Separation pangs

Today, daughter had a ‘settling in session’ at a nursery.

We decided to start her 2 mornings a week at a day care nursery, until she starts nursery school in September.  I needed those 2 mornings to get my driving lessons sorted out and to help me get some time to start applying for jobs (excuses,excuses,  I have so many excuses:). Plus there was the fact that she really wants to go – she knows that she starts nursery in September and asks me almost every morning if it is September yet 🙂

The couple of nurseries we visited – she almost refused to come home with me – they must think that I am a horrible parent 😦 Despite all her enthusism, I was a little apprehensive about how she would be, when left all alone. She used to go to a daycare nursery, when she was little – but that was almost 2 years ago, will she be alright, now, after being with me the whole time? Today, was her first ‘settling in session’. Day nurseries have settling in sessions where the child is allowed to get used to the new environment. The first day, the parent stays on the premises but away from the child. Then the next day, the parent leaves the child for a longer time, and steps outside.And this goes on until the child is comfortable in the nursery. Most children have separation anxiety on the first day. My daughter, was an exception, she did not spare me a glance. Off she went and joined the other children. Not even a look to see if her mother was anywhere! The staff was quite delighted to see her so happy to join them and asked told me that it is up to me – to stay there or step outside. So off I went – window shopping.

Mobile in one hand – incase they call me and I don’t hear it ring in my handbag – that happens a lot to me, one eye on the time – don’t want her waiting for me. It felt so odd! It was ages since I went shopping without a buggy to push or a little hand to hold. With nobody pulling me towards anything pink or into the pet shop to see rabbits and guinea pigs.. It was very strange indeed. There have been days when I wished that I could shop in peace – and now, when I could, all I could do is go to that section of the shop – where everything is pink and buy a craft kit  – which she certainly does not need 😦

Finally, 45 minutes passed by and I walked back to the nursery – reaching around 7 minutes early. They asked me to go in and watch daughter play. Apparently she took to it, like a duck takes to water.  As I saw her, happily singing, all my worries melted away. Until she saw me. A little wobble came over her lower lip, I was worried, instantly, is she alright, has something upset her, did I make the wrong decision?

She ran to me,wobbling lip and all,  hugged me, and said, ‘Amma, can I play for some more time, please?’

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        • nahin nahin deeps, yeh kya?
          main aur hitchy nahin jaa rahe teerath yatra!

          hum nahin ab first first ke shaukeen,
          bahut naam kamaa liya, ab hai ek hobby aur behtareen!

          poetry main hoga hitchy aur crafty ka naam,
          bas dono rhyming karenge subah shyaam!

          😀 😀 😀

          ‘bas dono rhyming karenge subah shyaam!’ – You guys totally rock in this too 🙂 Talk about people who excel in everything 🙂 How do the 2 of you do this? I can’t even rhyme in English – forget about Hindi 😦

          • Smi agar nahi karegi tu try,
            to kaise banegi fish fry ??

            bas lagale last shabd mein rhyme..
            hojayengi tu shayar in no time…

            Chalo main bhi karti hoon try
            Batana kaisi thi fish fry

            Chura chura ke kar rahi hoon rhyme 🙂
            Yeh toh cheating hai full time 😦

            • WAH WAH SMITHU!!!! encore encore!!!!!!!
              i loved it!!!!!!!

              muahs!!!!!!! 😀

              Par yeh to cheating tha 😦 I just fit words around Hitchy’s 😦

    • arre wah rakesh!!!!

      *crafty gets in interview mode, with microphone pushed in rakesh’s face*

      toh sir! tell us…how does it be first??


      😆 ha ha ! Waiting to hear Rakesh’s response now 🙂

      • Barson ka sapna, hua pura aakhir
        Zamana hai neeche, aur mein Upar
        Bahut hui saazishen, aur waade
        Lekin Ek akele ki mehnat rang layi
        Itchy & Scratchy ne is naachiz se maat khayi…

        Aur ab tumne apnaya hai Naya Paintra
        First aao to theek warna poetry ka khatra
        Shayari to humne shuru ki thi Indy ke first aane pe
        Aur khushi na manane ke bahane pe
        Humein kya pata tha ki yeh shauk bhi aadat ban jaayega
        Chalo koi nahin, Bhale hi post ho jaye purana,
        Logon ko comments mein mazaa aayega!

