Cherished forever…

Rash and Pixie had tagged me sometime back to list down some precious and unforgettable memories… Here are some of my memories that I hope I never forget  – even if I get afflicted by Alzheimer’s 🙂

1. I always woke up to my father chanting shlokas in the morning.. He is a very spiritual person and he chants a few select hymns and I always remember waking up to it.. He has never asked any of us to do it and I never bothered to , to be honest.. It is so ingrained in my memory that every time I hear those hymns – I feel very peaceful . Recently I was stunned to realise that I actually know the words – without ever consciously trying to… Somehow, it makes me feel very peaceful. It is probably one of my oldest and most prevailing memory..

2. The other memory that I have is of my brother being born.. I was six then. My grandma was with me at home and my uncle came with the news that I have a new baby brother – and for some reason   I was so so sure that I would have a sister – I remember being disappointed. My brother was in the nursery when I first saw him and I was with my cousin sister and both of us had put our hands into his crib and for some reason, he grabbed my finger and that made me feel so so good – it was as if he just chose me as his sister 🙂 As if he instinctively knew 🙂

3. My mother rushing around doing stuff and father teasing her that perfectionist that she is, she will never get satisfied that the house is ever clean or tidy 🙂

4. I think I enjoyed my school life the most. We were a class of 30 and we were unbelievably united 🙂 We liked(and still do) to believe that we were absolute geniuses 🙂 and we did have one of the best ICSE results in our batch 🙂 Anyways, though we were brilliant  – we were also quite difficult.. We actually boycotted a class – because the new biology teacher tried to imply that our previous teacher(who we absolutely adored) was not very good. We drove our class teacher a little crazy – but he still admits that he is yet to come across a class like ours 🙂 I miss those friends of mine.. We were so similar, with so many dreams.. and now, when we do manage to talk – we end up talking for hours despite being out of touch for over 16 years…

5. My maternal grandfather used to be my biggest champion. He was fabulous! He had an English childhood and he used to tell me stories and stories.. To me they used to sound just like something out of an Enid Blyton book! He had his schooling in a boarding school and I remember being cray about Malory Towers and wishing that my parents would send me too 🙂 He also gave me a rude shock by telling me what sardines are! I had imagined something far more exotic 🙂 My parents used to mail him everything  I wrote and he used to write such lovely, lovely letters analysing everything and encouraging me.. I miss him so!

6. The parathas my mom used to make for breakfast when I was young.. For some reason, it still is comfort food for me and I make them whenever I want to feel good 🙂 Though never at breakfast time 🙂

7. My dad surprising mom at their anniversary! He would rope us in to hide the gift and surprise her with it when she was least expecting it ! It felt so good!

8. My husband is not a very romantic sort of person, he managed to sweep me off my feet when we got married and he showed me that he had printed out and collated every email that I had sent him 🙂 That was the sweetest thing for me!

9. In 2001, husband and I had gone on a Karnataka State Tourism board tour. It was fabulous! We had just not expected it to be so good.. It was very normal acco and stuff but we really really had a great time.. It was probably one of the best times ever..

10. When we were newlyweds in Bangalore.. we ended up staying in a really dingy house as we were quite broke then 🙂 The house might have been small and dingy – but we had a lovely time there.. We used to have friends over, cook together.. it was a wonderful time.. I have the fondest memories of living there….

So there! Those were some of the memories I cherish..

Now comes the more difficult part   who do I tag 🙂 Here goes.. I am trying to tag everybody who, as far as I know has not been tagged – OG, Winnie the Poohi, Usha, IHM, Nids, Crafty, Mystery and Goofy Mumma. Anyone else who is interested, please do take it up and do drop me a note in the comments:)

Edited to add  – Indyeah and Solilo, please do take up this tag from me too 🙂 The only reason I did not tag you too was because I saw that you Rash had tagged you too 🙂

Saritha – Please do take up this tag – I thought I had added you – missed you by mistake – sorry, sorry , sorry!

