Simple Pleasures..

Sometimes, children are so very easy to please, aren’t they? All that takes to make my daughter happy is a visit to the park , or going for a walk.. or just finding snails in the garden.  Spiders are another matter  – now, that is scary 🙂

Today, we went for a walk in the woods around our house..  Daughter was on the top of world as ‘looking for snails’ , one of the activities that the walk involves is one of her favourite things to do.

As soon as we reached it, she forgot about all about snails when she saw the profusion of lilac flowers all over.. It was breathtaking.. Every plant had some kind of flower and for some reason, there were loads of lilac flowers everywhere.. Last time, it was full of yellow flowers! Weeping Willows forming a beautiful canopy. It was just so amazing.. I wished I had a camera to capture it..

The fresh , unpolluted air, the green plants, the tall, tall trees, and a breezy, breezy day..The joyous shriek when she found horse ‘footprints’  and the disgust at horse ‘poopy’ 🙂 The delight at spotting a cat.. Simple pleasures which we almost forgot in the mundane everyday life..

It was not just daughter who was delighted.. And the small matter that we could find no snails did not affect the pure joy of the moment either..

Edited to add : A pic of a snail from the last time we went ‘snail hunting’ 🙂 We clicked it to Poohi  screaming, ‘Say, cheese, snail!’


41 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures..

  1. *crafty mutters under her breath – is she first, only time will tell*

    Yes, yes, you are 🙂 No comment moderation 🙂
    sigh, comment moderation!

    looking for snails???!!! 😀 😀 the more i read of ur daughter, the more i lose my heart! cutieie! i would stare at a snail for ages, and when it would move a bit, i wud shriek and run far far away….i was a funny child….

    She loves snails ever since I showed her one in the garden..
    ‘i would stare at a snail for ages, and when it would move a bit, i wud shriek and run far far away’ -You are funny 🙂 the reason she is not scared of snails is coz it moves so slowly 🙂

    awww smitha! this post is cuteness in all its glory! do take a pic net time! so nice to hear of the great time u had!!
    I put up a pic of the snail from the last time we went snail hunting 🙂

    i wanna be neighbors. why do i have lousy boring moping neighbors….
    come, come, come right away 🙂
    hugs to poohi!!! 😀 hope she finds snails on another day, when she isn’t expecting, so she can delightfully giggle n so will the bigger girl with her!!! HUGS smithu!!!!

    🙂 you are such a sweetheart!!! Hugzzzzz to you!

  2. hey!!!!!!!!!! no moderation!!!!! i am first!!!!!!!!

    time for this lil girl to giggle!!!!! 😀 😀

    Yes, time for this lil girl to giggle 🙂 This lil girl deserves an extra hug for that 🙂

    tee hee hee!!!

    • WTG Scratchy !!!!!

      cool kid that… looking for snails… !!!
      Cool or crazy – debatable 🙂

      wow !!!

      that all sounds so very lovely Smithus !!! English conditions must be fun… hey i just remembered bout the world cup !!! are you gonna go see some matches ????????

      English conditions are fun – only in the summer – when it is not raining 🙂 World Cup – sob sob no:( Hubby is totally not interested.. and I have lost touch too – in the 8.5 years that I have been married.. so no cricket 😦

      • Whats crazy in it ??????

        its coooool… !!! I used to love snails as a kid… and wow you even shared a pic !!!! I so miss them… in mumbai we used to have plenty of them… however in Bharuch or here in Indore they are rare to find… ! 😦

        You too?? And you miss them!!! of all the possible things to miss!! You should go straight to Solilo’s place 🙂 She seems to have too many snails 🙂

  3. I know it to be true…children are so easy to please. And they prove that you dont need to spend money for moments of happiness.

    Oh totally.. expensive gifts are totally unnecessary, aren’t they? They are happy enough with the simplest of things, aren’t they.. daily everyday stuff..

    I love trees. I take a particular route every morning when I drop my son at his pre-school just for the trees. Its like driving under a canopy of trees. I love it and am so thankful for it.

    I can just imagine! Must be wonderful!

