A little imagination..

.. is all that is needed to convert a flight of stairs into a boat. And for daughter to be the ‘fishing man’ and for me to carefully, row the boat while she fishes.

A child’s imagination is so vibrant!  Building tents with bedsheets, having a ‘party’ with the teddies , pretending to be a ‘hairdryer‘ :), find ‘magic wands’ in discarded card board pieces, make trumpets out of paper and pretend drums out of thin air…Switching between characters out of her books, people she meets around her, pretending to be a ‘chechi’ one time, an ‘aunty’ another time, a ‘doctor’ , the list endless, and never, ever gets boring for her. I find it amazing, how much my daughter is able to imagine.. How much more she enjoys with her imaginative play than with all the toys that she has!

Where does all that imagination go as we grow up?  Why do we lose that fantastic ability to imagine, to let our creativity flow.. to let go.. How I wish that my daughter never loses this ability .. to let her imagination run riot..

For as Albert Einstein says,

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.

And I am sure, he knew what he was talking about!  I wish I were a writer – I am amazed by the imagination of some writers! Look at J K Rowling, for example.. the things that she must have imagined to come up with Harry Potter! We would have never enjoyed books so much, if it had not been for the imagination of the authors!

Amazing stuff, isn’t it ? Imagination..


76 thoughts on “A little imagination..

          • Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

            *crafty feels dizzy with all the corruption floating around in blogsamaaj*

            @ EOG: HA HA and DOUBLE HA!!!! some more HA’s for added entertainment…

            i KNEW it EOG….u are like doggie’s tail…woof woof…..crooked…

            ha ha 😆 EOG – doggie’s tail 🙂

            u say u are honest, but here’s proof of ur underhand ways…..so this is how u come first eh? all this fixing up deals….aiyo….

            😛 😛 😛

            (there will be more HA’s added when hitchy n swaram get here!)

            Waiting for Hitchy and Swaram to add their 2 cents 🙂

            @ Smithu: wail! i can log on only at nite for a few more days to come….by then all action is over, and everyone has gone home and i am dancing like a lunatic alone at comment sections….sigh…..
            Don’t worry – I will be here – my day will still be on – at midnight your time 🙂

        • U know Smithu I just told Masood on my latest post that he has come first genuinely and he himself asked me whether Smitha told me something abt it LOL :))

          😆 You guys!

          • oye swaram, kya mera reputation kharab kar rahi hai. i didnt say anything like that smi. i swear…no one knows about our deal! 😉

            Yes, Masood, am sure no one knows about our super secret deal 🙂

          • me too shocked to add my 2 cents… !! I am 39th !! and 40th !! god damn… !!

            See – a first in that!!! The first time you are coming 39th and 40th!!!! Celebrate!!!!

          • Come on Smithu .. I never told u anything abt Masood 😛 Hw did that comment come up in my name ?????

            ***Swaram has an innocent look on her face n bows out :(*****

            I totally believe you 😉 Such an innocent child 🙂

  1. 😛 😛 yes, i also have great imagination……… err…. i day dream a lot 😛 😛 😛 hahahaha……..

    but yes, kids are just great. they can live in their own world………. 😛

  2. my daughters do the same…i can relate…

    one of my daughter’s claims she is Dora…her sis says she is abby…i am boots..dad is diego and now nani is benny..lol!!!

    It is so hilarious, isn’t it, the way they play act! Their imagination goes crazy! Today, she messed up the duvet and then told me that she is playing at the sea-side, looking for shells, apparently! I love the way, children imagine things!

  3. I played house-house with red stones as rice, croton leaves as red chillies, pillow is my husband sigh so carefree… I think J. R. R. Tolkien who wrote Lord of the Rings was born with a extra brain- The man made up a elvish language and maps of his make belief country in that book of his. It made for very good read!! All this talk about your daughter has made me very nostalgic I think I shall make Jay my pretend daughter for today Ooo what fun!!

    How can I forget J. R. R. Tolkein! He must have been born with an extra brain – to be able to think up all that!!!

