I go crazy for..

Cakes.. One of my favourite scents is the smell of something baking in the oven.. I just love that smell.. as far long back as I remember.. Talk about feel good, comfort food and baked cakes come right at the top!  I, once,  followed the smell on a busy street in Bangalore to discover a wonderful little bakery!

Today, I am itching to bake.. I am dying to get my hands on the ingredients and whisk, stir and pour and then smell(yum!) the baking cake.. I think I love the process of baking just as much, if not more than the actual eating 🙂 Can’t think of anything more satisfying that seeing the cake rise, filling your home with that wonderful, wonderful smell!! I hate going out smelling of food 😦 I just hate it – but I guess the smell of baking is an exception! If somebody ever came out with a perfume like that – I am sure to buy it, but probably, I might be the only buyer 😦 I actually go to the home section of most stores and look at cake tins – to see if anything new has come in – that I absolutely have to buy!

The one thing I am yet to try is baking bread. And I am so going to try that soon.. I am quite sure that once I start – I might never stop 🙂

I’ve been stalking cake recipe sites all day today,there are so many of them, out there, tempting me with those lovely pictures!  I am just dying to bake – the only thing stopping me is that I have put on 5 kgs in the last 6 weeks or so 😦 Baking is so, not a great idea – not even the low fat ones 😦  No, cakes are so not an option..

40 thoughts on “I go crazy for..

  1. Awww…. Poor you. 😐

    Try making bread then. I’ve done it before and the feeling is great when you see the final result. 🙂

    You have? I will! I have a bread tin too now! Just need bread flour now 🙂

  2. BTW, LoL @ you found a new bakery by your nose. 😆

    Yes, and it was a really good one too! They had some lovely cakes.. and it was not on the busy road – but in a little side road – lovely place!

  3. Did you bake any cake? Don’t worry about putting weight. Just have a small slice and give the rest to neighbours hehe..To be honest I gained a lot of weight after I started baking :).So once in a while non fat cakes are good.

    Yes, I always do that – give it to the neighbours 🙂 But even a slice is probably not a great idea – not with my having gained 5 kgs in 6 weeks 😦 So no cake today 😦 Maybe I should aim to lose 5 kgs before I bake again – that might be a good incentive to lose wt 🙂

  4. LOL!!! I love thea eating part… not the cooking part 😀

    I love the baking part – when it comes to baking – for everything else – it is the eating part 🙂
    I love chocolate cakes… anything with chocalate in it….
    Oh me too!!

    and yes, 5 kgs in 6 weeks 🙂 LOL!!!!!!! so it is not your husband alone who has the Overeating disorder 🙂 LOL
    Yes 🙂 but I don’t have any disturbing symptons 🙂 My body is quite used to over eating 🙂 It has issues only when I try to control my intake 🙂

  5. Being very allergic to eggs, I have had to stay away from cakes and pastries, content with taking a small bite so that the allergic reaction is not activated. In fact, even when I was a voracious non-vegetarian, there were many dishes that were a strict no-no for me only because eggs were also involved in the recipes.

    Oh no! That is one sad allergy! But you could have eggless cakes- there are a lot of eggless cakes available these days- especially in India.

    I am sure those kgs that you have gained can be shed by avoiding other foods and exercise. Don’t torture yourself: go for the cakes!

    If I were the sort to ‘avoid other foods and exercise’ then those kgs would never have been put on 🙂

  6. Ok so you are my soul sister. I cannot cannot resist a cake. I love the smell, the look, the taste……..everything baout a cake. I confess….I love the batter too. When I was pregnant I would bake a cake because I had to eat the batter. We get a cake batter flavor ice cream here, you know 🙂
    And I call U my sister coz I have put on some weight too and should not even be talking about cakes. No Thanks for provoking the cake madness in me. I too might be baking today 🙂

    You certainly seem like my soul sister 🙂 I love everything about baking a cake.. Do you mean – cookie dough ice cream? Did you bake? I did not! Held on to my resolve 🙂 And it did help that we had a birthday party to attend too – so my craving for cakes did get sated – a bit 🙂 Planning to bake bread instead 🙂

  7. Oh! I so love the smell too. And I love eating the cake or the dough just as much!! I think i will get some low fat butter, some sugar-free and do it!!

    Oh me too!!! I have found a few low cal recipes – which I will try when I cannot resist anymore 🙂

  8. I love the smell of baking too although I’m not too fond of cakes (or pastries)…When I was young, I loved the batter more than the cake…I used to ask my mom to let me lick the mixing bowl once she’d poured the batter into the baking dish…I’m sure I’d still enjoy doing it but since nobody in family likes cakes, I don’t get a chance to bake 😦

    Nobody in your family likes cakes? Thankfully – my daughter does – so I still bake 🙂 Husband does not, unfortunately 😦

    Now, the smell of fresh bread is something else…It’s absolute heaven!
    I am going to bake bread – got everything for it now 🙂

  9. I remember someone promising a young innocent lad a pink cake !! but I also remember a woman who apparently gained 5 kgs in 6 weeks waiting for a young innocent lad to come over so that she can bake a pink cake !!! 😀 😀

    That ‘innocent lad’ came to UK and did not contact me!!!!!! I did bake a cake and ate most of it – around the time that you went on your vacation. Just to make you feel bad for not contacting me – let me tell you that it was the most delicious chocolate banana cake. Deliciously moist and yum!!!!

