The battleground that was

my sofa..  My dear daughter decided that it would be fun to write on the cream sofas that adorn our living room. Cream sofas!! What was our landlord thinking? Cream sofas in a rental home – my ultimate nightmare.

Now, I had a lot of criteria while looking for a place to rent. Cream/light coloured sofas were on the ‘no no’ list  – but when one if faced with a house where everything else is pretty much perfect and a bunch of houses that one would not want to put a step in, leave alone live in, one had no option but to go with the cream sofas.

Anyways, the last 8-9 months have been incident free. Daughter is quite a good child in the sense that she hardly ever draws on the walls or anything.. She had done that – long time ago but is now quite responsible and sensible, or so I thought…

This morning, it was one of the rare mornings when I woke up early enough to manage to spend some time with my neglected cross-trainer cum coat rack. It has become so disused that it has coats piled up on it – thanks to my dear husband. So when my daughter woke up, I managed to ignore her and continued my exercise in the vain hope of losing a few of those pounds which have been piling on and on. Little did I realise that she was sitting quietly on the sofa for a reason! She had found a ball point pen and had been busy scribbling away at it.

It was only after I was done with those tough 7 minutes (it is tough after a break of months!) on the cross-trainer, and was about to start cooling down when I realised what daughter had been doing! Well,  enough to say that there was no cooling down involved, just one huge volcanic burst of anger and daughter cowering in fear at the monster that seemed to have entered her mother’s body.

Next there was a mad scramble to get hold of my leather cleaning product(supposed to clean and nourish!) from the array of cleaning products that I have.. The amount of cleaning products that I have, it is very likely that someone who does not know me, might mistake me for having a house  cleaning business! Anyways, I sprayed it on and rubbed and scrubbed – to no avail! Then I waited for another 1o minutes and repeated – no change ! Not a bit of the ink got removed.. The area around it did get clean though, so now I had a sofa with a clean patch and ink marks! God! Now I am going to have to scrub the whole sofa too!!!

With the leather cleaner having failed it’s test – I tried sponging it with some soapy water.

‘High Hopes!’, said the marks,’ Soap? Do you really think that soap can get us off? ha ha ha!’

Now having lost all hopes and having given daughter another dose of the ‘naughty chair’, I turned to my last hope – the Internet. The first result that I got almost killed me – it said that it was practically impossible to remove ink stains and that leather cleaning products are of no use(Yeah, yeah, tell me about it!).

Not one to give up so soon, I tried some more and found a forum where lots of people recommended using hair spray. Hairspray? Did I read that right?And a lot of people had recommended it too.  Thankfully, I had some hairspray – thanks to all those hairstyles that went awry. So I got down to it, spraying my expensive Toni and Guy hairspray all over my sofa. Hoping against hope that it turns out more effective at ink stain removal that it was at holding my hairstyle. And viola! , it was! The ink marks did go! Who would’ve thought!

I knew that hairspray had to have some use!!!

151 thoughts on “The battleground that was

  1. ha ha ha..I’m so glad I’m not alone…I’ve a battleground ready to call shots right adjacent to yours,Smits!!!

    You too, Deeps 🙂

      • yeah me too,Swaram..mine is a red sofa and my imp is smart enough to use the appropriate colours like dark blue,black on it to make her art even more conspicous

        They sure know how to select the most ‘appropriate colours’ to ensure that they are properly visible, don’t they?
        *phew* !!

  2. So hairspray does work,huh??will try it out 🙂

    Yes, it did! I was quite wary of trying it – but then all of them also mentioned that it works best on fresh stains – so I decided to try it without wasting any more time:) And it did!!!!

  3. thats gr8 to know..i can pass it on to my frens who r really pissed off coz of these pen marks on sofa…

    Yes, ask them to give it a try 🙂

  4. I had to laugh at your “cross-trainer cum coat rack”. Many years ago, in a fit of health consciousness, we bought a Nordic Track machine that, after the first month of use, turned into a very useful coat and towel rack! The machine was barely visible beneath the thick padding!

    😆 That is what my cross trainer looks like too – most of the time 🙂 lol @’The machine was barely visible beneath the thick padding!’

  5. Moral of the story: The cross trainer is evil, destroy it. If not for that machine you would have paid your daughter attention and saving your sofa and your hair spray.

