Love at first sight

I was on the phone with a friend this morning when she mentioned that a house near her place was about to be let, in case I am interested.

We were on the lookout to move – if we come across a good place. This house is great but for the fact that it does not have a dishwasher – and I so so feel the need for one these days..  Anyways, browsing through the property management sites reminded me of all the house hunting we have done  since we got married..

It reminds me of the number of times that we have looked for rental homes.. One time in Bangalore, we saw houses after houses with not one fitting what we had in mind.. There were 4 bedroom houses which where more like 4 cubby holes.. Really badly designed houses , houses , with no sunlight whatsoever..  Or apartments with water leakage marks all over.. And when we mentioned that to the  owner – pat comes the reply, ‘See if I give it to 4 software guys, I can get double’! As if he were doing us a favour by showing us the house in the first place!

The next time we had a really tough time finding a house was in London  – when I was around 5 months pregnant. We wanted to move to new place, well ahead of time.. The flat we were living in was cute – but too small for us and the baby and parents – who would be visiting us.. So we started out house hunt. After a lot of discussions, we decided to stay in the same locality that we were staying – it was very convenient to get to work.. It used to take us both under 45 minutes door to door to reach work.

Now, we called up agents and told them our specifications.. a new built flat if possible.. gave them our price range..which they said was too low. Apparently the rentals had shot up thanks to the 2o12 games. Anyways, they said they could still show us a few properties. So every Saturday we spent going from property to property. Some were terraced houses which looked like they should have been knocked down 50 years ago! Some had the bathroom entrance through the kitchen!! I could never figure that one out! – Why would anyone want to enter the bathroom through the kitchen? The only reason I can think off is, that those houses are really old ones and they probably came from an era where the bathrooms were outside. And so when people started having indoor bathrooms – they attached it in garden – the only access being the kitchen. A lot of houses here have access to the garden from the kitchens. But still? I would have  renovated it – if I had been the owner!

Then we started adding the clause that we did not want houses with the bathroom access through the kitchen and pushed up our budget. Then went through another bunch of houses – all of which had some major flaw or the other. By then, I had moved from the 5th month to the 8th month. It was a do or die situation. We started coming back home early to go house hunting. We tried every estate agent possible – tried the magazines where landlords advertise directly – no luck.

Finally, we were almost resigned to stay put, when we found one advert – from the landlord directly, which seemed suitable. So I talked to her, planned to meet them at the property at 7:00 in the evening, when husband called to say that he was not well. So that evening – I was in two minds – should we call off the appointment – clearly we were having no luck, or should I just go and see it.. when husband said – ‘lets just go for it. I am feeling a bit better now’.

We reached there sharp at 7:00. Waited for a while outside the apartment – we could not enter as we did not have keys..and it was biting cold – middle of February and husband was not well – so we went into a shop nearby and called the landlady and left her a message. No response, called her again and left her a message that we are here and waiting.. After waiting for half an hour, decided to walk to the entrance – on the offchance that they might get there by then and there they were! Apparently she had forgotten her phone at home! So after all the introductions and explanations about where we were and everything – we went up to see the apartment.

It was nice clean lift, opening into a nice clean corridor.. and when she opened the door – all we could do was gape! It was perfect! It was everything we wanted.. Nice new place. just 2 years old. very clean. Lovely wooden floor – I somehow don’t like carpeted floors.. Call me paranoid but I can never be satisfied that carpets are entirely clean 😦 And did not fancy having my baby crawling over a carpet. But after seeing the kind of houses we saw – I had resigned myself to any house that seemed decent. But this was perfect! It was the house for us. So the moment she said, ‘What do you think’ , we were like – ‘Yes, we love it’. She was like -‘ don’t you want to discuss with each other’ – we were like, ‘No we love it’ !

And that was it! A house we almost did not see.. It was as if the fates were conspiring against us – till the last minute! I can’t tell you how relieved we were.. We just could not afford to wait anymore and then – the perfect flat just dropped into our hands ! It certainly was love at first sight.. And it was a house where we spent 2.5 very happy years.. the longest that we have spent in one house – ever since we got married,  the house which my daughter knew as her first home.


27 thoughts on “Love at first sight

  1. Thats really nice Smitha… to find a house of our choice is difficult than constructing a house… luckily you have got it perfect time… hope poohi enjoys in that home 🙂 Me too dont like carpet ones.. 🙂

    I am just waiting to get back to Bangalore and live in own flat 🙂 Yes, finding a house of our choice – in a set timeframe is sometimes very difficult. Poohi did have a good time there – we have moved from there too – but yes, she did have a good time while we were there.. But I think the house we have now is much better for her.

  2. 😛 hmmm….. we all become attached to the homes that we have lived in… especially the first…………

    yes, on your case, it truly was love at first sight 😛
    Yes. especially after hunting for 3 months and not finding a single house worth the trouble 🙂

    ahem… me second :mrgreen:

  3. My mom says that finding a good house and a girl are equally difficult. Both takes their own sweet time to come in front of us. 😀

    (see, I didnt prefix ‘good’ to girl. smart, huh? ) 😉
    Naughty, Naughty! Wait till you get married 🙂 We will show your wife all your smart comments 🙂

  4. Your house hunting reminds me of our’s .I was 8 months pregnant when we were planning to buy a house. It was like now or never:). But finally before my son was born we were able to get the house that I really liked…I also don;t prefer carpets,and we have hardwood floors.Thank god.So happy to hear that u got the house u liked:).

    You had a similar experience too? We had a totally different experience when we bought our house.. I loved the flat we selected very early in the process but all the flats were already booked – and finally we got one – on a resale deal 🙂

    I can’t stand carpets.. Our current house has carpets.. But thankfully it is not a very old house.. so that is a saving grace.

