If only I could…

live in an idyllic village like this.. and spend time gazing out of the window….


or this….


Isn’t there something about the water that has a totally calming feel to it?


And one more – with a sea  – as the others don’t work for Winnie the Poohi 🙂


Edited to add : The first two pics are from Switzerland. Taken from the train journey between Interlaken and Luzern. The last one is from Wales.

54 thoughts on “If only I could…

  1. why why why ????

    I m longing badly for holidays… !!!!

    sigh…. !!!

    I think I wil have to fill up stomach with just the pictures… !!!

    lovely lovely places !!! wish i cud retire in some place like that !!! aah… !! bliss !! 🙂
    I know! I would love to retire in a place like this – away from the madding crowd 🙂

    • Earlier i had decided to retire in Nainital… then of late I have fallen in love with Manali and have decided to retire there… but this SWITZERLAND is not a bad place either … eh !!?? 😆 😀

      Swtizerland is really pretty and really expensive too 😦 I have heard that Austria is even prettier – but we’ve not had a chance to go there yet..May be next summer – if we are still here:)

  2. Wow great place smitha,i wish our villages to be like these.I like the place where solilo lives,sometime in my life want to visit and lazy around 🙂

    Oh yes, Saritha – I wish our villages were like this too! Beautiful – yet with all the basic amenities… But I guess, our weather is the culprit.. Its too hot in most parts of India for scenary like this…

    Given a chance i won’t leave the place and lazy around the lake 🙂

    oh me too!!! This is a pic we took from the train – there were countless such villages.. absolutely beautiful..

    Even ur post is not seen in my dashboard.

    I wonder why..

  3. I loved the pic.. but I want the sea near me.. so this wont work for me.. and you know what.. if you stay there forlong.. it wont seem that beautiful for you.. familiarity breeds contempt and all

    You need the sea 🙂 Let me post one more just for you then 🙂 And you are right, familiarity breeds contempt 😦 sadly – maybe if were rich enough to have a ‘holiday home’ there 🙂

  4. For a second I thought that the first two pics were from Lake district. 🙂
    Beautiful pictures.
    And please tell me what are the best places to visit in Wales? People just keep confusing me. 😦

    No – these are from last year’s May Bank holiday 🙂 I still have not downloaded the snaps from Lake District – some problem with my USB drive!! Argh!

    In Wales – we just went to Swansea and neighbouring places – but I have heard that North Wales is beautiful! Infact, we drove through it – and it was quite picturesque 🙂 I will get check out with other friends and let you know 🙂

  5. Sigh.. awesome pic… i want a holiday soon… 🙂
    But, doesn’t look like we are going anywhere any time soon…
    Way too much work….

    oh oh Pixie – I thought you were planning to get away with a short break!

  6. Beautiful Smitha!!
    But you know what if we actually live in an idyllic beautiful place away from the madding crowd soon, we’d start feeling left out and would like to be a part of the world…

    That is true too 🙂 Guess an idyllic place like this is perfect for a break and to come back rejuvenated!

  7. beautiful is what it is…….. 🙂 so your photograher also takes other photos other than you eating and drinking in em 🙂 LOL hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Why do you assume that my photographer too all these?? I have a hand in taking them too 🙂

  8. next time, you go to switzerland, open a zero balance account for me there 🙂 😛 😛 😛

    Do you think I take off for Switzerland every time it suits me????? It was the only place we could go from the UK without a visa now they have also gone and joined the schengan countries so we need a visa for it too!

    Zero balance account? Why what are your plans? Planning to join our govt, are you? 😉

    • account because I can boast that I have a swiss account 😛 😛 and zero balance because that is the amt I will put in that bank 😛 LOL

      😆 Better be careful the CBI might start investigating you since they cannot investigate the people who have non zero accounts – for obvious reasons 🙂

  9. Beautiful pictures of very beautiful countryside – only during the summer months though. Dread the winters there. Love to retire there for six months in a year!!!

    oh! That is so very true! Winters are like hell! Retiring there for six months is a perfect idea 🙂

  10. Lovely pics smitha… 🙂 i loved the last one… sea.. wonderful… 🙂 hope to see more such photos from you 🙂

    Will post more.. I am having some trouble downloading pics from my camera – from the last trip 😦

  11. As it is, I want to run away from this snake-infested place, and you had to go tempt me with all these picture-postcard pics! 🙂 I’ll take any of these anyday!

    LOL!! Yes, I am sure they sound very relaxing in comparison 🙂

  12. This is one of my abiding desires….a paradise in the hills; a brook rushing by, snow capped mountains in the distance and a verdant valley to view…

    Oh, How I would love that! There is something very calming and peaceful about places like these 🙂

    • That is exactly the place I live in now. 🙂

      And for a city girl who thought that country life would be boring, I am so used to it and love it.

      Oh you lucky, lucky girl 🙂 As Vinod says – ‘Touchwood’! You know when my parents moved to a little village in Kerala, I was worried that they would be bored after the hustle and bustle of their city life.. but they love it and so do I when I visit.. I really hope I get to retire to someplace like this too 🙂

      • Smi, this is the place most people retire to. So you will see beautiful retirement homes and lot of old people. Most of them move from California with truck loads of money and buy beautiful condos and houses. So everything is kept well.

        Oh – I have heard of places like this.. And I think it must be a gentler place, you know – thanks to the demographic..

        I do like the warmth of this place and love it but still I would want Peanut to grow up in a bigger and diverse place and may be later we can think back of settling in a village again. For now it is good. 🙂
        Yes, that makes sense.. One thing I have realised after living in London is that diverse is also good.. I mean, poohi has no problem interacting with anybody… She is extremely comfortable with every person from every nationality … But I like Leeds more because it is quieter and more polite than London..