  10. I thought you were going to bake a cake for me !!!! you just mentioned that on the blog…

    and here i hear you have promised badz for it… vimmuuu tooo …

    You have to come to the UK for it 🙂 I can’t post you cake 🙂

    well well…

    and what !! OMG !!! 5 kgs in 6 weeks !!!!! If my wife did that i wouldnt let her eat for 4 weeks !!!!!!
    Husband can’t tell me not to eat!! He is fatter than me 🙂

    thank your pati… really ! you dont have any right to think of cakes !!!

    I am still thinner than him – so I can atleast think of cakes 🙂

  11. You have made me hungry . My mouth is watering . Damn ! The way you have described baking a cake , my my , I feel the itch to bake as well , even though I have never tried it . Post a picture , if and when you bake that cake .

    Oh do try it, Kislay! I am sure you will end up liking the baking process as much as the eating 🙂 Will post a picture – the next time I bake 🙂 I have held strong and did not bake last week 🙂

  12. Oh I agree with you TOTALLY!!!!! Last month I declared it official: there is no greater creative high for me than baking!!!!!! I currently don’t have a proper oven, so its just microwave cakes for now, which I don’t really like coz they just don’t brown in the same way. Anyway, I bought some silicon baking trays – microwave-safe – & am dying to try them out…..will be baking soon…..yaaay!!!!!

  13. ohhh again 😦 ….u are reminding my childwood days……my mom used prepare diffrent dishes like this….gosh u reminded me my mom….i’m getting homsick 😦
    @ 5 kgs in 6 weeks — itz hightime for both of U guyz to get U’r sports shoes…..play something intresting for both of you and have fun and also shed some extra weights :)…..i suggest U shuttle.In my apartment every weekends ,from 10 year old to 40 year are busy with rackets 🙂 (me and my cousin started this and everyone here got the shuttle fever now 🙂 )….trust me itz really fun 😛

  14. Freaky coincidence!!!!

    After coming from office I had dug out my recipe books for a recipe of cookies!!!!

    Am very fond of baking but the best part is I don’t like to eat much 🙂

    • “…but the best part is I don’t like to eat much ” — thats what anyone would feel eating your cookies. Its not your fault ! 😀 😀 😀

      • Bugger! Whenever you leave a comment for me in blogs beside yours & mine don’t forget to buzz me! As far as my baking is concerned well you’ve just now lost an opportunity to eat one of the best chocolate walnut cake. And mind you i do not believe in self praise. All my friends vouch for it and you can even ask vee or WIAN. Entirely your loss :p

        Chocolate Walnut cake? Smita – you are making me drool!!

  15. Lol smitha 5kgs in 6 weeks,maybe some problem with the weighing machine 😉

    Even i love baking cakes,almost every week i bake and i just love the smell and sight of cake rising in the oven.I hardly buy cakes from out.But i make eggless cake and oil in place of butter and wheat flour in place of plain flour,it tastes the same.

    Even i didnt try bread,it is in my list

  16. i feel the same way about baking smithu!!!!!!!!! u said it so welll!!!!!! i LOVE baking cakes!

    You too 🙂 I love love love baking cakes 🙂 AND am trying real hard to resist 🙂

    true true, every word of urs is true!!!! its more satisfying than eating the cake!!! i AGREE!!!!!

    It is indeed more satisfying that eating it 🙂

    ever since we got a microwave, i cannot remember how many cakes i have baked for like the every occasion!! smithu, do u also turn every ocurrence as an excuse to celebrate with a cake??? 😀 😀

    Oh yes!! Me too! I just need an excuse to bake 🙂 Whenever we call someone over – I bake – I just need an excuse 🙂 Microwave cakes never turned out well for me 😦 I used to bake chocolate cakes which used to turn out like chocolate brownies 🙂 I used to eat them up either way 🙂

    i remember how u asked me in my second or third interaction at ur blog what cake i like and u wud make that for me…..
    HUGS!!!!!!!!!! muahs!!!! u r sweeter than ur baked goodies!!!!

    if u wanna try bread then i recommend this recipefrom Mandy’s Baking Buddies blog, its came out fantastic!!! 😀

    5 kgs in 6 weeks…..disown the weighing machine Smithu!!!!

  17. I bakes a chocolate cake three weeks back and it came out fine. 🙂
    Well, I think I should take this up soon. 🙂

    You did? So you like baking too 🙂

  18. When we were a joint family, before many many years,there was a huge oven (not microwave), but some other older technology I guess, and so many people would be around that oven to bake big cakes! My extended family even participated in a cake contest and won the third prize! I used to love those days. I too contributed – by eating, of course!! Happy days, those!

    Destination Infinity

    Oh wow!! You used to have competitions!!! Oh – I wish I belonged to your family 🙂

  19. I don’t think you should deprive yourself. A bite or two never does any harm!

    Yes, a bite or two does not – if I can refrain at a bite or two 🙂

  20. Same here. I LOVE to bake too, and absolutely LOVE the smell of cake when it starts fluffing up. Simply Out of this world!

    You too 🙂 It is wonderful, isn’t it?

  21. I am going to learn baking now 😀
    just reading this post has made me drool for cakes and everything that can possibly be baked 😀

    Oh – it is wonderful! I just love baking 🙂 Do give it a try and let me know if you want some really simple yet yummy recipes 🙂

    *yummy*is the word..please post pics!
    please 😀

    Yummy is the word 🙂 I did not bake – trying hard not to 🙂 Will post when I do bake 🙂

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