Dhiren – Apologies for not tagging you 😦 I did not know that you did not know that you had already been tagged 🙂 So here you go and please forgive me 🙂

Anybody else who is mad at me for not tagging – please, please let me know – I will tag you right away – no offense meant – this was a Saturday post – which means I had very little time to myself 🙂

41 thoughts on “Cherished forever…

  1. Wow that post would lit the spirits of anybody. I believe my fondest moments are yet to come 😛

    Destination Infinity

    Thank you DI 🙂 I believe my fondest moments are yet to come – come one!! Are you sure your ‘fondest memories’ are yet to come 🙂

  2. 😛 good one Smithus….. 🙂 (yeah, I am going to call you Smithus) 😛 😛

    LOL 🙂 You know of my aunt still calls me Smithu – and it takes me right back to my childhood 🙂

    memories are what carry us thru tough times……..!!!

    oh yes! so true!
    good one….
    tag taken 🙂

    Great – waiting to read about your memories 🙂

  3. beautiful post , heart warming and nostalgic , …

    Abhi – as usual – your comment is way way more interesting than my post 🙂 Hugzzzz to you!

    so many pictures flashed infront of my eyes as I read this post Smitha 🙂

    it is strange isnt it how it is always our parents whom we always come to at the first sign of trouble and remember forever?

    Absolutely!! Parents are always there for you aren’t they? And no matter how old or frail they get- they still worry about us – their babies 🙂

    Each word of theirs…each thing they did and still do..

    you know what?
    I just remembered after reading your fond words about Uncle that I too remember the shloka mom chants everyday even though I have never stood and recited it properly…

    Yes, we take it so much for granted, no? It was always there in the background as I was growing up and now I get to hear it only when I go home for hols 😦 You know, its 14 years since I left home.. and have not stayed at home – you know, properly after that….

    aww at the memory of your brother gripping your fingers

    that is just so cute 🙂 and beautiful …
    🙂 It was very touching and I remember being so very happy after that 🙂

    we fight so much with our siblings..( I used to a lot…. even now 😀 )
    and yet they always have the softest corner of our hearts na? 🙂
    Oh yes, same here.. and we still fight 🙂 But they do ‘always have the softest corner of our hearts ‘ 🙂

    and being elder sisters or brothers I think we almost look after them like second parents 🙂
    Oh yes, You worry about them, love them.. and want to watch out for them – even if you end up offending them a lot for being too bossy 🙂

    (((hugs)))))for Aunty 🙂

    moms are just so so special 🙂 they just are so unique ..I find it hard to write about ma coz she is just so …well..just so should do for now

    Waiting for your post on Aunty! Yes, Moms are so so unique! I miss her so much!

    arre! Smitha my class too!
    e too did something along similar lines 😀
    Oh did you? Those were the bestest times 🙂

    we always were upto no good 😀
    and were so sure of ourselves and our place in this world..
    I know exactly how that is 🙂 That was such a different time!

    and you are right ..with some friends its as if the years in between seem to vanish completely 🙂
    Oh yes! You just pick up where you left off – it is amazing..

    16 years?*touchwood*

    grandpa?You mean nanaji?
    Yes, nanaji or Ammachan in Malayalam 🙂

    Coz though both my granddads used to encourage me it was nanaji who because he was living much closer always read my little creations
    always had a generous word to say 🙂
    Both my grandads used to encourage me – but my dadaji was far more strict 😦 He used to make me learn Malayalam during my vacations – and I used to hate that 🙂 My Ammachan was much more fun 🙂 He used to indulge me a lot more – first grandchild and everything 🙂

    I felt like some Nobel literature prize winning author 🙂

    Exactly!!! It made me feel so good! And I think that really builds confidence too!

    paranthas? me too 😀
    always had it for school and love it still 🙂
    You too 🙂 I still love it 🙂

    in our home we rope in dad for the surprise 😀

    He gives away the secret too easily so we dont tell him a thing till the last moment 😀