  13. Being the ‘Pahari’ girl that I am, I echo Vinodji’s sentiments and have yearned for a small mountain cottage, lush green meadows, a mountain goat(inspiration “HEIDI”), mountain stream or dariya as we call it, flowers, crisp air and a bike as a means of transport…….
    Loved the Switzerland snaps…I went there as a little girl but to Grindewald. Wales looks beautiful..would love to visit someday.

    LOL – at (inspiration “HEIDI”) – I used to love that book so much I remember reading and reading it 🙂 Bike as a means of transport- I echo you totally!!! I love that kind of life! That would be my ideal retirement life 🙂

    We went to Grindelwald too.. Maybe I should do a travelogue and put up those as well 🙂 Grindelwald was beautiful!

  14. I have a slight village type scenario right where I live, and my parents’ place too 🙂 So in a way I am lucky…

    Wow! I really like that kind of places! Where I live now – is something like that too.. Though it is in a city – we are still quite far off from the hustle and bustle.. We have woods surrounding the ‘village’ 🙂 And I quite like it 🙂 But not quite as picturesque, though 😦

    But yes, you say it right when you say that water has a sort of calmness about it that lends itself to one’s surroundings too 🙂

    Lovely pictures, Smitha 🙂 Thanks for sharing them!

    I was browsing through old pics when I realised that they are worth putting up here 🙂

  15. Very nice and mesmerizing pics Smitha…I wish I can come and live there, and stay in that calm and peace atmosphere. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics :), Now I am wondering where Solilo lives as mentioned in one of the comments. Love, Nids

    I know – Solilo seems to be living in the bestest of places!

  16. Gorgeous pictures!
    beautiful and they pull one right in..
    and make one yearn too 🙂

    Yes, We wished we could just get off the train and spend some time there – it was so lovely!

    What Vinod Sir has described so beautifully is my dream too:)
    one day for sure 🙂

    Me too! That would be the best!

    you know why I love the idea of living beside the sea though?(if the mountain retreat one doesnt work out? 😀 )

    because the sight of those waves crashing against the shore somehow make one aware of one’s mortality…of how small a creature and how insignificant we are in this universe..

    Oh Abhi – That was so beautiful! – ‘because the sight of those waves crashing against the shore somehow make one aware of one’s mortality…of how small a creature and how insignificant we are in this universe..’

    that we are merely specks in this thing called time?

    The sea calms, it relaxes, it makes one sit and think…about life..about all that one is and can be…
    Yes, it does , doesn’t it?

    ((((((((((hugs))))))))) Smitha 🙂

    beautiful pics 🙂
    loved them 🙂

  17. I’m too much of a city child to be without malls & multiplexes & all the other hustle & bustle, so I don’t know if I could live in places like these……but that doesn’t mean I don’t treasure them. My dream would be to live in a big city from which such idylls are easily accessible for a weekend getaway ….. the best of both worlds!!!

    ‘ My dream would be to live in a big city from which such idylls are easily accessible for a weekend getaway ‘ – That is definitely nice!

    But ever since I had my daughter – I find city life less exciting 😦 I mean I look for quieter places, with lots of space and greenery 🙂 Guess priorities change 🙂

  18. Winnie the Poohi is crazy….looking at the sea is fun & all tht but the humidity will kill the joy out of everything :-/ .
    This part of the world, humidity is the last problem near the seas – the seasides are almost always cold and windy:( Even the day we had taken this snap – it was beautifully sunny but cold and windy 😦

    My choice wd be anywhere in the 1st 2 pics…..blisss I tell U 😀
    My choice too 🙂

    Beautiful Pics 🙂

  19. WoW! those places are BEAUTIFUL!! 😀 I’l love to live and any of those places. 🙂 I’ve ALWAYS wanted t live on the mountains.
    Well one day I will. 🙂

  20. WoW! those places are BEAUTIFUL!! 😀 I’l love to live and any of those places. 🙂 I’ve ALWAYS wanted to live on the mountains.
    Well one day I will. 🙂

    I know! It would be great to be able to live somewhere like this 🙂

  21. Hi Smitha,
    Wonderful pics.. Could you tell me during which months did you visit switzerland? And which period is the best?
    It would be great if you could put up a travelogue of your Swiss trip.


    Welcome here Rohan! Do you have a blog ? If so, please do leave the link 🙂

    We went last year – end of may – it was wonderful weather.. I think any time in summer should be great.. uptill Oct is good – as far as I have heard 🙂 Will try and put up a travelogue – I have to dig up memories to see if I even remember most of it 🙂

  22. wow beautiful:) and I am grinning:) because i am going to see all that in July:)…I also wanted to make a vacation home in Bheemtal, but here some hill stations dont have good medical facilities, so my idea is still pending:)

    You are so lucky!!! It is such a beautiful place! And your son and daughter-in-law are really lucky to be living there 🙂 Waiting for your pics 🙂

    Yes, medical facilties are an issue in these hill stations in India..

  23. u took these pictures from a train? either the train was too slow or ur camera is too good!
    i would have jumped off the train to put up my tent there.. its dreamland… n you so lucky to have seen it!!

    It wasn’t a very slow train – I guess the camera is good 🙂 But it gets blurry if you see it on a large screen 🙂

    n ppl like solilo – ha! i envy, for they say they are staying in such a place… I am loving all these picture posts of yous dear 🙂 keep putting more pics up.. or send me the picasa album link if you dont mind 😛

    Sure, Actually, the Switzerland pics were awesome.. Maybe I should do a post on them 🙂

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