        You missed your calling Rakesh!!! You have poetry in your blood 🙂

  1. Wobbly lip, i thought she was about to cry but Poohi… is Poohi.

    I thought so too – I guess she was happy to see me but had higher priorities – she wanted to play there and was worried that I would take her home 🙂 which I did – after promising that we will be back on Friday 🙂

    We took Hayaa and Yuvaan in March to start play school. They are just 2 years old but there was no settling in session. The caretakers just grabbed the crying kids from our hands and took them in. I couldn’t walk out of the nursery coz. Yuvaan was still wailing and I could hear it outside in the compound. That first day whole day I was thinking whether we should be starting play school so early? I couldn’t sleep that night thinking will he cry again next morning similarly and he did again… 😦

    Oh the poor darling! I think pre-school is good for children, I could not put Poohi in one coz we were in the middle of shifting out of London at that time – when she was 2.5. And here there was nothing close by…

    That day I skipped office coz. I wanted to go to pick him after 2 hours to see how their mood is and when they came out they were again crying. It was so difficult sending them to play school the next day. I thought I was the worst parent sending him to play school so early.

    Oh no.. you just did what was necessary.. My friend had the same experience and she used to feel so guilty, but he was fine in a few days..

    But I guess just after 3 or 4 days, things changed completely, they used to wail in the morning on fridays and saturdays (holidays) saying – School jaaye, school jaaye…

    At times when Yuvaan is sick and he just comes along to drop Hayaa, he’s the one wailing now when we take him back and not allow him to go in the school.

    I can so imagine 🙂 Both of them wanting to go to school on the weekends too 🙂 They do come to enjoy the company.. and the fun 🙂 Poohi has always loved children – so she is in her element 🙂

    Ok My story apart, now you’ve got time for everything that you planned??? What have you planned btw?

    Arre, I have to go back to work – if I don’t now, I guess I can forget about it forever. For that getting the CV ready, and looking for availabilities, made it clear that I need another certification. And then there is my driving – I have to get my license ASAP – as of now I can go only one day in the evenings and on sunday – when husband is at home.. Atleast with Poohi at the nursery – I will be able to go for the classes and get the license.

    • you are planning to go back to work?:)
      all the best for that 🙂

      Have been planning for quite some time.. have not done anything concrete yet 😦

  2. I still remember the day we took hriday to his first play school We didnt go till he was 3 years complete coz I was adamant I dont want him to go too early.. plus we had over 40 studenst who would come to our house for tuitions so they would all also keep hriday occupied in some manner or the other…

    Yes, I guess, mixing with children is all that is needed at this age.. studies and stuff can come later 🙂

    thanks to that he was not shy at all and when we went there he just wnet beserk at the sight of the swings and slides in the play school and that was it… he totally enjoyed it !!!

    He went beserk 🙂 I can so imagine it 🙂 He must have loved it! Poohi did too 🙂

  3. My son is like your daughter too…everytime I go to pick him up he scowls at me :(. I wonder if the school is gonna call 911 and tell them am a bad parent..

    ha ha 🙂 These children!! They certainly make it sound as if going home is a nightmare 🙂

  4. Oh my god,end i thought she will cry but smart kid she is,she wanna play more.My daughter used to cry after the school gets over,because she has to leave her friends.

    All the children seem to be alike! To think that we give up our jobs, spend time with them – only to be told – I prefer to play in the nursery!! 😆

    My daughter when i left her for the first time in school thinking that she will cry,she won’t leave me,but lol she didn’t turn to me at all.She happily went and sat in the class and i was waiting outside thinking that the teacher will call me to take her back home.

    I was like that too, today – checking the phone every minute 🙂

    I used to leave her at a day care when i was working,she used to hold my hand so tightly and used to cry that she won’t go in,i used to feel guilty of leaving her.Now when i tell her after school you go to the day care mama will go to work,she says no,u be at home and complains to her dad

    Oh! Even today, Poohi wants to go to nursery – but is not happy with my plans of going to work! She tells me ,’ No Amma, it is not your office – it’s daddy’s office! I go to nursery, you go to driving school’ 🙂 No office for me – only driving school 🙂

    • But as you said now or never.? Even i want to start going to work but i am not sure of the younger kid,now if i don’t give her what she wants,she says u bad girl and hits me.If i leave her at the day care,she will kill me

      ha ha 🙂 I can imagine that 🙂 Our children think that they own us 🙂 I have to do it – and cut down on the blogging – I spend way too much time on it 😦

        • what sort of parents we are… our kids go jumping to the school on the first day and dont want to come back….