    😆 SJ, Trust you to come up with that!!! I agree, cross trainers, weighing machines – all pure evil!!! Must be banned!

    PS- To destroy the machine, just pour kerosene and light a match and yaaayyy you have deepavali!!
    Now, thats a thought!!!

  6. Kids are supposed to do that… !!! arent they ??… lol…

    Not on cream sofas!!!! They can draw all they want on paper!! or on black sofas where it is not visible;)

    • my wife gets all mad also… put the glass there.. dont write on the wall… dont play with the remote… geee….

      Well, we have to clean up afterwards, don’t we? While I was doing all that scrubbing – husband was fast asleep!!!

      werent you mom’s ever kids ????
      Am sure I was a model kid 😉

      • absolutely,and then the husbands are forever remarking that we overreact…phew!!! How would they know…they are either sleeping or watching TV or working out,or if nothing else blogging 😉 !!!

        I know, Deeps! It is so easy for them to just swoop in – after all the mess has been cleared up and tell us that we are ‘hard’ on the kids! Next time, Hitchy try cleaning up after Hriday 🙂

        • I dont mind cleaning up… mothers are strange… when the kid has his toys splattered all over the room … they insist he picks them all up… and even get angry if dad’s help…

          Of course that is right! They should learn to tidy up after themselves! Today, Poohi offered to help me scrub out the stain – a peace offering – she knew I was boiling 🙂

          citing he must do his own work… its like training all the time…

          Your wife is the most sensible woman!!!! How come she chose to get married to you 😉 are you sure you did not do any jaadu tona to behakao her 😉

          • oh madam…

            what are you saying…

            she behakaoed me… !!!

            Don’t make me laugh, Hitchy 🙂 😆 That I can believe – ‘she behakaoed me.’!!

            • its the truth !!

              God people dont believe me… sheesh..

              i m going… i m spamming ur blog

              ha ha ha I’m having fun 🙂 Haven’t had the time to comment like this for sometime now 🙂

      • Model kid LOL :)) After putting up ur adventures on the blog .. u say that 😉

        😉 I can pretend,can’t I? Plus Poohi can’t read yet 😉

        • Ayyayyo I misread .. that ws ur response to Hitchu na 😛
          I ws trying to pull his legs .. che che full confusion 😀

          ha ha 🙂 cross connection 🙂

            • LOLZZ!!

              I can’t agree with this one my soul sister!! 😀

              I was horribly naughty and my mother says that if I have a kid like me, she knows God has listened to her!!!!!! 😉

              lol!!! ‘my mother says that if I have a kid like me, she knows God has listened to her!!!!!! ‘ Mother’s revenge 🙂

              My sister – now, she was the quiet when (i.e. till she grew up!! ok, I’m not saying much, because she reads Smithus as well!! ;))

              Your sister is wise girl, isn’t she? I like the way she writes too 🙂

              • Ayyo Pixie .. hu told u model kids can’t be naughty 😉 That shows how active we r ashte LOL :)) Naughty models 😉

                Yes, of course, we could be ‘models’ of naughtiness too 😉

                By the way, I love the way, you two speak in Kannada – brings back memories of Bangalore and I get to brush up my Kannada as well 🙂

                • Ha ha .. Me ws thinking it mite annoy ppl sometimes 😛
                  U know Kannada too … wow cool. Hege idira Smithu 😛

                  I am fine 🙂 I understand Kannada – but do not have the confidence to reply 🙂 Will try to pick up a bit more now 🙂

                  • Oh yeah .. I dint even realize I used ‘ashte’ here 😛

                    🙂 I noticed – prob coz it reminds me of my time in Bangalore 🙂

  7. Home Adventures Part I – The Sofa Stain.



    Quirky Indian

    Now that would have made a much better title 😦

    And QI, why part I, surely, you don’t want me to battling more stains!!!!

  8. 5 comments already 😛 Google-reader moves @ a snail’s pace then 😉

    Yes, I agree 😦 I am never first anywhere!

