There I did it…

The one thing, I thought I’d never do… make a mess of a baking project.

Daughter wanted to make ‘Aana Biscuits'( biscuits shaped like elephants) and wanted to ‘make it all by myself’. So I decided to give indulge her and we set about making the dough. After doing everything, I just tasted a bit to see if it tasted right. And it tasted all salty! Salty? I was stunned! Only then did I realise that I added 1/4 cups of salt instead of 1/4 teaspoons of it. Even at that time, I did feel that it was a bit too much.. but for some reason did not re-check.. if only I had..

Well, daughter insisted on baking it.. So we made it anyways and it looks really pretty.. Marbled elephants.. if only we could frame it or something.. eating is out of question..

There – one more to add to my domestic disasters list 😦 The only good thing that came out of it, is that daughter is delighted that the biscuits look so pretty- if only I had been more careful.. on the other hand.. this way it is a craft project – with no carbs, butter or sugar being consumed by me – silver lining, don’t you think 🙂

Edited to add: Inspired by the comments, I googled and found a recipe for home made baking clay 🙂 Here it is, for any of you who wants to try. Have included the link too.


  • 1 cup salt
  • 1 1/2 cups warm water
  • 4 cups all purpose flour

Stir the salt into the warm water. Let cool. Add flour and knead for 8-10 minutes. For colouring the dough, add food colouring or powdered tempera paint to the salt and water – before adding the flour. Create figures and bake at 325 degrees F for 30 minutes to one hour (until all the moisture is gone). Paint creations when cool. You can also seal the complete work with a non-toxic water-based sealer.

I promise to post pics when we make the next set of elephant biscuits:)

55 thoughts on “There I did it…

  1. So now since you can’t eat them, why don’t you make a wind chime out of it? It will be very pretty. Biscuit elephants hanging from wires! 😛

    Oh – that does sound interesting – if only I had not dumped the biscuits and the left over dough in the dustbin 😦

    • Wow man! That sounds superb 😉 Lemme try too:P

      Yes , you could probably make it with non-edible dough:) After seeing Amit’s comment, I am trying to find some baking clay to make some non-edible elephants which she could probably colour and make windchimes 🙂

      • Swaram, in case you are interested, here is what I found


        1 cup salt
        1 1/2 cups warm water
        4 cups all purpose flour
        Stir the salt into the warm water. Let cool. Add flour and knead for 8-10 minutes. For colouring the dough, add food colouring or powdered tempera paint to the salt and water – before adding the flour. Create figures and bake at 325 degrees F for 30 minutes to one hour (until all the moisture is gone). Paint creations when cool. You can also seal the complete work with a non-toxic water-based sealer.

        Sounds cool na?

  2. Good idea, Smitha! All of us will try it!

    And Amit’s idea is superb!

    In the end Poohi is happy and that is important, na?!

    Amit’s idea is superb! I found a recipe( above – reply to Swaram’s comment) and plan to bake and then get her to paint them – she will love it 🙂

    Yes, Poohi was happy – especially as she did it ‘all by myself’ 🙂

  3. 1/4 C salt!!! Chalta hai ya everyone makes mistakes like this! You can paint those cookies and make it look even more cute!

    SJ, I wish I had read this before I chucked everything in the bin 😦 But thats just an opportunity to make more, don’t you think 🙂

  4. OMG!!! So much salt and u didnt think something is definitely wrong??

    In my defence – I was totally exhausted but agreed to make it just so that she did not feel let down 😦 Next time, I plan to be extra alert 🙂

  5. Lol smitha 1/4 cup salt,that would have consumed for month.But never mind poohi is happy to see the biscuits.U should have posted the picture as well.

    I did not take any pics 😦 I was so disappointed I just threw it all out 😦

    Me too one day instead of 1tsp sugar in the curry i added 1 cup and the curry become a sweet.

    🙂 That must have been interesting 🙂

    Liked the idea of Amit and SJ
    Yes, very cool, no? I plan to do it when we make it with baking clay:)

  6. And you went ahead and baked it! Wow… Too bad, April 1 just passed 😛

    It would have been fun to ‘gift’ these biscuits to some interesting friends 😉

  7. hehehehehe 😛 i want photo of “aana” 🙂

    Next time I make it – I promise to take a pic 🙂 This time all the aanas went straight into the bin as soon as Poohi went to bed 😦

  8. But Smithu, u shud hv added a pic here 🙂 We wudn’t hv taken it off screen n tasted them anyways 😛

    I should have – I just did not think 😦 Did not take any pics:(

  9. this made me laugh out loud 😀 LOL!!!
    Marbled elephants.. if only we could frame it or something.. eating is out of question..