          I think its major embarassment certificate

          I know 😦 We should all hang our heads in shame 😉

          • Dhiren, It sure is. My kid is waiting to go back to school. 😐

            Thats what I hear from all the parents whose children have started school- they hate hols 🙂

            • I think there is something wrong with schools these days. They don’t teach anymore. Or else, why would the kids want to go there? Remember how we used to hate school? I guess, authorities should look into that instead 😐

              I actually used to love school! From Class 5 till Class 10 I had missed school for just a day – I wanted to go to school even when I was unwell 🙂

  5. Smits,its so surprising!I’ve also planned to put Namnam in one of the playschools on a 2days a week summer programme for trial till she gets used to the surrounding and then from September onwards will register her for the normal session. Talk about similar upbringing..hee hee!

    I know 🙂 I have ulterior motives of getting some time to do other stuff too 🙂
    You know,like Poohi she too is super-excited about going to school.Now its reached a stage where if I have to have her give in to me,I tell her,’if u want to go to school,u have to listen to mama’ and BANG it has the effect 😀

    Exactly the same here! I actually bribe her – ‘Behave or no nursery’, ‘Sleep now, or no nursery’ 🙂

    Its such a nice feeling,na when you see your child gelling so well to her surroundings…but isnt there a corner of your heart that aches too that she does not cling to you or wants you with her like before?? I feel it so much whenever I leave Namnam at her friends’ place at walk away and she doesnt even ask for me:( And I know I’m going to be the one needing some real pep-talk on the first day of her school 😆

    I know! ‘but isnt there a corner of your heart that aches too that she does not cling to you or wants you with her like before??’ Exactly how I felt today 😦 Not the slightest of indication that she missed me 😦 I am going to need that pep talk too 😦 I already feel all sad and lonely:( What will I do when she starts full time school 😦

  6. “It was ages since I went shopping without a buggy to push or a little hand to hold” as much as it may sound cruel but its so much fun,na.

    I know 🙂

    Its been a few months since Namnam has been potty trained and I’m having a field with my handbags.Else till then it her diaper bag that was my handbag!

    Oh yes! That is such a huge freedom! No more carrying a huge diaper bag 🙂 I used to carry a diaper bag and a hand bag 🙂 Diaper bag gets hung on the buggy 🙂 But then there were those sudden toilet visits – now all that is much better 🙂
    Now its like having attained a new-found freedom 😀

    Just came back to tell you this 🙂

    Yes – it is so much like new found freedom 🙂 I used to have nightmares that she will never get potty trained 🙂

  7. you should be proud and happy my dear.. n am sure u are.. and this post is written with a little wobble over your lower lip to express how used to you have grown to her company all day long…

    ‘and this post is written with a little wobble over your lower lip to express how used to you have grown to her company all day long…’ You have got it right 😦 I am the one with that little wobble on my lower lip 😦

    Yes, I am proud of her – not so much of her mom 🙂

  8. Usually the kids go on crying for hours to back to home …. aisa to pehli baar suna :mrgreen:

    Look at the comments above – there are lots of kids like this too 🙂

  9. “It was ages since I went shopping without a buggy to push or a little hand to hold. With nobody pulling me towards anything pink or into the pet shop to see rabbits and guinea pigs.. It was very strange indeed.”

    ” I am going to need that pep talk too 😦 I already feel all sad and lonely:( What will I do when she starts full time school”

    This is the first major step for Poohi …going to school, leaving mamma home.
    I know 🙂 and she is having such a great time 🙂

    I still remember, even after so many years, my elder son’s eyes, full of tears, peeping from the grill in the school veranda. The door was closed. I was standing outside, holding my younger son’s hands. You know what, this fellow started wailing, asking me to take him to his brother (just 2 years gap)! As per Bangalore school rules, we can admit our children to LKG when they are 3 years and 10 months old. I did not send him to play school. But sent the younger son, so that he could learn to speak Kannada (we speak in Tamil at home). He taught taught Tamil to the other children, never learnt a single word in Kannada!

    How sweet!!! He taught the other children Tamil! Wow! He must be so smart 🙂 At that age!! And I can imagine him wanting to go to school with his elder brother – they always want to do what the older ones do don’t they?
    Best of luck to Poohi and her mother too!