  4. Poohi loves Snails?! Can I adopt her please? Please…Smi, you have another one. Give Poohi to me

    What? And make me go through all the trouble of having another one!! 👿 Well, it could work, if I could maybe, persuade Hitchy to give me Hriday – what say, Hitchy?

    We have lots of garden Snails. Oregon-Idaho is apt for Snails. Our gardener has to do Anti-Snail treatment every 2 weeks for our garden. Else all our flowers and leaves would be their food.

    😆 That many snails! That would be disneyland for Poohi 🙂

    I wish I could fly to France with truck load of Snails and sell them and make some quick money.
    Ya, that would be a good idea 🙂 You could stop over at our place , en route, and take Poohi with you 🙂
    Enough on my Snail story.

    I just love reading about Poohi because it reminds me of Peanut at 3. Now since Peanut turned 5, she think she is a big kid. 😦

    Oh, I feel that Poohi is growing up too quickly! Just a few months back I was lamenting that she is not speaking in sentences and now – she goes on and on and on 😦

    ‘Horse Poopy’. Ha..ha..ha..ha.. it’s been long since I heard the word ‘poopy’. Sho cute.

    😆 Can’t believe that people are finding the word ‘poopy’ cute 🙂

  5. Simple pleasures….totally with you Smi. Not only with kids but sometimes even for us a cuppa and book, walking on the beach, singing…just having plain loony fun with the family.

    Yes, and they are such fun too! ‘plain loony fun’ as you say 🙂 Lifts a normal, ordinary day to something special 🙂

    The important thing here is happiness. People forget that and the ones who whine and crib can’t find it in any situation.

    Yes, absolutely! We can find happiness anywhere – I guess the trick is to look for it…

  6. Ah the simple, unadulterated, free pleasures of life. Sometimes I wonder why we lose the ability to enjoy them when we grow up…may be it has something to do with how our parents begin channeling us after a certain age. I think Poohi, the adorable little darling, will not lose it…and that will give you great joy.

    Yes, you are so right.. Parents, schools etc certainly seem to be stifling children’s imagination and creativity.. I do hope Poohi does not lose it.. touchwood

  7. Looking for snails? It sounds very Enid Blytonish…Well, the snail did listen to Poohi – I’m sure I can see a smile 🙂

    lol, Bones! Poohi certainly thinks so 🙂 She hates it when birds fly off when she screams, ‘say cheese, bird’! Poor snails, they can do nothing much – even if Poohi’s scream gives them a minor heart attack 😦

  8. Poohi is so cute asking the snail to say Cheese 🙂

    You live in such a beautiful place, lilac flowers in the woods near your house..WOW! I want to move there.

    We find it wonderful- especially after staying in London – this place is like paradise 🙂

  9. Childrens never fail to amuse us :). Their simple pleasures…my nephews greatest pleasures are ‘fishing’ in teh nearby paddy fields!!! and watching the pass by..

    Oh that reminds me of my childhood!! We used to do that too – in the paddy fields and in my uncle’s ‘Kolam’ – pond 🙂

    child is the father of man – rightly said..they teach us a lot..LOL @ poohi’s ‘say cheese snail’ 🙂
    Oh they certainly do!

  10. Kids are really easy to please and seeing them happy pleases us.. 🙂
    Yes, so true 🙂

    Gardens walks and snails.. how beautiful.. simple pleasures that mean the most.
    Much much more than all those toys and gadgets in her room!

    ((hugs)) to Poohi.. she’s so sweet.. 😀

  11. Poohi is so cute!! 😀
    Snails! LOL!

    I don’t understand snails or turtles or tortoises for that matter! 😀
    I like turtles and tortoises 🙂 But I remember being fascinated by tiny snails in our garden when I was young – not as fascinated as Poohi is, I’d like to believe 🙂

    But, yes, I always feel that simpler things give greater pleasure…
    Like a walk in the rain, an ice cream cone, watching TV all snuggled up!
    Oh yeah!!! walk in the rain – sadly has lost its charm from living in this country of constant rain 😦

    A Cricket match where Aus gets eliminated from the series!!! 😀
    (I know, there’s no connection, but, I am so over the moon that they lost to SL!!! 😀 :D)

    I can see that many of us are over the moon!