  9. Ha ha ha .. Poohi is gonna b a gr8 artist 😛

    ha ha ha – if those scribblings are the mark of an artist 🙂 every child would be one:)

    Hats off to ur presence of mind Smithu .. u went n searched the net in between all those outbursts 😉
    That’s a gr8 piece of info .. thank u 😉
    Presence of mind – no no – I think it is my ‘basic instinct’ – any issues, any problems – google away 😉 I wish I had the presence of mind to take a few pics – could have posted them 😦 The blog addict in me died – when I saw those marks 😦

    • our generation is getting addicted to the net and look there all the time.. everytime we hav an argument in house…

      I know!!! If we are this bad – can you imagine how our children are going to be?

      GOOOOOOOOGgglllllleee is all that we all scream… to settle the debate…
      ha ha ha -true 🙂

      • children ??

        well hriday needs his time with google…

        sir will go to google images and take his animal picture book and type names of animals… and see pics… !!!!!
        Yes, they know so much more that we knew at their age.. Poohi knows the diff kinds of dinosaurs!!!!

        recently the word fox showed up a lot of odd things… phew… !!! dunno what to do… lol…
        Goodness!! You can child-proof your internet 🙂

        • Ha ha ha 😛 N he dint fire qs @ u 😉

          U need to do more posts abt Hriday Hitchu

          Yes yes, we want more Hriday posts!! We are all missing hearing about him!

        • Dinosaurs.. dont even speak that word… I hate that animal…

          I have dinosaurs of every kind, shape and size in the house these days! To add to it, MacD is also giving it as part of their Happy Meals 😦

          • me too has all sorts of dinosaurs… when we didnt find enough… my BIL brought for him from UK… !! and he wants to know what each eats… which part of the world they were…

            Goodness!! He knows so much!! It is amazing!

            and he still insists they exist in africa and I have to get a passport once he is 10 years old and we go to see dinosaurs… after he is 10 years so that he can run fast when T-rex attacks him… !!!

            😆 There is a ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ exhibition near here. It is there till this Sunday but we can’t go – coz husband has to go to London 😦 I feel so bad- she would have loved it 😦


            Check out the video!
            we have all plans set…

            • I think one comment of mine went in spam…

              Nothing in the spam folder, sadly 😦 I told you – I don’t get spammed 😉

            • They are making a dinosaur farm in Indore… at the outskirts… a lot of excavation was done here… they used to live here… !!!

              Wow! That sounds great!

              but by the time the farm will be ready I m sure Hriday would have grown over the dinosaurs… sigh…
              But, you know, I think he will still enjoy it – I still enjoy watching all that 🙂

              thats the comment that went into spam… wish such dino shows were organised in India… it woudl be so much fun…
              I wish too.. I decided not to go – I showed Poohi the video and she got scared that the ‘Dinosaur wants to eat me’ ! Hopefully we will get a chance to see it when she is a bit older..

    • Oh yeah 😦 Do it next time 😛 errrrr I mean ………

      ***Swaram runs away cing Smithu chasing her with a belan ****

      yes, yes – Next time I will – after all I know the ‘magic ingredient’ 🙂

      • Yeah .. the hair spray has to be utilized completely na 😉 May I come n assist Poohi 😛

        Yeah, sure 🙂 Why did I ask some people over??? I thought you were wanting to help me!!!!! Poor me 😦

  10. lol.. u sound like Monika of on a cleaning spree..
    Oh yes – I have her collection of cleaning products too 🙂

    but isnt it obvious that when kids are so silent they are upto something like this?

    I know – it is always the case- if they are silent – it is better to check out, what they are upto 🙂

    Hair spray worked!! weird ways!
    I know!! and thank god it worked!

    • yes the silence can be dangerous… !!! but as long as they dont hurt themselves… i think its ok… its a part of growing up…

      yes true – ‘but as long as they dont hurt themselves..’ – absolutely!

  11. I remember days where my parents have still preserved a wall with full of my graffiti. they had scolded me for the same many times. I used to listen to it, till the time mom was out of sight. And there comes map of india with pakistan and india in it.

    Wow! You did that! Well we live in a rental house and have to leave the house exactly as we got it – so painting on the wall is a very serious crime in my house 😉

    Its Fun!, until you are not asked to clean it up or pay for it.

    Please don’t let my daughter hear that 🙂

    • I give you one solution to it. put up a huge white board on a wall. and start scribling yourself. God forbidden Cream sofa, cant help that. 😦

      oh, she has enough thing to scribble on – she normally does not do walls and sofas 🙂 I think she was half asleep and probably did not realise what she was doing 😦

  12. give her plain cushion covers/ t-shirts . she can design it and you can keep them as memories.