    Thank you – I probably need it more than her 🙂

    Rakesh’s experience is interesting!
    Yes, it certainly is, isn’t it?

  10. With nobody pulling me towards anything pink or into the pet shop to see rabbits and guinea pigs.. It was very strange indeed. There have been days when I wished that I could shop in peace – and now, when I could, all I could do is go to that section of the shop – where everything is pink and buy a craft kit – which she certainly does not need

    alle smithu!!!!!!!!! must u call out the mush queen in me????? that was so so touching!
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{super tight hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    Super tight hugs back to you!!!! You are so sweet!

    so good that poohi has settled in so well! and she’s so happy! my mom wud wanna adopt her smithu…i was a wailing bawling terror!

    I sometimes wish she were like that – its nice to be appreciated, you know;) But seriously – I am happy that she is happy.. I would felt miserable if she were unhappy there..

    i held on to mom for my dear life….the teacher had to prise me outta her arms….
    i cried during lunch too….she had to personally feed me for a few days….i was a royal namby pamby sissy and a big pain!!!! 😛
    Oh you sweetheart! You had a sweet teacher too – to feed you – that is so sweet! Hugzzzzz to you!

    so good smithu! touchwood! she’s adapted and more over she’s happy!!!

    now for smithu adjusting to all that quiet shopping….
    come come, i will go shopping with u…..but i will not fit in a buggy (tho i wud love to be pushed around in it! tee hee)

    Come come, we’ll go shopping 🙂 That would be so much fun 🙂 ‘tho i wud love to be pushed around in it!’ – that’s what husband says – he keeps wishing that he could fit into the buggy and be pushed around in it 🙂
    and buy me a craft kit!!!!!!!!!! it goes with my name 😛

    Yes, yes, sure 🙂 A craft kit just for you 🙂 Do you want it in pink too 🙂

    ur ending was sooper! tight hugs to poohi for being such a darling!!!!!
    i heard dancing queen at a burger joint today, and recited about poohi to my friend who was with me! she sends her hugs too! 😀 😀 😀
    Oh She sends hugs back to both of you 🙂 She knows Crafty aunty very well now 🙂

    • no pink…..i am not much of a pink fan…is there a red one? 😀

      I’m sure there is 🙂 There was every colour under the rainbow there:)

    • She knows Crafty aunty very well now

      i can’t tell u how happy that makes me!!!!

      on-the-screen-kisses for poohi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      She knows you – I have told her so many times about you 🙂

  11. Firs of all (((HUgs)) for Poohi’s mom 🙂
    (((((((((hugs)))))))))) its harder for the parent than the child 🙂 I have always seen that 🙂

    I guess it is.. It is much more exciting for a child.. For a parent, it is a separation of sorts..

    Coz whenever I pass the nursery section I see lil kiddies hopping and jumping and literally skipping with joy to go in while parents stand there barely holding back their tears looking tense as hell

    I can imagine 😦
    so this ((Hug)) is for you:)

    Thank you, Abhi! Hugzzzzz!!!

    and here’s a huge warm bear hug for the lil princess who has taken her first steps towards being a big girl 🙂
    *touchwood* for, she will always be happy and sure like this 🙂 and she will come to you too for reassurance when things get too tough but mostly she will be her own person:)
    and as a parent, but most of all a mother thats all you can ask for na? 🙂

    ‘and as a parent, but most of all a mother thats all you can ask for na? :)’ – Absolutely! That is all I can ask for.


  12. Ok be happy your daughter went happily and played happily and didn’t miss you. Be happy your kid is not like me. I cried almost everyday from LKG to 5th Std. I HATED school with all my heart, hair and soul yucks. The sad part is how much ever I try to run away from school it keep chasing me 😦 I am doing my 2nd Masters now and I still hate school ;(

    You hated school that much! and you are doing your 2nd Masters!! Wow! the universe has conspired against you 😉 I always enjoyed school – and always wanted to do my masters – but never got around to it 😦
    You are happy I am not your daughter aren’t you ? 😉
    Well, I would not have minded a teensy bit of emotion from her 🙂

  13. yes i can only imagine
    your feelings
    sure one more soul will have to go through this education system
    i am sure you will make this journey happy for her.