    You did too 🙂 Me too 🙂 I remember playing ‘teacher teacher’ too 🙂 Those days were such fun!
    LOL at ‘ think I shall make Jay my pretend daughter for today Ooo what fun!!’ I have a feeling that your husband is NOT going to thank me for it 😉

  4. awwww! yes smithu! i agree!!! childhood had us flying out of the window th eminute we looked out of it!!! with our study books in hand physically, we were off! 😀 😀

    I know! Our so called education is all to blame 😦

    tents with bedsheets??? NOSTALGIA!!!!!!
    smithu, me wants to come over n play with poohi…and in turn she can be my hairdryer and colour my hair whatever she wants it to be!!! 😀
    Come, come Crafty 🙂 We’ll have a whale of a time! How I wish we lived in India 😦

    that magic wand reminded me of after christmas in our office…they had taken down the decorations, and there was a thermocol silver glitter star abandoned at my desk…so me stuck a strip of cardboard and kept it in my drawer…..and whenever anybody bugged me or pestered me in office, i wud wave it around then and say some mumbo jumbo and tell them that by next morn they will be some reptile!
    😛 😛 hahahaha!!!!!!!! thanks u wrote about wands!!! i had forgotten this!!! tee hee!!!!!

    Oh you are totally Poohi’s elder version 🙂 She does that all the time,’Abracadabra, Magic!’ ,anytime it suits her.

    me wud love to have pretend plays all over again! all for it….tell poohi….crafty is comingggggggggggggggg!!!!!!
    Oh come over!! Poohi will be so happy! She won’t let you out of sight 🙂

    hugs n muahs to my widdle sweetheart! 😀
    and to u too, super mommy, rowing boat with poohi! luvya!
    Super mommy? Crazy mommy according to my husband 🙂 Hugs to you too 🙂 Poohi has slept off or she would have kissed the screen 🙂
    this was fun!!!! 😀
    I am the one having fun 🙂

  5. Smi, I think somewhere kids start losing imagination because of the kind of education. As we discussed earlier on another post, there is too much spoon-feeding that they take it ‘as it is’ instead of forming their own opinion. I think that is where we can make a difference. As mentioned earlier, I am more than happy with the school Peanut goes to and the kind of exposure and education she gets here. I wouldn’t want it any other way and a reason why we would be living here for a long time.

    Yes, the education does make a lot of difference..

    Actually, we never lose our imagination, even when we decorate a house or bake a cake, we use them. The levels are different but our mind works somewhat the same way.

    Yes, that is true.. I guess the random imagination gets a little more streamlined as we grow older..

    Well! imagining SRK as mine..and ONLY mine is also a great imagination. 😆
    ROFL @ ‘imagining SRK as mine..and ONLY mine is also a great imagination’! 😆 Yes, you do need imagination for that 🙂

  6. Aah the beauty of imagination, of the freedom of thinking what we want, not restricted by rules or science. As we grow older, we learn, traditionally we have responsibilities and all of that, and I guess we lose the fun of imagination. But we still do day dream, we think of hypothetical situations, like say winning a Booker’s award some day. 😉 Not as vivid as a child, but I think our imagination is definitely still there!!

    Yes, GM – I like your imagination – ‘winning a Booker’s award ‘ 🙂 Now that is a nice one 🙂 Yes, I guess, we are still imaginative – probably channelised more 🙂

  7. As we grow older, we get over-loaded with so many trivial issues; now where do we have the time to be creative or imaginative!! We have so many other priorities these days !

    True, I guess, our priorities do change.. with responsibilities and stuff.. Guess, children do bring back that creativity back into our lives though 🙂

  8. Smitha. I’m 22 and I still play such games. 😉 My parent hate it. They are like act your age and not your shoe size. 😦 And all kids (little cousin)love me. 🙂
    Although I have a lot of practise. 😉

    Oh how sweet, Badz!!!! You are truly in touch with the child in you!!! LOL @ ‘act your age and not your shoe size.’

