Up in the clouds

Inspired by Swaram’s pictures taken from the plane, I decided to post some of ours, taken sneakily from the plane 🙂 Husband is fascinated by it and there is a constant fight when we travel about who gets the window seat 🙂

These are all his handiwork 🙂


Some mountains we saw on our way to India on oue of our trips.


Over the English landscape.


That’s the River Thames, and I think it is the Docklands that we can see right below the plane.


We love seeing other planes so near us 🙂

And the rest are not technically from the clouds – but we were so high up that we had clouds around us 🙂 These were on Jungfrau, Switzerland. There was a blizzard up there.


This is what we saw.


This was what we were supposed to see- this is a photograph of a photograph.  And just a couple of days bask – there was even a cricket match up there. When we went there – all we saw was snow 🙂



These were from the train – on the way to Jungfrau.

So , how about we do this as a tag, and all of you share your – Up in clouds pics ?

51 thoughts on “Up in the clouds

  1. FANTASTIC SHOTS !!!!! Really soooooooper !!!!!!!

    Thank you 🙂 Husband will be delighted to hear 🙂 I have a lot of ducks and animal pics too 🙂 Will post them sometime.

  2. Wonderful snaps smitha.You know i am always under impression that camera is not allowed in the hand baggage so never carried it.Now by seeing urs and swaram snaps when i fly next time will take camera with me

    Camera is allowed in the hand baggage – I never put it in the check-in – too valuable to risk losing it 🙂

    It is always me who sit at the window cause we both travelled only once together and rest i am alone with kids.

    Is it? These days it is Poohi -coz she can sleep off leaning against it 🙂 And hubby hates it because a perfectly good seat gets wasted for something like sleeping 😉

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  4. Amazing!! 😀

    Absolutely brilliant!

    Thanks Pixie. All husband’s work 🙂

    My fave was the pics of mountains with snow, River Thames…
    beautiful! 🙂

    Yes, the mountains covered in snow looks so beautiful no? I wish we could go there!

  5. wahhh *looking amazed* you have such pictures. I haven’t gone in a aeroplane before *whimper* so I don’t have any pictures like this *nose turns red and starts to drip* but if you lend me (more like give me) 1300$ I can go to India in an aeroplane *looks up to Smitha with pleading eyes almost begging*

    SJ, did you reach the US by ship 😉

  6. Wow! Smitha…Docklands did u say? Yay! Yay! My place 🙂 Wish we had known each other when you were here. Why don’t you make a visit?

    I know! I wish too! We will move back to London – that is husband’s base, as soon as this project gets over – next year sometime. We could plan to meet up then 🙂

  7. wow!!! lovely!!! 🙂

    i’ve been to Klein Scheindigg (hope i got the spelling rite) which is halfway between Grindelwald (base) and Jungfrau. and it was -5 degrees there… with a blizzard blowing… so i can very imagine 😀 it was awesomeeee!!!

    Yes, it was not as bad that we could not travel up – but it was difficult to see anything there.. And we got stuck on Mt Titlis 😦 Will post about it sometime.

    even i love taking pics of other planes anywhere nearby… but usually i m not so lucky. let me dig up my old pics n see if i can find any good up-in-the-clouds pics 🙂

    Yes please do – am sure you will find something interesting 🙂

  8. lovely lovely pics

    I think i should post mine too, I have one of the sun rise from the plane

    Oh please do! That should be wonderful! I would love to see it!

  9. Lovely shots.. even I have done this crime 🙂

    It is difficult to resist no?

    as for window seats, it always goes to the children even if they end up watching only the TV screen..

    I know! Poohi sleeps off the moment she gets on the flight 🙂

  10. snaps are beautiful,Smits.the look from up the sky must have been heavenly,I’m sure! my special kudos to your husand..he’s really good at photography!!

    you know the window-seat tussle happens between me & R too 😀

  11. me no have any pics of up in clouds!!!!!!


    those pics are just!!! sigh!!!

    once we were flying to kerala and it was at the time of sunset..i tell u, the sight was blisssssssss

    i love fog, clouds!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    loved all pics!!!! they look surreal!!!


  12. So it was you huh? I was sitting in the other plane when you took this snap (fourth snap). The flash, from your camera, hit our pilots eye real hard and the poor guy couldnt steer the plane so well that we had to crash land !! STOP USING YOUR CAMERAS INSIDE THE PLANE !!!

    Nice pics, its always been my dream to walk through the clouds one day. I ‘kinda’ fulfilled my dream during my Europe visit. Still waiting for that day !

    Unfortanately, I dont have any cloud pics to share. But one day, when I take them, I would surely do this tag ! 😀

  13. I like third pic from the end.
    It’s so fascinating and beautiful.
    Also like the last two pics of mountains…. looks like a lovely place.

  14. Wow Smithuuuuu …N hs done a gr8 job n u r the best for having shared them 🙂

    You gave me the idea to share them 🙂 So its all thanks to you 🙂

  15. Beautiful photographs, Smitha. I never thought of photographing from the plane. I remember seeing beautiful clouds but now I think I have wasted the scenes.

    The plane looks standstill here!

    Sometimes I thought that our plane was standstill. Everything was new to me…that was my only trip by plane!

  16. Nice pics. I always get the window seat, and I neither have the camera nor have the patience to click a photo. Actually I have clicked a couple of photos in my cell phone, and still now not been able to locate where it is stored!!

    Destination Infinity

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