    I can’t tell you how disappointing it was 😦

    Smitha, i think u answered ur own question somewhere in that post.
    The only good thing that came out of it, is that daughter is delighted that the biscuits look so pretty-
    Isn’t that why u set out to make that damn thing in the first place? 🙂
    let her enjoy her success… the little mistakes made along the way. she will always be remembering this one… for the sheer joy of making those aana biscuits with her mother 🙂
    Oh yes – she certainly loved and wanted to share them with her friends:)

    as for the rest of us, including u…. an interesting post is rewards enuff 😉
    That makes it better – for me 🙂

  10. oh! 😦 now that was something I never expected to read here.. a baking disaster! 😯

    Me neither 😦

    Amit’s suggestion is certainly interesting 😀

    Yes, it is interesting. Infact it gave me the idea of making elephant biscuits with baking clay and she could paint it later :)She would love it 🙂

    PS:- I am more interested in my cake 😀 Imean the one you promised you would bake when you come 😀

    Yes, yes – that is waiting for you 🙂

  11. Awww….Poohi’s first attempt. This Mamma! 😡

    Get your spectacles on you Mamma next time! Poohi and this auntie demands ‘aana biscuits’. Aana venam..ippo venam. 😥
    What to do? Vayasayi 😦 See, this is one reason why people should have children at 21 😉

    Next time – auntie can have some aana biscuits too 🙂 Poohi was dying to share her biscuits 🙂

    How about you ask Poohi to paint those biscuits? 🙂 Colorful Elephants.
    You know I should have read the comments here before throwing out everything 😦 I plan to make some with baking clay and she could paint it and make a jungle scene too – she would love it 🙂

  12. “mom, you got me once with salt. please do not make the mistake the second time. And before you put the white thing, I will taste it. I just want to be sure” – poohi.

    ha ha ! She will probably say that 🙂

  13. if they look so good, why can’t we atleast see pics, and drool Smitha? this is unfair!

    I didn’t take any:( All my blogging instincts died once I had tasted it 😦 It was only later that I wrote this – after I had chucked everything in the bin 😦

  14. you could have put the photos….we would admire and something good would come out of it…actually soemthing good di come out anyways… U and Poohi spent time together….Poohi loves it…U don’t get to eat hence no sinful calorie intake…its a winner all the way…:)

    I did not take any pics, Chrysalis. I wish I had 😦 Yes, it was fun – she did love it.. It was a winner in that sense 🙂

  15. First of all Ummas to Poohi on her baking-feat!! 🙂 ..if only her amma had been more alert 😦 ..tell me honestly,Smits,werent you drafting this post in your mind while helping molu with her baking???…sach sach bataado!

    Seriously – blogging was the last thing on my mind that day 😦 I was way too tired that day 😦

    I knew it! no wonder this hoopla happened 😀

    Dont worry,poohi,I’ll scold your amma for you,okee??

    Poohi is sitting very happy at the idea of Amma getting scoldings 🙂

    Where are the pics of the ‘aana biscuits’???
    Did not take any 😦 Next time – for sure 🙂

  16. ROFL 😉
    wind chime of biscuits elephants!

    Baking really has disaster word associated with it. with over baked elephants would have taken their natural color “Black”!

    🙂 Now that is a new take 🙂 Have to be careful that my bisucits don’t turn the ‘natural colour’ of elephants 🙂

  17. cant help saying LOL 🙂
    Poohi is happy, and you have so many ideas here to make something of the biscuits. so this thing you can strike of from the domestic disasters list as it ended well 🙂

    Yes, now that is a silver lining 🙂

  18. LOl:) happens:), we keep salt and sugar side by side in the same color box, so I have put salt instead of sugar in my tea:)

    Oh 🙂 That must not have been pleasant 🙂 I have never done that – yet, I should say 🙂

  19. Join amit’s and solilo’s suggestion and its no longer a disaster!

    Reminds me of my first cooking disaster.. but then I was 5-6 years old 😉 (won’t talk about the latest) 😛 😛

    You cooked at the age of 5-6! wow!! is all I can say 🙂

    • Nah nah! It was like we wanted to have them diwali pakhwan. We helped mom make it and wanted to imitate!