    ‘And all kids (little cousin)love me. 🙂 ‘ – sure they would!!! It must be a dream come true for them 🙂

    BUT I agree with Vimmuuu that responsibilities change you. And I guess you get to express your creative and imaginary side with little kids. (Usually the most when you have your own or in your home). 🙂

    That is true.. children do bring back the child in all of us 🙂

  9. someone once said that, “imagination takes us to worlds that never existed. Without imagination we go nowhere”. ….and children have the most vivid imagination of us all. it’s a gift..to be able to imagine and create. when we grow up, logic overtakes imagination. we think too much, ponder too much and give a damn beyond necessary.
    good one Smitha :)…

    That is so beautiful – “imagination takes us to worlds that never existed. Without imagination we go nowhere” – I love it! We substitute logic with imagination 😦 It is necessary too – as we grow up, I guess…But yes, we might be overdoing the practical bit and stifling our imagination a bit too much…

    Thank you 🙂

  10. Before I read your mention of Rowling, the thought that your daughter might turn you into one came into my mind. Give it a shot…start writing stories that will excite your daughter’s imagination. You never what you might become. In any case, you can be assured that your blog samaj friends will read them!

    I actually do make up stories -all the time.. After reading 3 books at night – that is the limit :), I have to make up stories before she falls asleep 🙂 But they are the silliest of silly stories – could not ever be heard by anybody else but daughter 🙂 You all would laugh me out of the blog samaj 🙂

    Imagination is such a precious gift. But it often gets lost or archived on the process of growing up because of the fear of parents that it might de-focus the child from the more practical struggle to survive in the rat race…pity.

    Yes, and more’s the pity 😦

    • No we would not Smitha..I mean it..do share them 🙂 you never know where the stories will take you:)

      Maybe one day – when I gather the courage to pen them down and put it out here 🙂

  11. 🙂
    I could be a bird during my childhood! And had attempted every possible profession by the time I had turned four (according to my mom!)…

    You too 🙂 I did too 🙂 Everything that crossed my path 🙂

    Imagination is a great thing indeed.. though a little un(der) appreciated by adults 😉

    I agree. It is under-appreciated by adults 😦

  12. I think its our education system that kills all the imagination, the way they make us think. When they tell us that this is HOW we should think, that this is the RIGHT way and ONLY way to think. Thats what our Indian education system lacks, sad 😦

    Yes.. you are so right.. We are even taught ‘what to think’ 😦

  13. I agree… imagination is what gets me thru the day most of the times!!
    Imagination is what helps me picture you guys and to put faces, horns on some people’s heads as well!! 😀

    ha ha !! Pixie, that was priceless!

    how I wish, a child’s imagination and creative gets preserved thru out the child’s growing up years! It makes being an adult easier!!

    I totally agree!

  14. This post got me thinking Smithu ..
    U know during my childhood, I used to be crazy abt shikaras (house-boats) after having read abt them in Social Science books and that serial Gul Gulshan Gulfaam.

    Oh wow!

    I used to place two dining chairs one behind the other, put a bedsheet on top of them, take some snacks in a few dabbas, ask Mom/Dad to sit behind me, row the boat with a long stick. And when they tied they mosquito net for my bed, that was also Shikara for me. U really got back memories.

    Yes, how much fun all that must have been 🙂 We all used to do so much of play acting ! And suddenly as we grow older, we stop it all 😦

    Beautiful post .. hope Poohi n all the li’l kiddos have their power of creativity intact forever 🙂
    I hope so too!

  15. I at times thing thanks to all this education and all these books I cant imagine anything new now… lol…

    I know! I feel the same..

    everything has been defined almost it seems to me… !! I m not at all imaginitive in that sense… 😦 😦 sadly so… I many times wonder how would some one have imagined and then discovered things like the spark plug or how they would have found how to bake… or how they made a pressure cooker.. and so many things… !!!

    Yes, I guess all inventions must have been from really imaginative people – who realised that things could be bettered!

    Then I see people like Crafty… although she seems like a kid she is not… and she is one helluva imaginitive person… really !!!

    Yes, people like Crafty are a rarity! She is so imaginative, creative, sensitive – as you said the child in her is still alive – unlike most of us! I would be so happy if Poohi turns out like Crafty!

    bout kids I agree… sometimes you must hear to hriday when he is playing iwth his blocks or sometimes when he comes and tells his mom some new recipe… and he will insist it be made that way…

    I can so imagine 🙂 Children come up with so many things!
    I just see all that and marvel why cant I imagine things… sheesh… this post makes me feel so


    Oh oh!!! I did not want to make you feel low 😦 So sorry 😦

    • not that you made me feel that way… the reality just dawned !!

