A trip that was not meant to be…

Till last Friday, we had no plans for the long weekend(last weekend).. We had been thinking of going for a couple of day trips at the most and had planned to relax at home on Monday.. Then somewhere mid, Friday morning, it struck us that it was the last long weekend until the end of August!

So then started the holiday planning in earnest! We settled on Lake District as we had been planning to go there for the last 4 years – with no luck.. So I started checking out hotel rooms or B&Bs only to find out that every single one of them was completely booked for the long weekend! Talk about popular destinations, eh?

After calling some 20 hotels/B&Bs – finally a nice man gave me the number of the tourist information – who apparently have the latest list of vacancies. Finally, late in the afternoon, after calling some more B&Bs – I found one which had just had a cancellation!

We still were not sure about it as the weather was supposed to be ‘partly sunny’ on Saturday.. We were not sure if it was worth thr trouble.. Finally, we decided to go for it and from that point on – it was a mad, mad rush, to get everything ready.

Thankfully for us, the ‘weather god’ was in a good mood.. We did not get any rains.. We travelled through some of the most beautiful landscapes that we have seen so far – more of it in the next post.

What I really wanted to talk about was the weather.. It’s no wonder that sunny days are so welcomed here in Britain.. Every person in the country must have been out, thanks to the brilliant weather.. Every patch of grass had people having impromptu picnics! We even passed a petrol station where people were sitting in a really small patch of green, sunning themselves! Pubs were full of people drinking beer, outside.. People fishing in every little stream.. Watching the sunset at 9:00 in the night.. Feeding swans and ducks.. Ice cream vans everywhere! We ate a lot of ice cream too! Daughter has finally mastered the fine art of eating ice-cream from a cone – without it dripping all over the place – she’s been having a lot of practise these days 🙂

We finally got back last evening, exhausted, but totally satisfied with our last May holiday.. That was one fantastic trip – especially for one that was so last minute!

34 thoughts on “A trip that was not meant to be…

    • Yes Smitha… Its fun… somebody must give competition and i am winning here and there like Indian cricket team… LOL 😆 now you must have guessed who is Australian cricket team ROFL 😀

      Yeah Yeah 🙂 I have guessed:) you sure managed to beat the great Australian team this time 🙂

      • Me and Crafty Australian ???

        no way… we Indians !!!! we world champs !! we the best team in the world !!!

        well kanagu have your day out in the sun !!! lol… !! 😛 but not for long….

        strangely enough this post didnt show up in my reader… !!

        LOL!!! Hitchy – people are now bent on stealing your crown 🙂

        And it did not show up on your reader? Whatz happenning? First OGs now mine too??? Do you think reader is conspiring against you 🙂

  1. Wow… seems to be a great trip… please share the photos Smitha… 🙂 actually kids always muster the art of eating ice-cream soon… 😀 and sunset by 9… phew… then i will stay in beach for whole evening and enjoy it 🙂

    It was a great trip:) Will share the pics – I have to do it soon – or else will lose the enthu to do it totally 🙂 The weather was fantastic and the place was gorgeous! Breathtaking.. Will share the pics.

    Ice cream in a cone is a very messy affair – until they learn the trick 🙂

  2. These sudden, last-minute holidays are always great fun…good to hear that the little lady has learnt how to have ice cream from a cone!

    Yes, I think we enjoyed all the more bcoz it was such a last minute thing! Yes, the little lady has finally learnt it 🙂

  3. good to hear about your trip 🙂
    no long weekends until august.. i have no other holiday in office until september 😦
    hmmm.. why cant they give 2/3 holidays every month?

    No holidays till sept for you? Here I was feeling sorry for myself 🙂
    yes, they should do that – am sure productivity will increase manifold 🙂

  4. 😛 glad you enjoyed your long weekend…… I basically wasted it 😛 by sleeping the whole time 🙂
    LOL at mastered the fine art of eating ice cream 😀

    You wasted it???? We used to waste a lot of long weekends when both of us were working.. now there is me – super organiser, super travel consultant to make things happen 🙂 Those days we used to just try and get some sleep over the weekends:)

  5. Last minute trips are the best!! always!

    I didnt get a long weekend.. the occupational hazard i guess 😦 😦 but I get my regular 2 days a week holiday.. i guess am satisfied by it 🙂

    Oh these are probably the few advantages of working abroad … Yes, 2 days a week holidays are important enough 🙂

  6. It is really nice to see here evrybody going out on long weekends, and anyone coming back early is exception even. Here everyone seems to take full advantage of sun, whereas we people hardly notice it even, because we have itn in plenty.
    I know! People come out in hordes! Its the exact opposite of winters when you hardly see anybody out in the streets 🙂

    And yes, we do not even notice it in India! We take sunlight for granted!

