Swine flu on the mind

Swine flu seems to be sweeping through Britain. Just the other day, husband came home and told me that somebody in their office has been diagnosed with swine flu. The next day, someone in his team came down with Swine flu!

That has triggered off swine flu paranoia in me.  I have the symptom checker open.  I have read everything I could find on the Internet – and have still managed to be just as  confused. The symptom checker is always up on the browser – who knows when one of us develops a symptom! Now, you guys know, why I haven’t been able to read and comment on your blogs – I’ve been monitoring symptoms 24*7. It’s very tedious, you know – to try and see if our sneezes  or coughs fall into the ‘swine flu category’.

I just happened to find out that Cherie Blair has come down with the bug – apparently hubby Tony is safe – in the Middle East. Made me think- now that is a solution to tackle our esteemed Indian politicians – a dose of swine flu? Even the name suits them – what do you say? But funnily enough, in a country where people seem to be prey to all possible diseases – we rarely hear of our politicians(or their wives) getting affected by these ‘common’ illnesses, do we? May be, now is a time to start?

Can anybody think of a way of getting Mayawati to meet Cherie Blair? A promise of a statue in the UK might help – what do you say?

And it turns out, I am not the only paranoid wife. The person in my husband’s office, who sat next to the guy who came down with swine flu, has been told by his wife – ‘Don’t take this personally, but it would be better if you did not come home’!

53 thoughts on “Swine flu on the mind

    • Finally yes!!! And as soon as I left the comment, I had to leave for home…

      Great 🙂

      Just reached and logged in from home…for rest of the comment…

      Wait..I have to read first! 😉

      You guys don’t even read posts – its all a number game 😉

  1. Such things do scare us a lot ………. I was guessing all sorts of things when I was down with fever this time ……… Chicken gunya, Swine flu et…al 😛 Turned out to be just a long love affair with the common cold virus :).

    I know – I am the same! Today, Poohi has a runny nose – so am taking her to the GP to be sure 🙂

    LOL@ that idea Smitha .. but seriously am wondering too after u have put it down .. how come even the diseases run away from them 😉

    Yes, they are super insulated , aren’t they? They escape all this – while us, the poor junta get it all…

  2. ‘Don’t take this personally, but it would be better if you did not come home’!


    What happened to all that crap about “in sickness and in health…….”?

    ‘In sickeness and health’ all goes out of the window with swine flu looming large 🙂 Have to find out what that poor guy finally did – after being banned from going home 🙂


    Quirky Indian

  3. I think if you take the normal precautions like washing hands after visiting the loo and taking a bath after a bus ride, one should be ok. But viruses have their own mind God knows what scheme they hatch to kill us !

    ‘But viruses have their own mind God knows what scheme they hatch to kill us !’ – yes, that’s what I am worried about 😦

    Mayawati and swine flu? Lady, are you out of your mind? That woman deserves to get leprosy or something…flu is nothing for her. AIDS, TB, Antharax, Botulism, Cholera, Hepatitis B so many cool diseases ya I want her to get one of these. This is my humble request to all the bacteria and viruses.

    😆 @ ‘This is my humble request to all the bacteria and viruses.’ For a minute I though you were defending Behenji 🙂

  4. Well recently Rakesh accused tht swine flu was spreading in Indore… !!!!

    and I have been coughing and sneezing since a few days… I think its time for me to break security hurdles and go hug and errrrr… kiss all politicians one… eh…

    Now that would be an interesting sight – Dhiren kissing every politician he comes across 🙂

  5. Swine flu seems to be really dangerous… even in India some people came from Singapore diagnosed with it.. 😦

    Yes, it is spreading very quickly, apparently!
    LOL @ his wife comment 😆

  6. ROFL at “‘Don’t take this personally, but it would be better if you did not come home’!”
    when ever i read/hear about a new disease, i always feel that i have all the symptoms mentioned 😐 just the other day i had cough and fever and i was telling my dad that may be i got swine flu.

    I know! I think we all do that 🙂

  7. Your wish about Indian politicians getting swine flu has reminded of an old Sardarji joke. If you have heard it, never mind!