    Yes, one more soul to enter the education system 😦 I so hope I make it happy for her..

  14. I felt really touched reading this post !! Guess what, I used to go to school only after waving and telling my mom ‘tata’; and this continued until I reached college 😀 😀

    That was a sweet comment from Vimmuuu 🙂 ‘I used to go to school only after waving and telling my mom ‘tata’; and this continued until I reached college 😀 :D’ Wow! You stayed at home even during college days ! I so envy you 🙂

    • I so dont envy him……………… 😛 😛 😛 college life is meant to be lived in a hostel 😛

      Yes, that is true- but I wish I could have spent more time at home too.. For us, it was a given – after 12th – hostel. No other options at all 🙂

  15. Smitha, So glad to hear that Poohi loved her nursery and also she will do great with other kids but I know what you are going through.

    I know – as Deep says, we parents need that pep talk more than the kids 🙂

    Long back I think it was on Deeps’ or some other blog, I had mentioned how Peanut waved at me and directly went and hugged her teacher on first day of preschool. It was 2 years back. All of 3 then but walked as if she could take this world alone and there I was longing for a glance, a cry, a ‘Mamma take me home’….NOTHING!

    I know! It almost broke my heart – though I was delighted that she adjusted so well and she clearly wants to go back 🙂

    I was proud of her but went back to car and sobbed and my husband with a smile consoling me. But thinking back I am so glad that she adjusted fast.
    I know.. it is a blessing actually when children adjust fast.. Can you imagine what condition we would be if they were crying their eyes out while going to school?

    Poohi is such a cutie pie. I can visualize her wearing her pink shoes and pink dress all jumping with joy seeing new toys and new friends. All the best to her! Lots of ummmaaaas.

    Pink shoes – now she says she want ‘school shoes’. So I asked what are ‘school shoes’ – and she gives me a look – as if I am such a dumbo to not know these things and says, ‘School shoes are black!’

  16. This is the foundation of empty nest. 🙂

    Yes – thats exactly what I was thinking – your post came to mind yesterday.. and I was like, wonder how I will feel then..

  17. “It was ages since I went shopping without a buggy to push or a little hand to hold. With nobody pulling me towards anything pink or into the pet shop to see rabbits and guinea pigs.. It was very strange indeed.”

    I have tears now. Okay….I am emotional. 😀 Just reminded me how fast time flies.

    Oh Sols! You just reminded me that she is going to cruise into big school and then into teenage before we know it 😦

  18. “She ran to me,wobbling lip and all, hugged me, and said, ‘Amma, can I play for some more time, please?’”

    Yes….you can mole. You can play, laugh, make new friends, pick little bugs (and also taste if you want), dig mud, write, read…… can do whatever you want. The world is yours. Ummmmaaaaaaaaaaa

    Poohi says thank you Aunty and passes ummas back 🙂 but says she does not like creepy crawlies 🙂 My daughter is a big darpok when it comes to creepy crawlies 🙂 Once she say my Dad kill a spider. So the other day, she saw a spider here – and screamed, ‘Call Achan(she calls my dad Achan), there’s a spider’! She thinks he is some kind of a spider killer 🙂

  19. lol, what do you do to her @ home? Hehehe just kidding dear 🙂 isn’t it an irony that parents are scared that their kid would cry & feel lonely for the first few days of school but if the reverse happens then we start thinking was I a bad parent et al. Guess your daughter is easily adaptable to change 😀 even me n my bro never gave our parents any tension apparently not even a tear was wasted. I used to cry when my bro used to go leaving me @ home, i am told that those days i used to get ready before him in a umeed that i too could tag along 😀 And dear cheer up & quit worrying your daughter would be totally alright alone & so should you be 🙂

    ‘what do you do to her @ home?’ – That must be what those nursery staff must be thinking 😉

    ‘ i am told that those days i used to get ready before him in a umeed that i too could tag along’ – how sweet! You must be just dying to go to school 🙂

    Apparently I used to love school too 🙂 My parents never had any trouble with getting me to school -they used to have trouble keeping me home when I was unwell 🙂 Guess my daughter does have some genes of mine 🙂

    I am actually happy that she is so cheerful – its just that , I felt a wee bit sad that she is so independent – that she just does not miss me 😦

  20. All the best with work et al. And I am sure Poohi will thrive in pre -school.
    “It was ages since I went shopping without a buggy to push or a little hand to hold. With nobody pulling me towards anything pink or into the pet shop to see rabbits and guinea pigs.. It was very strange indeed.”