    Yes, I was thinking of doing that. I was actually thinking of picking up some fabric paints which are meant for children to use.. It would be fun for her 🙂

    • was going to suggest the same as An did 🙂
      works like a charm! 😀

      She is quite ok, normally. I mean she has hardly defaced our walls at all.. Just once or twice – long back.. But yes, I think she would love to colour T-shirts and cushion covers 🙂

  13. Wow hairspray?
    Now will please someone tell me how to get coffee stains out of a carpet? I tried all products but a slight stain still remains….also, haldi stains from a white counter top?

    For coffee stains out of carpets- we have a product from Vanish.

    Haldi Stains – Mr Muscle Kitchen cleaner works very well! Not sure what the equivalent ones in the US are, though..

  14. Why your post didn’t show in my dashboard ???

    No idea.. There seems to be some problem..

    Smitha it is only sofa in ur house.Come and see in my house all the walls are scribbled with crayons by pinky and her writing board is my fridge. U know when she does all these when i go for my bath.Once i am out she sits in one corner calmly as if she didn’t do anything.Thank god my sofa is brown colour.

    Goodness! Trying to imagine Pinky sitting in a corner like an innocent child 🙂 Children! Well, Poohi does not do walls – she knows that she will be in trouble 🙂 Big trouble 🙂

    Now i will write about what all the things pinky broke,will try to post few snaps of that.I pray that she grows fast so that few things are felt untouched by her.
    Yes, please – please do a post – will be fun to read 🙂

    I think carpet cleaner will work on those stains.
    I have a leather – cream coloured sofa!!! Can’t imagine why?

  15. ok. Finally got to where I can comment on the actual post!! 😀
    But, I can’t now since I have to run to ctach the bus!!!!

    Got waylaid by the comments 🙂 Run run, have a safe journey home 🙂


    Will come back and comment 🙂

    Will wait 🙂

  16. WOW Hairspray??!!! Thats VERY useful information that you’ve shared, very valuable for all mommies. Thank you! 🙂

    I hope you never need to use it though 🙂 But seriously, I found it very effective – to my utter surprise!

  17. Great, that they did come off. Congrats. And the lil Poohi is so smart, how dare Mama ignore her and exercise. ha ha ha.

    Yes, I learnt my lesson 🙂 No more exercising by ignoring her 🙂 See – now I have a new excuse to not exercise 😉

  18. poor you! ok i shouldnt be doing this but i’m ROFL!!! 😀 i can’t help… thats the funniest post i’ve read in a while! 😀

    Ya ya 🙂 laugh at me 😦 Poor me:( It is funny, in hindsight 🙂

    but anyway glad it had a happy ending… and the stains did come out. thanx for the tip… if i ever get pen stains on white leather, now i know what to use! 😉

    See – I’m doing community service – telling you all these handy tips 😉

  19. 😛 😛 😛
    if don Sololi was around, she would have aske you to treat the sofa with her fav. formula….. beer and eggs……….. hahahahahaha!!!!!!

    By the way, I think it is the alcohol in the hairspray that works:) So beer might just do the same 🙂 Why don’t you try it first 🙂

  20. Thanks a ton Smitha. No not for the hairspray tip but your post makes me feel that I am after all a great interior designer 🙂 We have black leather sofa with all matching dark tables and so so. When selecting these things my husband told me that he feels like I am doing up a pub rather than our living room. I said Honey be grateful that you can come home daily to hang out in a pub and if I am in a good mood can throw in some pole dance 😉 ;). My son is definitely into arts and we keep wondering how come coz both of us can’t even hold a brush. Now that I bribe him (read threaten) he uses the brush and paints only on the allocated objects…

    ‘Honey be grateful that you can come home daily to hang out in a pub and if I am in a good mood can throw in some pole dance 😉 ;).’ Now that’s being an exemplary wife!!! Have to make sure that my husband does not get to see it 🙂

    As for the cream sofas! I curse my landlords everyday! Who in their right minds would opt for cream sofas???? This is the problem with renting fully furnished houses:(