    A farmer bought a pig whom he locked up in a dingy room with no ventilation. Within a few days, the stench became so strong that no one could enter. A couple of brave guys who tried died. So the farmer announced an award for someone who could go in and get the pig out alive. After many more fatalities, a Sardarji took up the challenge. he went in and bolted the door from inside. When he failed to come out even after ten minutes, everyone thought that he too had died. Then, suddenly he emerged, triumphant. On being asked what happened, he said: “The pig died” . “How?” “I traced him in the dark corner that he was hiding and lifted my arm near his nostrils” was the simple reply!

    So Smitha, our politicians are like that too. They will kill the virus; nothing will happen to them! May be ‘swine flu’ means a flu that does not affect swines!

    ha ha 🙂 That sounds like the perfect analogy 🙂 And who knows one dose of Indian politicians might help eradicate swine flu forever 🙂

  8. ROTFL @ ‘Can anybody think of a way of getting Mayawati to meet Cherie Blair? ‘…you are too good 🙂

    Swine flu is spreading rapidly in Singapore too, I think at least 15-20% of Singaporeans have it now.

    15- 20% – That is a scary figure!

  9. Google office in Hyderabad was closed for a day, day before yesterday, because one of the staff had caught Swine Flu. All the other 250 or something staff had been sent for getting themselves tested for the fever.

    I know, I read that too.. It is better to be safe that sorry..

    Yes, we will get paranoid, when we hear about this type of disease.We get slight symptoms of the fever, even if it is an ordinary fever, we will get scared.

    I know.. especially as this also seems dangerous.. There have been 29 deaths in the UK apparently.

    “Don’t take this personally, but it would be better if you did not come home’!”

    Who knows, even a sati saavithri like us might give this dialogue!
    I know – when faced by swine flu 🙂

    Dhiren, all of us blog writers will build a statue for you, if you did what you said, to the politicians!!

    • How about gifting me the 100-200 crores instead of spending on my statue ??

      I can thank think of this…. seriously !!!

      Never satisfied are you? You prefer money – when you could be immortalized as a statue! People will remember you forever as a ‘liberator’ who freed us from the clutches of Mayawati, The Behenji!

  10. Waah…yeh aaj kal ki biwis are unbelievable na…heights hogayi ekdam yeh toh…

    Don’t come back home it seems!!! LOL

    We laughed so much that day 🙂

  11. lolz Mayawati meeting Cherie?? wondering what Mayawati will have to say about Cherie’s dressing?? *shudders* maybe she will call for a total boycott of watching BBC in UP….

    ha ha 🙂 Yes, that’s all we need 🙂

  12. I am totally navra… had 3 sandwiches… no biwi nothing much on tv… and almost all blogs read and commented upon… all seem to be either in dinner or going home… or harry potter 3

    why isnt everyone here …. in the blog world !!!!!!!

    I am here now 🙂 You are so lucky to be this jobless!! I am having to multitask to be able to even look at the comp 😦

  13. Being paranoid is normal, Smitha, especially regarding children!

    Yes, especially as the under 5s are more susceptible to it..

    And swine flu is scary…
    it sure is.

  14. The other day hubby was down with running nose and he googled to know what are the symptoms of swin flu and told him to keep away from kids 😉

    You too, Saritha 🙂

    lol Don’t take this personally, but it would be better if you did not come home’! this is heights 😀

    I know 🙂 Wonder what that guy finally did 🙂

    Most of these disease come to common man,man who is on the streets,who takes crowded trains and buses,drinks impure water,but politicians travels in a A/C car,lives in a closed house with A/C on,drinks mineral water and scares to give shake hands to the people.

    I know!! So sad na?

    Lol at dhiren kissing mayawati,i wish after the kiss gives her a slap 😉

    ha ha – that mental image is very funny indeed 😉

  15. Take care, Smitha. This fever is spreading everywhere. 6-7 cases are known cases here, in Chennai, too. But some good medicines are there, now, it seems. Check it out.

    I know.. Here we can’t buy medicines off the shelf – it has to be prescribed.. So I guess we just have to look out for the symptoms..

  16. 24 deaths? I didn’t read that news. Today morning my son said that his colleague had swine flu (US) last month. He was in the hospital for 3 days and came back home. He is OK now. He says that it is just media hype.

    You said that you were feeling better, 2 days back. If you are not well even now, I hope you go to the doctor. I know you will do that.

