too young to resist…

  9. I guess only girls like getting up in the morn for school !! I have not come across one guy who liked waking up early morning even for studies; nerds are exceptions ! 😀

    I agree, there are certain movies which children shouldnt watch. Why children, even I dont watch all those high voltage violent movies myself; cant stand all the blood and gore. but whats wrong with RDB ? I mean, except for the final scene, theres nothing wrong in children watching it, na ?

    Well, if you really care about Poohi and her future, dont teach her SHOPPING !! 😀 😀 😀

  10. I like talking about weather too, but may be only a one line comment nothing more 😀

    Though I enjoy watching pictures of snow just like you posted last time 🙂

    I had fun reading the adventures of your little princess and her ‘cape’:D

    I hope you get to see warmer weather soon 🙂

    I agree with Vimmuu on not liking to see the violence extreme movies with lots of bloodshed. It’s totally a personal choice as to what movies you allow Poohi to see, it’s more so governed by the movies that get seen in your home ( I mean liking wise, if you don’t see violent movies at all you won’t have to select what to let her see and what not).


  11. here also weather is pretty cold and raining a little,I hate driving in the rain. Well My son is also like Poohi,he also loves to go to school,thank god.Otherwise it will be very hard for us hehe…

  12. You English people are really boring – all you can talk about is the weather! Sheesh! But seriously, I love reading your ramblings so don’t stop – ramble away…

    We don’t have a policy for movies because M doesn’t like watching them…She prefers watching Playhouse Disney…

  13. Even I throw my hand up in the air when the kids have no school. Except after lunch they both like to curl up with their book, thank God!

    Even I am not too comfortable with kids watching movies with violence and gore, but I’d let them watch a Munnabhai or a National Treasure, movies like that which are ok for people of all ages. Usually I watch them first before letting the kids watch.

  14. @ Movies —-Its okay, But make sure that you are sitting with them or at least you should have a idea about what they are watching.But i will say don’t let them play too much violent PC- games like GT,Mortal combat and all .at least until 13.

    One doubt…What is with British people and weather.Is’t like Indians and movies 🙂

  15. Very interesting for a post about weather! I’m sure that you have to be very creative to keep an active little girl entertained while the schools are closed!

  16. Living in UK makes you do that…so don’t fret…I am equally weather checker crazy 🙂 the weather sure is so unpredictable. Can’t help with that phobia.

    My elder sis has twins and yes she is very careful about bedtimes of her children. Having two cranky children on hand the next morning is not a very pleasant idea.

    Yes, some parents do let watch kids watch really violent movies which is not a great idea as per me. Some bit of innocence and curiosity should be left alive.

  17. My parents used to censor what movies we should watch!!! We weren’t allowed to see so many action flicks!!! I feel there is an appropriate age for everything & control in such cases is must! And u r absolutely correct in lot letting her see RDB!!! If a movie has an A certificate we shud respect that na!!!

    ANd * touchwood* that Poohie loves shool so much 🙂

  18. Let me also talk about the weather. It is winter in Mumbai. Which means that you’re not drenched in perspiration until 30 minutes after your shower.

    Unlike other times, when all it takes is 1 second!


    Quirky Indian

  19. keeping kids occupied is a huge task by itself..since I have two I’m saved coz they depend on eachother to keep themselves entertained 😀

    Ofcourse u r right in not letting ur daughter watch RDB…..I mean there is nothing in tht movie children can relate to :-/.

    Since I’ve been like tht from the beginning the kids dont quibble if I tell them to go to their room if bychance I want to watch soemthing.

  20. hmm seriously I have no idea if I can watch movies along with my son. Even if it’s a fairl harmless movie all of a sudden out of nowhere smooches and such things happen 😦 And I don’t want to end up explaining to a 5 year old boy what is going on

    We stick to movies for children and she is more than happy – she is happy enough if she gets to see Charlie and Lola or Nemo – grown up movies – she has NO interest in them at all – as of now. The reason I mentioned it was because someone I know was telling me about her 4 yr old – who is extremely violent. Apparently his dad shows him all the maar-peet movies to ‘toughen’ him up 😦

  21. I find it really hard to watch movies with the girls.Varunavi is asking so many questions,why uncle used vacuum cleaner in 3 idiots,why there is so much blood on the baby.Sometimes i feel i should stop watching movies and news.

    The other day pinkuda took tomato sauce and rubbed it on varunavi’s face and said akka has blood on her face.

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