    Hey Hairspray..well I got one of those too hoping I could iron out all those frizzy curls but soon came to know that mallu curls are as stubborn as myself!! Btw now Poohi has a huge white leather canvas thanks to the hairspray and yeah remember Raja Ravi Verma’s canvas as a kid was the palace walls 🙂 🙂

    ‘ mallu curls are as stubborn as myself!’ I know 😦 My Mallu waves are the same 😦
    As for canvas – I prefer that she sticks to paper:) I am sure Raja Ravi Verma had a lot of servants to clean up after him too 🙂

    • Ayyo.. pls don’t remind me abt age n all Vishesh 😦
      I ws planning to join Poohi in her art work n u say this 😛

      Don’t they say something about being ‘young at heart’ 🙂

  21. ok.. back now…
    had to read the post again and again got waylaid by the comments!!! 😛

    I know! Every time I start replying to comments – I end up laughing so much that I get waylaid too 🙂

    Hairspray worked?!! Hehe… will keep it in mind. 🙂

    Yes- thank god!

    Hugs to Poohi for getting scoldings from you!!! 😛
    She was just bringing out the artist in her!!! 😉

    Artist and all that is fine – as far as the paper remains her canvas 🙂

  22. 😆
    the incident is hilarious! (for those who are reading it at least) 😛 and even more hilarious is the cute way you have written it 😀

    you know what I think?

    Poohi is a Picasso in the making me thinks 😀

    As far as Picasso sticks to paper – I have no problem 🙂

    let her creative juices flow you cruel cruel mom! 😛
    *Indy running off before Smitha can catch hold of her*

    Yes, yes, Indy, will remember this when you have a kid 🙂

    • also noting down all the names
      1. Hairspray (preferably Tony and Guy’s? 😉 )
      2. Mr Muscle (yeah the comment section increases my GK too ) 😀
      3. Vanish 😀

      dont gimme those looks 😛

      I need these pointers for future antics of little kiddies 😀

      ha ha ha 🙂 Yes and then we will have fun egging on Indy junior to use the entire house as a canvas 🙂

      • uh Smitha……so ummm do you think this would be a good time to give some paintbrushes and colours to Poohi as a gift? :mrgreen:

        She has all that and more 😦 She loves drawing and painting.. Of course, that means that I have to be drawing with her too 😦

          • and possibly even bedsheets 😀 😀

            ok i’m evil LOL

            Evil, evil!!! But seriously, I have no issues with bedsheets and cushions and stuff – those belong to me – so in the worst case scenario – I will just have to replace them.. But the sofa belong to my landlord! And I DO NOT fancy replacing it 🙂 Some of our friends got charged 800 bucks for spoiling some curtains!!!! Can you imagine how much I would have to pay to replace a sofa!!!!

  23. lol really enjoyed reading this…

    hairspray oh i loved that tip… 😀

    Monika, I do hope, you don’t need to use it 🙂

  24. hee hee! 🙂 🙂 My nephew scribbles on the walls instead! :):) Kids can be so adorable at times 🙂 of course only when one is not the mum!

    Yes that is the key – ‘when one is not the mum!’!

  25. … i don’t scribble on the walls – i write on them – nice and clear. and i am not even kidding.

    Anrosh 🙂 I don’t know what to say 🙂

  26. Hairspray??? for cleaning ink stains??? and you women put that on your hair ???? LOL, wouldnt that remove all the ink that you have on your hair too ? 😀 😀 😀

    Now, I did not think of that 🙂

    Solilo puts beer on her hair; you put some kinda detergent on your hair, whos next ???

    Valid point 🙂 next is OG with egg dripping from his hair – see Sol’s comment above:)

  27. Smitha, I refuse to read any post that is against Poohi. 😆 😆 It is her right to paint/color anywhere she wants. You should have known better selecting a light colored couch.

    I did not select the sofa!!! It was my landlord:( sob sob! Those guys had a fixation with whites and creams – the whole house is done up in whites and creams 😦 they even have a white TV!!!

    Go Poohi!