    This gave me the wobbly lip. They grow up too fast. Would not want to miss anything.

    They do grow up too fast.. Makes me sad to just think of it.. Just three years back, she was a tiny, tiny baby 😦

  21. You were the sun of her universe till now, now you are the closest planet. Gradually you will become one of many and end up, like most parents do, as a bright star on the horizon, a star she will need to know is there but one that will not be her main source of light…often such changes can be difficult for some parents.

    That is such a beautiful analogy! I loved it.

    I liked the hug and the “can I play for some more time” request that she made…

    I was quite surprised to hear that myself 🙂

  22. Classic article “hail Smithus” and I am so late…………

    Thank you 🙂 As for being late – guess I did not post at the ‘right time’:)

    congrats on the little one settling so easily there………. and yes, kids will always be kids for parents 😛 😛 😛 no matter how old they are………….

    ‘kids will always be kids for parents 😛 😛 😛 no matter how old they are………….’ So true! My parents still worry abt me 🙂

  23. I have one more point to admire about this blog-writing, Smitha. You can preserve these writings and read even after 10-20 years! Is it possible?! Otherwise, take a printout of this ‘first day playschool’ of Poohi and file it. This is her first step into the outside world. How she will react, after reading this, when she is 15 and then when she is 25 (and a mother?!)!

    You are so right.. if not her – I am sure – I will love to read it all again 🙂

    I have seen her beautiful photograph and can imagine how her small skit would have flown, when she jumped and danced when she saw small children – her future friends – in the school.

    🙂 Yes, she did have a lovely time! she loves playing with other children – so it was all fun for her 🙂

    This tightness was not there for me when I dropped my second son in playschool and believe it or not, I stayed with him for full 2 hours for the first 10 days. He was sitting on my lap for the first 2 day… beside me for the next 2 days…then I was standing outside the class and he was peeping out to see, if I was still there! If not, the howling will start!

    oh! bless him! He sounds so sweet! So you had to stay there the whole time 🙂 He sounds so attached to you!

    Poohi is a chamaththu paappa, you know….feel like hugging her literally!
    Thank you – virtual hug accepted and Poohi pass it back 🙂

  24. Oh! I love the Poohi. Its so wonderful to have a baby like that, who goes out to the world happy and secure. It shows you are a great parent Smitha, one who has given her daughter enough security, so she is not scared of things. That’s the way I see it. My turn will come soon, God knows how the BB and I will fare, I fear that I am the one who is going to miss him. About the shopping alone bit, I can so relate to it. I used to always carry the BB in a baby-carrier upfront, the first time I did not, and left him with the GP to go out, it was such a strange feeling!

    That sounds so wonderful, GM 🙂 But I think she is also quite a confident child – am not sure how much is thanks to the way we brought her up, how much is her own personality..

    I am sure you and BB will be fine! Am sure BB will love it:) We parents miss the children far more I think 🙂 Oh, I can imagine how it felt 🙂 I does feel strange, doesn’t it?

  25. Ohh.. isnt that a delight? Its my 2nd day with Diya in the playschool, and I do have to rescue her (!) after every 15 days.. She did fine on the first day, but today was really bad 😦

    Oh dear.. I am sure she will get better as she starts enjoying the playschool. How old is she now?

    • Fingers crossed!!

      it was her third day today and definitely better!!
      She is almost 19months old now..

      Oh wonderful! I am sure she’ll be asking you to take her there even on weekends – before long 🙂 Oh 19 months! She is a little baby! Oh the lil darling!

  26. You are lucky that Poohi didn’t cry…My daughter cried like nobody’s business for 1 week…I could here her from a mile away!!!

    oh did she? A friend of mine had the same experience – she used to be in tears along with her daughter 😦

  27. This has happened to me. Only once till date me and wife have stepped out leaving our baby behind at home. He was just fed and in a great mood. So we decided to finish some outdoor chores while he was in the able hands of my mom, dad, sis and bro-in-law.

    I expected us to be relaxed and without the responsibility of handling a 5 month baby. But how wrong I was. All through that 1 hour, we spoke only about him, everytime we saw lights & colors, we kept regretting why didn’t we bring him along (coz he gets really excited in lights), went into shops looking for stuff we could buy for him and eventually we wrapped up whatever we were doing and went back home, only to find him happily playing with my nephew. The guy didn’t even realize we were missing!