  12. rightly said smitha,
    Simple pleasures are what which keep us more happy for a loong loong time.. the more u say about poohi the more i want to meet her 🙂
    LOL at ‘Say, cheese, snail!’

    Come over Mystery 🙂

  13. LOL@say cheese snail

    that is sho very cute 😀

    I think it must be very scary for the poor snail 🙂
    (((hugs))for Poohi 🙂

    horse poopy
    😆 thats cute too actually everything that Poohi says is cute 😀 I think little kids are born with this cuteness meter 😀

    🙂 I used to think too 🙂 Now I find other’s kids far more cuter 🙂
    you know Smitha this reminds me of the most fav lines of William Blake….have put these on my sidebar too..
    I remember them by heart now..coz they speak to me ..

    To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour.-William Blake

    isnt that what all children are all about?
    innocence and a beguiling charm?

    So true!! So very apt!

    (((((((((((hugs))) for your lil angel 🙂

    Thanks and hugzzz back to you for being such a sweetheart!

  14. Seriously??? Snails??? Hmmm..I thought they were one of the ugliest creatures on planet earth (especially, the one in the pic) ! Anyway, to each its own ! 😀 😀 I agree, spiders are scary, even the lill ones. But Im a huuuuge fan of Spiderman though 😀

    Ugliest?? Vimmuuu, you do know that they look quite oretty too 🙂 And people even eat them 🙂 I am a huge Spiderman fan too 🙂

    “The fresh , unpolluted air, the green plants, the tall, tall trees, and a breezy, breezy day” – This is what I liked in the whole of europe. They say India is greener and I dont think so !

    India is green – but in a different way, I guess..

  15. LoL! That’s so sweet. We use to go hunting for ladybirds and butterflies as kids. Don’t really like snails. 😕

    Oh! How sweet! Ladybirds and butterflies! I love ladybirds! We have a little wooden one in our garden 🙂

    Here, where I live now, we have rabbits. And we also have a lake near by. So its really cool. When little kids come to our house, we’ll take the to the lake to see the ducks ans swans. 🙂

    Rabbits! Wow! Poohi would love that! And a lake – with ducks and swans! You live in such a lovely place! Am sure lil kids must just love to visit you guys 🙂

  16. nice 🙂 …kids can make U’r day.They can change U’r bad day into good.there stories,possessiveness,dreams,entire kiddies world are cho chweet 😀
    in between she like snails yuckkk 😦 …………..
    @ The fresh , unpolluted air, the green plants, the tall, ta…..ohhh man U r making me jealous 😀

    🙂 Good – just returning the favour 🙂 You made me jealous the other day 🙂

  17. thats really really sweet… 🙂 life’s joyous moments are in this and who better than children can taught us… anyway its time to run and hide from Poohi… as when we were kids we killed some snails and I am an accompolice.. 😦

  18. When we were walking around Wastwater, I spotted a jet black snail. It was very beautiful! Haha! Its funny how such things can make you smile! 🙂
    Kids remind us of many things. Lost innocence is one of them. 🙂

  19. Awww!!!! SO true it is the simplest things in life which give us maximum pleasure 🙂

    I know.. And my daughter just reminds me what I am missing 🙂

    • talking of dishes… there is suddenly a bhoot in me that washes his own dishes after lunch, dinner or breakfast… I m starting to wash my own utensils…

      dont know what is happening to me… !!

  20. I felt as if I am with you and Poohi! As you said, sometimes we forget to admire small small things and our children teach us to do that. You reminded me of how we were admiring the dew drops on tiny grasses in the morning, when we were children. The grass will be so small but the dew drop will be quite big for it to hold and it bends down a little. My brother used to touch it and then taste it!

    Poohi is going to become a poet with a mother like you, Smitha! She knows to enjoy nature and anything else which comes in her life. She is going to be very happy and forget the negative things in a flash of a second. Just remember the happier side. This attitude is good.

    Be happy always, Poohi and the MOTHER!

  21. The snail photo is very clear. Nice. They are funny and interesting to watch too! Some people bring them up as pets also, it seems. Do you have any pets at home. My relative who is there, is having hamsters – tiny furry rats which are very interesting to watch – the way they play, sleep etc.

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