      And well we added equal amount of salt n flour.. burnt it and got slapped for the effort 😦

      I was barred from kitchen after a lot of accidents! 😀 😀

      It wasn’t until my mom fell sick that I entered kitchen. My sis used to complain! I never had to boil milk or make coffee when mom wasn’t home 😛

  20. ROFL!!

    Sorry Smithus, but, couldnt help laugh!!

    You just reminded me of the scene from hum Aapke Hain Koun where that weird second herione makes gajar ka halwa for Sallu!!!

    Its all the nazar i tell you! you put kaala tikka on your oven now. you will be spared from all the greedy eyes, eying your cakes and biscuits.

    Or, better still, pass on some of that delicious cake you are baking to me!! I will protect your baking from everyone else!!

    *running from all that sandals being thrown by the blog samaj*

  21. nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    say it isn’t so!

    well…..every baking genius has “those days”

    gee……..i know how it feels…come come smithu…..hugsss…
    *smithu n crafty sit with big tub of chocolate ice cream*

    aana cookies??? 😀 😀 😀
    me wants me wants me wants!!!!!! 😆
    i know the next time it will be sooper dooper…and that time, we will have pics also na? 😀 yayie!!!!!

    yes yes, silver lining! u did not eat any additional calories at all in connection to this baking session!!!
    *smithu n crafty stare at half eaten chocolate ice cream tub*

    🙄 🙄

    oh well……almost…..we tried, didn’t we??!!!

    muahs smithu! pass some to my poohi darling! me wants her “on-laptop-screen-ummas”
    😀 {{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  22. haha imagine i was thinking of dropping by unannounced to have your cakes….now me getting second thoughts!!! 😉

    This was the comment that got spammed 🙂

    • btw, that comment was the first I made from my new cell phone and when I didn’t show up, I was like….is this why I paid all that money for this stupid phone?!

      Now I feel sorry for blaming my poor phone….

      See, its all your fault!!!!


      Ha ha 🙂 Yes, I had inside information that it was from your phone, so decided to spam it 🙂

  23. Please, please keep your camera handy…for moments like this. Your recipe for baking clay is a really useful one-saving it for my kids..

    Camera is always handy – mind refused to co-operate 🙂 Just did not think of taking pics that day

  24. Amit left a question for you on the comments section of my latest post. Check it out ..if you feel like it answer it otherwise just let it go. Thought would tell you about the query 🙂

    Not able to comment at your site.. It chucks me out each time.. sent you an email.

  25. sounds like tons of work to me…

    you are very brave…

    do visit..i have a new post..

    Will visit – my computer has been giving me trouble – so unable to blog much 😦

  26. gosh..i had commented on your post yesterday afternoon from my cell phone and it is missing!!!!!

    It was in the spam folder – I approved it now 🙂

    the entire universe is conspiring against me now!!! 😦

    ha ha 🙂

    ok..enough drama…

    about the post, well i had decided to drop by unannounced at your place with my kiddo for some (read: a LOT of) cakes and biscuits but now me getting second thoughts….. 😉

    I promise I will make saltless cakes and biscuits – if you are bringing Ibrahim 🙂

  27. Hey, my first time here. Just wanted to say thst great things have come out of experiments gone wrong. so who knows. nice post. love elephants any which way.

    Welcome here, Suchismita 🙂 I certainly found out about baking clay thanks to this experiment gone wrong 🙂

  28. rofl…did the daughter even taste one? did she like it? 😛

    She did take a bite and claimed that she loved it – but did not come close to it for another bite again 😉

  29. It’s not your fault, trust me one of the early symptoms of Blog Addiction 😦
    Something takes over the brain and we are even unaware of the existence of worldly things like husbands; so what is there in a salt?? Btw as long as you didn’t feed those cute elephants to some High BP neighbour in your Blog trance state no scope of you being whisked off to a rehabilitation centre. So enjoy more such adventures and blogging!!

    That must be it! Sakshi, trust you to diagnose my condition so aptly 😉 And no – I did not pass them on to a neighbour with high BP :), my neighbours are all super fit people.. they run marathons, spend their weekends on their bikes or in the leisure club 😦

  30. Yes we want a picture of the bakes cookies.
    Doesn’t matter that it was a disaster. Hehe.

    Next time for sure 🙂 At that time, taking a pic was the last thing on my mind 🙂

  31. LoL! My lil sis has done that in the past. It was lucky that I double checked and stopped her at the last minute. 😉

    And Smitha, age has nothing to do with it. I’m 22 and I’m just as bad. 😉

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