    I can so imagine that!! Poohi used to be more attached to me.. so one time I left her with her dad to go to work, and he told me that she kept looking for me and sobbing.. She was only 7 months then 😦

  28. The post is lovely Smithus!!

    The rhymes are cute too… 🙂

    Will come back and comment in leisure again! 🙂

    hugs to you and Poohi! 🙂 🙂

    Thanks Pixie, come back quick – waiting for your comments 🙂

  29. This reminded me of my daughters first day at her nursery, I was all lost and unhappy and worried and sulky, and there she almost jumped out of the car and ran inside the gates as if we had kept ur behind bars for so long, I really felt upset..looking at her being so happy, strange we moms are!!

    Oh these kids!! I guess it is more difficult for us – they have so much to look forward to 🙂

  30. aww..
    good that poohi is enjoying 🙂

    srry that i have not commented an all ur previous posts.. I’ve been busy with work so couldn’t. but i assure u i m very much reading ur posts and enjoying them 🙂

    I had been wondering where you had been – and no new posts from you either.. Take care and get back to blogging soon 🙂 Missed you!

  31. Humhari Poohi hai ek darling bilkul
    Dikha diya usne ki woh hai kitni cool !!!!

    Smithu ki aankhon mein woh hai ek nanhi pari
    Dikhane chali hai duniya ko usme kitne talents hai bhari 😛

    Hugs n muaaaaahs to my li’l darling 🙂

    Thank you Swaram 🙂 Poohi passes hugs and muaahs back to you 🙂 She is sooooper excited 🙂

  32. ha ha I refused to go home too for the first week! 😀 Then I realised that I would be coming to school everyday and went home without being dragged! It was like stepping into wonderland with all those playthings and friends and all. Nice post.

    ha ha 🙂 ‘It was like stepping into wonderland with all those playthings and friends and all.’ That must be exactly how she saw it 🙂

  33. Thats a nice post….
    And poohi is social 🙂 so thats the good part.. And u can enjoy some ‘me time’.

    N, how are you doing? Long time no hear.. How is the little man 🙂

  34. Aww….. Bless you Smitha.
    Typical mummy.
    My mum still cries when it come to say good bye to me.
    And I’ll get a minimum of 2 phone calls a day to make sure I’m ok.
    I guess for mums, their child will ALWAYS be their babies. 🙂

    I know! It used to be the same when I went to college.. Both me and mum still cry at airports 😦 Now Poohi joins in too :(Yes, for mums, their children will ALWAYS be their babies – no matter how old they get 🙂
    BUT poohi is a sweetheart. 🙂
    Big hug and kisses for poohi. 🙂

    Thank you 🙂

  35. That was so cute and touching at the same time…I can imagine your pangs, I went through the same for my first one, I was constantly hanging around the nursery…but now I have learnt the trick.Or maybe I have become tougher…

    Oh.. I have to still learn that trick 🙂

  36. 🙂 what a sweetheart she is! 🙂 But honestly, did you feel something twist inside your heart, when she wanted to play some more? 🙂
    A beautiful post!

    oh it did! Here I was thinking, that she probably missed me – and all she wanted was to play more 😦
    But it did make me happy that she is happy there.. if she had been crying her eyes out – I would probably be really worried..

  37. alle…i thought you will end it like…
    ” I rushed to her and said ” I missed you so much” ” 😛

    ha ha 🙂 Before I could do that – she said it 😦

    It was a really cute post 🙂

    Thank you 🙂

  38. Haha! I remember when my father left me at school for the first time, I cried as if he had served me to some aliens! He was completely embarrassed!

    oh goodness 🙂 Your poor dad 🙂

    Its good that your daughter can take up new environments. Changes won’t be a problem for her.

    Yes, she is good with environments, as of now 🙂

  39. so cute. It reminded me of the time my kid started school. I hung around while she was busy exploring the new toys and making friends.

    Welcome here, Hypermom 🙂

    You hung around too 🙂 We cling on more than our children, don’t we?

  40. Hi Smitha,

    I am here for the first time. Nice blog…I really can understand this separation saga..Good that she got settled…
    Aryan’s Mom

    Welcome here, Aryan’s Mom 🙂 Yes, and she loves it now 🙂

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