    Oh how sweet of Uncle 🙂 He sounds like such a sweetheart 🙂

    that is so cute and romantic of Uncle 🙂
    Yes, he is! He and mom are so totally made for each other 🙂



    lemme comment on that in a year or so 😀
    Year or so – will keeo track of this 🙂

    you and hubby on a tour ?
    what could get more romantic than that? 😀

    It was very nice 🙂 Though we have been to far more prettier places and on far more luxurious holidays – this was somehow very special…

    10 🙂 this is just so beautiful to read because this is what happiness and life si all about na?
    I guess..
    loved ones , friends what else could one want? 🙂

    Totally!!! Thats all that is really important 🙂

    ((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))Smitha 🙂

    Hugzzzz to you Indyeah!!! Your comment is so so sweet!!! I had been missing your comments for the last few days 🙂

    God bless you and your loved ones
    may you have many many more memories to cherish throughout your life 🙂

    Thank you so much for those wishes!! Hugzzz again!!

    PS:- Though I have been tagged by Rashmi but I will take this tag from you too 🙂

    haw! how can you be my friend and not tag me? 😛 😛

    So sorry – The only reason I did not tag you and Sols was I saw that you had been tagged already 😦 Will update it right away 🙂

    • arre!paagal!Your post was beautiful and it made me and so many of us think and smile 🙂
      so thank YOU for this post 🙂

      ((hugs))right back 🙂

      yippee!I am tagged! 😀

  4. Smi, Can I just say echo Indyeah? 😆 She choried all the things I wanted to write.

    Thats the thing about Indyeah !! She manages to say everything!!! She made more sense of my post in her comments than I did in my post 🙂

    This reminds me that I have been tagged for the same.
    I know – thats the reason I did not tag you – but am now updating it to tag you and Indyeah too 🙂
    Your father recited shlokas? Blissful!

    He still does – just that I don’t live at home anymore 😦 So I don’t wake up to it 🙂 Whenever we go home – Poohi sits by Achan the whole time in the Puja room 🙂 She does a fine impersonation of how he does an ‘Om’ 🙂

    Auntie’s paranthas. My mom made the best paranthas too and aloo ki sabji. Actually it was a hit in school. Now you made me drool and also nostalgic. 😦
    Oh yes – Aloo ki sabji!!! My mom too!!! I still try to make paranthas and aloo ki sabji! That is my favourite combination!!! And I love Aloos in everything 🙂

    Another similarity is the romantic side of your father. My dad is romantic too and always surprised mom. They still are more romantic than me husband and moi. 😀
    Your dad too? It makes you feel so good doesn’t it – seeing parents do little special things for each other 🙂 Same here!!! They are much more romantic that the two of us!!

    AT 10.) there is no happiness than starting from scratch and making it big. Always something to be proud of.
    Oh yes.. that is true.. It is wonderful!
    This was a fabulous trip to nostalgia, Smi.

    • Smi, How about you get your Dad’s shlokas recorded next time in India and then let Poohi listen to it every morning? You too can. I switch on Suprabhatam every morning and eventhough Peanut cannot spell it, she still catches the rhythm. too? I love Aloo in everything. Actually while growing up only 2 things I loved were Aloo and Eggs. 😀

      Arre silly-billy, you tagged because of that naughty Indyeah na? 😀

      • I think I made the mistake of reading the comments first… I should have commented first and then read…

        These two .. Solilo and Indyea have said it all !!!

        I liked your last memory the most… I guess me and wife are going through that struggle phase… and hope to pass it soon in a year or two !!!

        amen to that thought !

        You know I hated that i got bro’s and two of them… first… wanted a younger sis ! plus as they grew they would take a part in everything… ! with me being 4 years older… I was always told to understand.. ! that they are smaller..

        however they both are almost like my sons.. now.. !!

        wonderful to read this tag smi !! really wonderful !