      Hitchy, you are imaginative too!! Look at the way you write, look at the way you take pics! You need creativity to be able to do that!!!!!

        • Some people cannot even do that well. Of course you need imagination – to imagine which angle will look best, which mode would be the best, what light… so many things.. I think we forget that we do use imagination – in a different way..

          • May be I need to recite the recipe that Hriday lists… and post it… should be good fun…

            Yes please!!! Oh please do that – am sure it will be the yummiest ever 🙂

    • @ hitchu: super tight hugs!!!! i don’t wanna be monotonus, but what the hell, i have to say it yet again – I LOVE U! muahs! and u say u aren’t imaginative….erm…i refuse o believe that!! 😛
      wit and humour needs imagination and crafting, and u got plenty of it hitchu! and i agree with smithu…the pics u take are awesome…

      @ smithu: that comment, u wish poohi turns out like me,
      i was, well, stunned! smithu, that is the singlemost overwhelmimg compliment of my life till date…
      *crafty is sobbing like a mush queen*

      thanks smithu. u have no idea what that means to me…i am very humbled. ((((((((((hugs))))))))))

      Oh you are such a cutie! And why are you surprised? If she turns out half as talented, sensible, wise and creative as you – I will consider her lucky 🙂
      and i am so sure poohi will turn out to be every inch of the lovely human being that her mom is……

      u know, i stil haven’t forgotten, how in just 2 intecations at ur blog, and u made me feel so welcome, u even told me u’ll bake a cake for me and asked my fav flavour! 😀
      Cake when we meet 🙂

      *crafty has elephant’s memory….and that’s the only resemblance she
      has to an elephant..whew*
      😆 Lucky you!! I am fast resembling an elephant according to hubby and doing nothing to stop it 🙂

      thanks hitchu and smithu…
      ok, am done gushing over u, for time-being…..

  16. I still imagine smi. Thats one thing I never did let go from my childhood. Back then, i was one hell of a day-dreamer. Infact I remember mentioning that in that tag of 25 as well – “Always day-dreamt of being the greatest cricketer ever. Imagined hitting a double century in an ODI on debut against Australia in the finals of the world cup with India 5 wickets down for less than 10 runs and winning the game!”

    That’s wonderful, Masood! I wish I could be a day dreamer 😦 Am too practical:(

    Imagination got me through my childhood and teens. It was my best friend.

    I can imagine.. It must be wonderful to have a great imagination:)

    Great post Smi.

    Thank you 🙂

    • aise to I have also imagined…

      in 2003-04 when we were to tour Australia… just a few months before that series… Sehwag in one interview said he is a middle order batsman and not an opener… and I thought ohh… maybe he is scared to go and open in Australia… !!!

      At that time Ganguly re-inforced and told him he was too good a player to sit out and if he wanted to play he must open coz hte middle order is full… with Dravid, Sachin, himself and Laxman…

      I slept one night and dreamt… (no not that I went and opened) but that Sourav eventually went out to open the innings in the first test in Brisbane and he got a century… !!!!! no sourav didnt open in reality but he did get a century in the first test match… and I think Indian cricketers playing abroad changed after that match for ever… !!!!

      See – I told you 🙂
      Sehwag too scored many runs in that series.. the blinder in Melbourne was the best of the series… where he struck 195 in a lil over two sessions…

      phew… sorry i drifted…

      did i bore ya ??

      no no you did not bore me at all! But your info on Cricket is amazing!!!

  17. Oh yes,Smitha…its amazing to see the level of imagination some of the writers have been gifted with.
    Namnam too indulges in imaginative play in her own way.You know,in our household she is Baby Bop,I’m Barney(god knows why she thought of giving me that name…does she really think I’m ‘shaping up’ the barney way 😦 ) and her Papa is Riff!

    LOL @ Namnam’s imagination! It is so cute! I love this phase and I just hope our children continue using their brilliant imagination 🙂 Who knows, they might end up becoming creative writers 🙂

  18. it is also we are rewarded for knowledge (marks, grades ) growing up. and imagination — jamin pur uttar aao !