    Pssst…..(don’t tell Amma) Next visit this auntie will bring you some really stubborn colors. Okay! ummaa chakkare. :kiss:

    Poohi will probably run away with you 🙂 – if she sees this comment – thank god she can’t read 🙂

  28. Nice one. I have a carpet stain. I will try the hair spray.

    Don’t try hair spray on the carpet- go with Sols advice of soda or sprite.. or better still – Carpet stain remover 🙂 This was for leather 🙂

  29. yes hair spray and deodorants are good ink stain remover. My students use them on old lab file covers to remove names and write their own. 🙂

    ha ha ha!!! Your students have found an even better use for hairsprays and deodorants! Wow 🙂

    • Gosh! missed opportunity, would have know 8 year earlier, would not have spent nights under lamp and writing journals and assignments, while Seniors journals were available for just free.

  30. “Little did I realise that she was sitting quietly on the sofa for a reason!” The quieter they are the more the alarm bells should start ringing! 😉 I can well imagine the ‘volcanic outburst’ Lol. And as for hairspray, I find that it has a lot of uses other than its intended purpose. Recently my son, a student of Animation wanted it to spray on his pencil sketches! :O

    I know! I should know by now – but I was totally concentrating on my fitness regime -for a change 🙂

    Wow!! Hairspray sure has it’s uses!!

  31. Poohi is something else! You are a lucky mother.

    Lucky??? You call that being lucky 🙂

    Look at the benefits of what she did. You got the monster in you out and also got fresh business for hair spray manufacturers!

    Oh sure!! I am happy that at the very least, that hairspray got used 🙂

  32. Some good use for a hair spray!! LOL! Thanks for the warning. My little one has done the walls already. Now I will be prepared for an attack elsewhere.

    I was lucky with the walls 🙂 Now that she goes to the nursery – I think she gets to be messy and have fun a lot more 🙂

  33. Kids I must say!!!

    Once I had driven the bees away by spraying Deodorant 😀

    Really? Wow!! I used to keep a small canister with me – to spray if some men decided to act funny – thankfully never had the need to..

  34. gosh…more than a 100 comments before i land here….shucks!!!

    i bet you lost more calories cribbing and cleaning the sofa than on that treadmill 😉

    I wish!

    see…poohi is a genius. she did it so that you don’t have to huff n puff on the mill….
    Yeah.. I would have preferred huffing and puffing on the mill though 🙂

  35. ROFL Internet is divine no ? 😀 Other day I goggled to find how can I get rid of garlic smell off my hands !! 😛
    but that’s quite a tip about hair spray. and about cleaning products let me join your club. They give tough competition to the cosmetics I have !! 😀

    Oh yes! Internet is divine! As as Vimmuuu says, what we put on our hair and faces seem to be more lethal that cleaning products 🙂

    Landlord dont use the upper part of brain I have concluded. 😉
    out of 5 rooms we have; 2 rooms and both bathrooms have cream colored flooring. As if that was not enough he has cream flooring in the long passage as well. You can imagine my plight in maintaining the cream color intact. humpf. 😐
    Oh goodness! I don’t like carpeted bathrooms at all!!! cream flooring in the passage too!!! Oh ! You must be having a tough time! Thankfully, our hallway is tiled – so atleast it is easy to mop up and clean it. And thankfully our carpet is a little on the darker side – which is a relief! You sure have a lot of work on your hands!

      • Ya! Ya! I know what you mean & dunno how it slipped from my mind!!!

        How can repelant work against a repelant!!! It is against basic fundamentals no 😉

        ha ha !! Smita, that was very good 🙂

        • @ Smitha (the normal one) : With these comments, this place is in perfect sync with the title of your post 😀 😀 😀

          Battleground 🙂 Well, you are entertaining me 🙂 Free ka, that too 🙂

          @ Smita (the abnormal one) : For the first time, you have written something good. I am happy that I could help you in developing your skills to this level ! 😀 😀

          • The one & only Vimal (Thank God there is only one of ur kind!!!)

            I always write something good but this time I wrote it in simple english thats why you were able to absorb it so easily 😀 😀 😀 😀

            I am happy that I could help you in developing your skills to this level ! 😀 :D:D

              • Ah! The weather is lovely, weather forecast fails yet again!!!

                There were major flood warnings for Mumbai, wasn’t there? I hope bad weather doesn’t come when everybody is least expecting it!