        • and why m i not tagged ???
          I did not tag you too – as Rashmi had already tagged you too!!! Tagging you now!!
          huh ??

          walks away sobbing… inconsolable…

          *singing* *crying*

          koi humdum na raha…
          koi sahara na raha…

  5. That is quite a remarkable collection of great childhood memories. No wonder you are such a great mom and your daughter is such a loving, caring child…

    Thank you so much, Vinod 🙂 Though I have my doubts about how ‘great’ a mom I am 🙂

  6. Lovely memories and nostalgic too smitha 🙂

    Saritha – I somehow missed tagging you – had intended to tag you 🙂

    He has never asked any of us to do it and I never bothered to , to be honest.. — uncle is very sweet,u shuld have recorded his sholaks and make poohi listen to it

    Oh she sits with him the entire time in the Puja room and listens to it 🙂 But yes, I should record it the next time I go home.. It will be wonderful for her to be able to listen to it here too..

    My mother rushing around doing stuff— aunty sounds like my mom.Before she came here i cleaned the entire house twice/thrice but still she caught me at some places 😦

    Yes, your mom reminded me of my mom 🙂 I can never meet her standards! She is too much 🙂

    The parathas my mom used to make for breakfast when I was young— nothing can match those parathas 🙂
    Oh yes! So true, no?
    My husband is not a very romantic sort of person— same pinch
    Your husband too! Why are our husbands like this 🙂

  7. I should have read this post earlier, Smitha. Indyeah has written everything, like Solilo said.
    I know! She does that very well too, doesn’t she?

    In my house, my mother was the one who was reciting shlokas in the morning. I hear just Vishnu Sahasranama and sometimes recite with it. She used to recites lots of Shlokas and was a very story teller to my children – all mythological stories.
    Oh that sounds so wonderful!! Your children must have very fond memories of her too! Do write about her.. it will be wonderful for us to read..

    My parents were not very romantic (visibly), but my husband always gets mostly sarees on my birthday and our wedding day and present them to me and look at my face for approval, like a small child.
    How sweet of your husband!!! ‘look at my face for approval, like a small child’ – That is the sweetest thing I have heard!! He sounds wonderful!

    No.10 was wonderful to read. You will never forget those days, Smitha.
    I know.. I will never forget those days..

    God bless you and be happy always, like this.

    Thank you so much for your wishes.. Hugzz to you for those lovely words!

  8. Aww!!! such a sweet post which take everyone down the memory lane…

    I specially liked this line “he just chose me as his sister” 🙂

    Mom n Dad arguing, pulling each others leg was a common happening at our place also 🙂

    And thinking “our” batch was the best is so so usual no?? 🙂

    Lovely post 🙂

  9. This is sooooo awesome! As usual you took me down the memory lane 🙂

    just beautiful! As usual Am at loss for words .. but I am saving the best for my post 😛 😛

    Oww the thing about your brother is just soo sweet 🙂

    And dad chanting shloks 🙂 my mom used to do it.. everyday twice 🙂

    Oww you know that email thing was soo sweet 😀 if he can do this.. he still has hope 😉 😉

    Your dad is just cho sweet!! and soo romantic!!

    The best journeys are those that are not planned at all 🙂

    My dad always consider our mumbai house as the actual “home” even now.. coz thats where they started their family life together 🙂

  10. Beautiful post Smitha..Almost all views have been covered by Indyeah 🙂 You have covered every aspect of one’s life: parents, siblings, husband, grandparents.. It was really good..Thanks for tagging me too.. I will definitely do the Tag.

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  12. Lovely memories to cherish, Smitha 🙂

    And thank you for the tag 🙂

    However, I am not sure when it will get done 😦 School starts tomorrow, and I am not going to be available even to myself in a long long time :P!

    Still I shall gather my memories to record, when I do get back 🙂

    Thank you so much!

  13. Thats such a lovely list , loved reading each and every one of them. The #4 was the best, it sounded like you were describing my class from school, we had done similar crazy things like boycotting classes, making teachers cry and whatnot 🙂

  14. Thats a refreshing read Smitha…. 🙂
    I loved your brother part.. that touching of a new born is a magic 🙂

    And many things like class rooms, pooja of your father… everthing
    reminds me something 🙂

  15. wow 🙂 such a sweet and nostalgic post….especially i love the # 7…may god bless u richly and so that u can come up with lodz of cherished memories like this……..