    True! ‘imagination — jamin pur uttar aao !’ That does happen a lot:(

  19. Imagination is the flight that needs no wings neither an airfare. Lovely post, imagination probably is the only reason that I keep the child in me alive always. Loved your blog!!

    Thank you so much for your kind words, and welcome here:)

  20. Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream…..good imagination, Smitha! And SHE is fishing and you are rowing….Grrreat!

    🙂 The crazy games we play 🙂

    Your post reminded me, not of my childhood, but my children’s! My sons had only two years’ gap between them. Whenever I had to make rotis, I used to give them one ball of raw dough each and ask them to make shapes…they used to make dogs, cats, boats and so many shapes and I was finishing off my kitchen work. Then, I had to clean the floor and them too! And they were cooking too…they will put a moda (stool shaped thing with bamboo and jute) upside down and it will be the stove. Keep a kadai on that and they will cook kaththrikkai curry (full raw brinjal curry!) for me! Till then, I was thinking that only girls play cooking game! I can go on…

    That is so sweet!! Both of them busy with the dough 🙂 I can imagine the mess they must have created – but atleast you get your work done in the meanwhile 🙂 And the moda pretending to be a stove 🙂 I can so imagine it 🙂 Your sons sound so sweet! You should do a post on their childhood – it would be so much fun to read and for us younger mothers to learn from too 🙂

    “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

    100% correct. JK Rowling’s imagination made her a billionaire too!
    Yes, and what an imagination she has!

    After reading your ‘imagination’ post, everybody’s imagination, memories and dreams are unfolding, Smitha! Can see that both of you are well!

    We are both well 🙂 Yes, we are back to our crazy fun 🙂

    • Only when I am online 🙂 Sometimes, I do not get a chance to reply back so quickly 🙂 I just happened to be online today 🙂 Waiting for that post 🙂

  21. Yes, I know. I try my best to acknowledge as early as possible.

    I forgot to mention one thing. The children used to make ganesha faces a lot, looking at the Ganesha’s photo! Though you should search in the dough ball for the face….but they were happy making the face!

    • How fascinating ! I think Ganesha fascinates children because of the elephant head 🙂 You should really do a post on what your children did as they were growing up! It will be really fun to read 🙂

  22. A child’s imagination is so vibrant! Building tents with bedsheets, having a ‘party’ with the teddies , pretending to be a ‘hairdryer‘ 🙂 , find ‘magic wands’ in discarded card board pieces, make trumpets out of paper and pretend drums out of thin air…Switching between characters out of her books, people she meets around her, pretending to be a ‘chechi’ one time, an ‘aunty’ another time, a ‘doctor’ , the list endless, and never, ever gets boring for her. I find it amazing, how much my daughter is able to imagine.. How much more she enjoys with her imaginative play than with all the toys that she has!

    yes Smitha as you have written so aptly this is just what children do..they are blessed with such an awesome imagination that one is simply in awe of them…

    Yes, they can make anything out of anything with their amazing imagination:)

    anyone who is with a child the whole day is blessed:)

    I agree! I have learnt so much from her..

    they have this knack of making one forget that one is an adult na?:)
    Absolutely! They make you lose your inhibitions.. They make you thing beyond boundaries:)
    and thats why I also think that all creative people have a child inside them..how else would they be able to create?:)

    ‘thats why I also think that all creative people have a child inside them..how else would they be able to create?:’ – I agree! All creative people are in touch with the child in them!

    I love Poohi’s hairdryer and green hair tale 😀

    I like her latest pic the best (the one where she is in a pink jacket I think)! that pic shouts of total freedom and a beautiful joy on her face 🙂
    🙂 She had a lovely time that day – the breeze on her face, in the middle of nowhere:)

    yes indeed why do we grow up at all?all the politics, all the drama of the grown up world is so not worth it..
    one yearns to be a child again…

    ‘yes indeed why do we grow up at all?’ – Wouldn’t it be great to just be a child forever..

  23. We are gifted with the power of imagination and we are giving it up in the name of learning *SIGH*

    I know..
    Hope Poohi never loses it 🙂

    I hope so too 🙂

  24. Imagine that there sits a witch on every single “Peepal” and “Bargad” tree … lol 😆

    There – you’ve given it a whole new dimension 🙂

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