  5. Yup! I know what you mean.. we too spent way too much time when we were looking for a place.
    This apartment we have now was advertised in the classifieds and we almost didn’t see it! And when we did, even with all its minus points – we loved it at first sight and eve though it was still bricks and cement then, I could picture it perfectly well as our home 🙂

    I can totally imagine that! You just know, don’t you – when you come across the perfect anything, for that matter 🙂

  6. Oye Smi! what kind of title is this? I ran here to read your hubby and your pehla pehla milan and you are talking about apartments. 😐 Kya yaar!

    Looks like I disappointed most of you 🙂

    But this was perfect! It was the house for us. So the moment she said, ‘What do you think’ , we were like – ‘Yes, we love it’. She was like -’ don’t you want to discuss with each other’ – we were like, ‘No we love it’ !

    Aww… guys! it sounds so romantic. Both you guys knew exactly what you wanted.
    It was actually! I mean we were so delighted – after months and months of fruitless searching – bam – it was right in front of us 🙂 We were ready to give her the deposit right there 🙂

    You are right about dream homes. Sometimes you have something in your mind and when you get it…aaah! the feeling.

    Yes, and it happens every time.. It was even better when we booked our flat.. The only difference was that we were probably not so desperate.

  7. Pehli nazar mein kaisa jadoo kar diya….I am trying to imagine someone sing this song to a flat!

    May be Ram Gopal Verma or Shyamalan will get an idea and make a spooky film with the same title about a house!

    Yes, sure 🙂 That is what I’m waiting for 🙂

  8. After i read the title i thought i will read abt u and ur hubby,how u met…. 😉

    So sorry to disappoint you, Saritha 🙂

    I love my first house after my marriage,i cried so much when we shifted from there to another country,i was so attatched to it.I took each every room photo and i keep looking at them very often.

    Then i love my house in hyd which we brought and felt bad leaving that also after my delivery,good thing is that my mom stays in that house and she has not changed anything in that.So when i go back i will have my sweet home 🙂 🙂

    Now where i live is good house but smaller than my hyd house and some how i am not attached to it,i am sure wont feel bad also if i leave it

    Thanx smitha ur post brought back my memories 🙂

  9. I completely understand…AND agree. I have a tendency to fall in love at first with books, places, houses, clothes… all inanimate objects…. EXCEPT people! 😀 so i agree with ur viewpoint!

    U r lucky to have finally found ur dream house. Heaven help if u want to move again tho!!

  10. You reminded me of my time in Ahmedabad. I was single and was looking out for a place where I had a privacy. I searched for some 15 days and had almost given up hope when I found what I always wanted!!!!

    Yes, finding a right can be so darn difficult but once you see it everything else falls in place!!! It takes only one moment to know it!!!! Isn’t it like finding that ‘right’ dress ;-)???

  11. That is how life is! Have you heard of the saying : Life is like a butterfly. Run after it and you will never be able to catch it. Sit steady and it will fly towards you and sit on your shoulder!

  12. awwwwwwwwww! smithu!!! how nice. this story is so…..awwwww!!!

    u know, it reminded me of this movie “Under the Tuscan Sun”
    only here its a single woman who just falls in love with an old house n decides to live there n how her life is changed, but the feeling of a house making u fall in love!!! sigh!

    me no likes carpets too! it ssems like god knows how much dust its gonna gather under n on it!

    we are like Monika!!! 😀 😀

  13. Finding a rental house is still a pain in the ass .. but I guess worth it! Once we saw such a big house for 16000 per month.. semi furnished with 3 huge bedroom complete with matching beds with the wardrobe.. terrace garden et al.. it was too huge for 3 of us.. so we had to let go.. but it was too good to be true…

    I dont u\s why though … but ppl make “small staircases” .. dont they think they have to bring stuff.. once in blue moon ? Phew!

    And yes.. getting the “perfect” home is like hitting a lottery 🙂

  14. I can clearly understand that.I thought only chennaites ,bangloreans and mumbaites were facing this problem…Thanks to the migration of young professionals to these cities.
    @ Love at first sight —–yeahh very true…first home,first love,first school,first friends will remain in our mind forever like fresh flowers 🙂

  15. Experienced it when we started looking for a house in Hyd and can completely identify with it. Esp. after seeing so many houses, this one seemed like heaven. The view of a lake on one side and then hill view on the other side was just enuf to make us nod in unison. Lovely post Smitha.

    wow! ‘The view of a lake on one side and then hill view on the other side was just enuf to make us nod in unison.’ Wow!! I wish I had a house with a view like that!

    N u from Bangalore?
    Yes -now I am from Bangalore.. Was brought up in Jamshedpur and have been in different places after that.. But Bangalore is home 🙂

  16. Have yet to read this… just too much work… but will be back !

    Hitchy – You have work too? Welcome to the club – I’ve been busy too and I have 1000 + unread posts again 😦 Just 2 days of not reading 😦

  17. oh!and Congratulations!! 🙂

    Thanks – but that was more than 3 yrs ago 😦 We have shifted since then 🙂 The house which was ‘perfect’ then – became too small for us very soon 🙂

    • Indy – I was just leaving a comment at yours right now 🙂 Have been taking a self imposed sabbatical from the blogworld – only to come back to your fantastic post!

  18. What a misleading title… !!! really… I had thought some masaledar stuff here… !! lol 😛 😛

    But houses can be really difficult na… I love the one rented one we have it was decided by me and my brother before the family shifted here… but its perfect for us… !! 😀 🙂

    I loved the way you both agreed together… !!! is yours a love marriage ?? just for my curiosity !!

  19. hehe entry to bathroom through kitchen..some architect that was…what was he/she thinking?..hey btw i’m taking inspiration from this one, and writing a post on my house hunt soon 😛

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