  16. Nice memories !! A month ago, I was tagged for this, but I really dont remember who or when I was tagged 😀 and I dont think I have such old memories too. LOL

    I think Rashmi tagged you – I saw your name there 🙂 Can’t believe it – you don’t even remember who tagged you!!!

  17. I guess we commented on each others blog at the same time. LOL.

    Well, I tried finding your contact details, I didnt find anywhere. Serious. I so wanted that pink cake !!! But then, I was hardly there for 3 days. and in of those days, I was bedridden with fever !

    Oh oh!! UK weather got to you? ok – next time then 🙂 Pink cake – promise 🙂

  18. thanks for tagging me smitha! post 5 months of blogging am a bit embarrased to say “i don’t do tags” 😐
    will u protect me from chappals of those i have refused?

    Oops sorry – I did not know! So sorry!! Here there are people cursing me for not tagging them and you -who does not do tags 🙂 No chappals from me 🙂 You are too sweet for chappals!

    read urs…its just too warm n fuzzy!!! hugs! i loved the first memory most! and the about ur hubby saving each email! that’s so precious! hugs!

    will do this once am back to blogging smitha…promise! 🙂
    Thanks so much for that 🙂 Hugzzzz!

  19. Lovely post… 🙂
    brought back so many more memories which I haven’t put in my post! 😀

    I could picture most of what you have written! 😀

    Pixie – Thank you so much for tagging me – it was wonderful to do this post 🙂

  20. Lovely post Smitha! I am sure you will never forget these even if …even if you get afflicted by Alzheimer’s !!

    Reminded me of my dad who also teased my mom for her insistence on everything going where it belonged, and we had to scurry picking up our books, toys etc 🙂

    Your mom too 🙂 My mom is exactly like you described 🙂
    Thanks for tagging me too!!

  21. very interesting post..and thanks friend for your continuous encouragement though I was not regular in my postings and comments the whole of last month. Cheers.

    Well, you still managed to post quite a bit, despite being on holiday 🙂

  22. Beautiful memeories! and reminded me of mine..even my parents used to chant Shiv chaleesa and durga chaleesa and I just learned by inadvertantly listening to them:)

    It is amazing isn’t it? How much we imbibe.. Just last evening I was trying to chant the verses and was shocked to hear my daughter join in – she seems to have picked up some – even though she has heard them only during her vacations in India..

    Even for me Ranchi holds a very special place because that was the first city I lived with my Husband:)
    🙂 I can imagine 🙂 Then we were practically neighbours 🙂 – I grew up in Jamshedpur 🙂

    I have many gifts now but I still remembr the purse my husband bought when he got his first salary and because..I was looking at that purse sometime in that shop and he guessed that I wanted it:).

    Yes, that is so special!! Hugz to you! Your husband seems so sweet!

    And then that tour…we also went to a 6 day tour to Darjeeling gangtok, and many other places…I have very fond memories for many was our first trip, and we didnt have evn the experience to calculate how much money we might need:)

    ‘we didnt have evn the experience to calculate how much money we might need:)’ – how sweet!!! Renu, I just realised that I did not tage you either – but would be really wonderful if you could take up this tag too 🙂 Will update the post to tag you too 🙂

    very nice post:)

  23. That was a good one, Smitha…especially the younger brother and the dad’s one…makes you feel nostalgic suddenly for all that happened long back…

    I know, thats what I was feeling when I was doing this post 🙂

  24. WoW! Such sweet memories. I’ll have to come back tomorrow (or when given chance) and analise in detail. 🙂

    Whenever you get a chance sweetie 🙂 You should go out and celebrate tomorrow 🙂

    • LoL! It’s an evening exam. 2 and a half hours long. Starts at 4.30pm and finishes at 7pm. BUT yes we sure will celebrate if not tomorrow then definetly friday. 🙂

      Evening exam!!! Thats horrible!! What a waste of an evening 🙂 Anyways, you can always celebrate on Friday 🙂

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  28. beautiful memories. Quite similar to some of mine. Some very fond memories of Grandpa, Dad surprising mom on the annivs, and The G having compiled all my emails too :):) lovely read! I`m smiling ear to ear!

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