                And am not moving to wordpress 😛

                Come’on stop behaving like a just-moved-to-WP-already-forgotten-blog-pulling-everyone-to-WP Guy!!! I expected something better from you 😛

  36. So, Poohi is into something new and interesting, now. Her act has made you discover the extra uses of hair-spray!

    Are you back from Bangalore? How was your trip – hope you had fun 🙂 Oh, yes, I am delighted to find another use for my hairspray – especially since it was hardly being used for it’s original use 🙂

    ” So when my daughter woke up, I managed to ignore her and continued my exercise in the vain hope of losing a few of those pounds which have been piling on and on. Little did I realise that she was sitting quietly on the sofa for a reason! She had found a ball point pen and had been busy scribbling away at it.”

    She must have been asking you to notice her! Did she just scribble or did you see some shapes in it? Maybe you should have taken a snap for us to see!!

    She made something that was supposed to be a dinosaur – she is majorly into them these days.. Very little resemblence to a dinosaur though 🙂 Yes, I should have taken pics 🙂 But at that point in time, all I could think of was – find a way to get rid of those marks!

    Did the workout help you? Read my post and you will be happy, if the workout did not help you reduce your weight!

    Oh no! One day – 7 mins – no use at all – unless I keep at it and I am extremely uncommitted towards wt loss:( Will hop over to read your post 🙂

    Enjoy happy Poohi days! We too are enjoying!

  37. Banglore trip was OK. The city is full of new bridges, mostly under construction now. So everywhere, we had to take diversions. It is very very congested and polluted, but still retains its old attraction for me! Thank you, Smitha.

    Great to know that.. Full of construction? It has been like that for the last 3-4 years now.. I am wondering if the construction will ever end.. But as you say, despite all that – the charm is still there – I still feel like I have reached home, when I reach Bangalore 🙂

  38. LOL!

    Cream sofas are a disaster waiting to happen.


    But good to know that my hairspray can actually be useful at times.

    Seriously, all these people using their hairsprays everyday- i wonder what miracle does it do to their hair?! Because either I’m spraying it all wrong or my hair will just never behave.
    Same here!! My hairspray never works on my hair 😦

  39. You have given a blow to the growing artist Smitha 😛 😛 😛

    all parents does this… my mom to me… 😀 😛 😛

    What to do, Kanagu? We have to 🙂

  40. I have to write this down – hairspray for cleaning ink stains from leather sofas…

    Thankfully, we have a beige coloured sofa set (which has become brown)…My daughter loves spilling food and writing on it…She does her deed and comes and says, “Sorry Maa…It was a mistake” These mistakes happen daily…The good thing is that the set is ours and we don’t have to worry about the landlord…

    My daughter knows not to write on the sofa – this was the first and hopefully the last 🙂
    Seriously, it is much better it is our own.. When it is the landlord’s -it is really difficult 😦

  41. An interesting post. I am more curious to know what would this post have been called if the internet had not given you the correct solution to the problem. Kids will be kids after all…. one odd out-of-line activity is OK, I suppose. Thanks to the internet, you have a clean sofa again….

  42. Hairspray?!! Who would have known!! A Eureka moment for you am sure.
    It was news for mom as well; and she knows everything that’s know as far as cleaning stains are concerned, having taken care of 2 incorrigible kids 🙂
    Nice post btw.

  43. I wish I knew about the hair-spray while my daughters were in that phase. I had to throw away a new futon cover bcoz the younger one had left a purple sketch open on it….and so I cudn’t use the paired cover for the other futon also 🙂

    Please, please publish all such tips-we need all the mom power…

  44. So I am sure your daughter must be very happy. Now she has a permanent drawing board which her mother is going to clean everytime she paints. 😛

  45. Woah…that is really some useful information
    thankfully…we have balck sofas and no kids around so far 😛
    but yeah… Hubby would often manage to get some ink stains on his leather bag / belt.

  46. So the battle was finally won with a Hair Spray!

    wonderfully narrated…

    Why do children love such surfaces when they can very well use a paper? We adults will not understand will we?

  47. hahaha… atleast u were able to get rid of the stain with hairspray. You have to look at my couch. My son luves to rub the colored sugar paste on it. I don’t even remember which color it was when I got it./ Also he luves to paint on the walls with sharpie and crayons. I had to use a lot of elbow grease and beleive it or not toilet bowl cleaner to get rid of the marks[ofcourse new toiled bowl cleaner,not the used one hehe…..:).
    Sorry Smi,I accidently posted it on another one hehe….

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