Blog Break

I am off on another blog break, a 10 day break this time.

I have anyway been busy, and even blog hopping had been difficult for that last few days. But now, I am off on a proper break with no blogging for the next few days.

I have loads of comments still to be replied to. Apologies to all of you – I  promise I will get to it, when I get back.  I have also been extremely tardy in blog hopping – I promise will read and comment when I get back. For now, am off to enjoy the remaining few days of good weather here.

Arrivederci !

36 thoughts on “Blog Break

  1. Have an enjoyable break! Have fun and come back with lot of things to share 🙂

    Thank you, Mohan – will certainly be back with lots to share – if the weather stays nice 🙂

  2. enjoy urself… sun, sand, and beach… and family… and fun!! 🙂 Adios, amigo! au revoir!

    Thank you, Ashwathy – just hoping that the weather remains nice.. It is so beautiful today – hoping that it does not all change tomorrow 🙂

  3. Me phirsht coz no one has claimed it yet….see I work hard even on a saturday
    chup chup ke

    Yes, Hitchy and Crafty are not here to claim it yet 🙂 This saturday – I have been able to ‘work’ too 🙂

    chori se chori….chup chup ke chup chup ke re…

    🙂 That I have know 🙂

  4. yeyyy….your taking a break !!! danganakka time !!! Phew !!! 😀 😀 😀

    wait a minute…….ooops !!! wrong smitha!!! my mistake, my mistake !!! sorry !!!

    Oh, you are leaving??? for 10 days??? you will be missed !!! cant even think of the blog world without you 😦 😦 😦 😦

    You drama king!!!!

  5. *crafty pretends to be brave*

    awesome Smithu! enjoy ur vacation!!!! all’s fine here!!! will wait!!!
    all is A-OK!!!!!

    *crafty fails*

    WAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 what do we do so many days without u???????? waaaaaaaaaaa…….
    *crafty wipes nose on smithu’s sleeve* snifff…nose honk….wail!

    *sniffles* okie… u have a nice time and get back loads of pics okies? and i will be striking off the date on calendar… u better not take more than 10 days!!


  6. Have fun Smitha…and few days off the blog is good :). make sure you bring back lots of pictures for us.

    Thank you A 🙂 Yes, a few days off the blog is certainly good.. I have been off regular blogging for a while now.. Time just does not see enough 🙂

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