    We are fine.. Poohi has a runny nose – but it is much better now.
    Here’s an article with the current situation in the UK..
    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/8155670.stm. It also says, ‘The government has also warned that deaths from swine flu this winter could be between 19,000 and 65,000 in the UK.’

  17. Heyy that comment wasnt for this post 😀 please delete it. It was for hitchwriter’s post and as both of u have same theme i didnt notice which post was it and typed my comment. 😀 And u replied too! LOL ((hugs)) “foot in mouth” was meant to be a pun.

    I thought you meant that lady’s comment to her husband 😦

    You take care ok.

    Thank you 🙂

  18. Dont worry, even if you get that flu, it wouldnt be such a big deal !!! Does anyone care if humans get a normal fever ??? 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    (((((Bhaaaagoooooo !!!!!!!!)))))
    Yes, vimmuuu, Bhago! You better run!

    Btw, please dont hate me. I will put another comment if you want…(clearing my throat)…
    😆 You certainly suit that ‘komali’ tag that you have got 🙂

    Why do we get so paranoid if swine flu is spreading??? We spread human fever to swines and they dont even ‘oink’ about it !!!! ((happy))
    Now that is a point 🙂

  19. Are there any deaths in India due to swine flu? Havent really read any news in the papers.

    No idea, actually, what the figures in India are, actually.

    Swine flu wont touch the politicians. The virus will consider it beneath them to even go near them. The only hope is kidney failure like Amar Singh has.
    That certainly seems to be true 😦

  20. nice pic i like it.

    about swine flu there are instances , but still no death.
    No deaths in India, yet -Thank goodness for that.

  21. Hehehehehehehehehe! You gonna tell hubby the same thing about not coming home? 😉

    Sadly, he told me about it after coming home 😉

    Smitha, your evil to wish that upon indian politions. 😉
    Psst. The idea isn’t bad though. :mrgreen:
    Shall i send the invite and arrange for them to meet?? 😉 😈

    I’m sure that would be wonderful Badz 🙂 Dhiren has already agreed to go around kissing them 🙂

  22. LOL – I live in Melbourne, Australia where we have had ~ 300 cases of swine flu diagnosed and I think around 500 cases in Australia alone. I’m fine lol 😀

    Welcome here, Silvara
    Yes, I am sure it is just another flu, really..

    It’s being overhyped especially since it’s actually MILDER than the normal flu around this winter.

    It might be a media hype, I certainly hope so, but here the NHS(Health Service) is seemingly taking it very seriously..

    However, there is no reason to not take precautions, so be sensible 🙂
    Yes, that should be the best way forward 🙂

  23. LOL!!!

    So, wedding vows are just empty vows – hmmm…

    Yes, looks like it takes a bout of swine flu to find out how empty they really are 😉

    I’ve also wondered why politicians don’t get sick by the various epidemics we are exposed to…Maybe they should get out and meet their constituents more…
    Yes, I am sure they take every possible precaution to avoid coming in contact with the public..

  24. he he – “Even the name suits them!” OOhhhh that was cruel… rofl

    But yeah, swine flu was also on our mind when few of our staff came down with fever. We asked them to go home immediately, unlike other times when we thought a little flu shouldn’t stop you from working… 🙂

    Now, that a plus point of swine flu! It must be the best time to fall sick- you will be forcibly made to take leave and rest for the fear that it might be swine flu 🙂

  25. God damn about the last line..take care..and Mayawati is not fit to meet people of cheryl’s calibre

    That is true 🙂

  26. Can anybody think of a way of getting Mayawati to meet Cherie Blair? LOL! Too good..

    and I dont know why I keep thinking that every other year we have some scare going on.. Sars, Bird Flu, Mad Cow Disease and now this Swine flu… Sure we do have deaths but then it is more because of some other underlying problems as you commented. and now Kuwait is waiting for its share of “tamiflu” like how they stocked it earlier when there was some other scare.

    Yes, I do hope it is all just scaremongering.. All we can do is take all the possible precautions and keep an eye out for the symptoms..

    There are some who are benefitting out all this for sure..
    Oh definitely!

  27. I wonder if it would be possible to publish a graph showing up-to-date death rates per age grouping? This would help show which age range is most susceptable to this new virus, and also provide a comparison to other countries,The following age ranges would be most useful:

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