    Even I like the icecream incones, especially the wafflecone:)

    Oh , Me too! I love the waffle cones too!! We ate way too many ice-creams! The best ice creams that I have eaten was in Italy though – absolutely mouthwatering ones and a huge amount of variety!

  7. Where are the photographs? I’ve heard that the Lake District is picturesque – hope one day I make it there…

    Photographs in the next post.. Just have not had a chance to download them yet! You should , Bones – it is totally worth it !

  8. Yes Smitha! We do kind of celebrate when we have sunshire here in the UK. Mainly because we hardly get to see any. Take for example today, the weather was great during the day, but now it is raining. 😐

    I know Badz! Sunlight is so much a reason to celebrate here 🙂 You know when we reached back home – the moment we entered our ‘village’ – the smell of barbecueing hit us! It felt as if everybody was having a barbecue 🙂 It is not raining here but it is windy and all gloomy 😦

    Anyway, I’m glad you and your family had a great time in the lake district. I’ve never been, but was considering to go for a few days during my summer break. Well lets see what happens. 🙂

    You should try and make it- its fantastic! Go with friends and do some walking or trekking! Its fantastic!! And go for 3 or 4 days! it felt too short to us 😦 We plan to go there again – for a longer break.

    • Yes BUT probably go with my parents. Dad really want to go like me. BUT we’re also planning on maybe visiting somewhere in Europe e.g. Rome. So lets see. Dad says we’ll discuss where to go after my exams are over i.e. end of next week.

  9. What are the odds? I too went to Lake District this weekend!! 😀 Which all lakes did you cover?
    Even I am going to write a post soon! 🙂

    Et tu?? Well what are the odds! We might even have crossed paths – for all you know :)Lake District was beautiful wasn’t it?

    We didnot cover as much as we would have liked – a three yr old is not very conducive to a lot of walking 😦 We did the cross lakes tour, the world of Beatrix Potter and a cruise to Lakeside.. And yes, we went to the Southern Lakes Wild Animal Park.. More in the next post 🙂 Waiting for your post now 🙂

  10. So you guys went for the break after all. 🙂 I love these sudden trips. How was Poohi? Still dancin and jivin? 😀 She mastered the art of eating Icecream. Sho shweet. Tell her that auntie still drips it. 😛

    Yes we did, finally! We just did not have the heart to waste a long weekend doing day trips that we could do any weekend 🙂

    Poohi is still dancing and jiving – she refuses to let us listen to anything else in the car! Aunty still drips it!!!! Messy Aunty 🙂 Thats what she would tell you 🙂 ‘Poohi not messy aymore’ 🙂

    • don Sololi, whose name is feared by people all over the globe and police from 11 countries are searching for, cannot eat an ice cream? 😛 😛 😛 LOL
      very bad 😛

      😆 OG – maybe you should provide this clue to the Interpol 🙂 Someone who drips ice cream 🙂

      • Ha..ha..ha.. I love cone more than the Ice cream so I gulp it to reach the cone and just mess it up. 😀

        Oh me too!! I love the cone far more!!! Just yesterday – I had 2 cones – with homemade ice cream 🙂

        Poohi will call me messhy Auntie. I am sure Peanut will cheer her. 😀

        😆 She is very proud of her ice cream eating skills at the moment – ‘look, I’m not messy, aymore’

  11. Hey Lucky you! Lake District I have heard is very picteresque. Your lil one finally mastered the art of ice cream eating ..thats an accomplishment in itself. Hurray to that! Looking forward to your details about the trip.

    Yes, Lake District is beautiful!!! Absolutely breathtaking! We had been planning for the last 4 yrs – managed it only now 🙂

    Yes ice cream eating is an accomplishment – atleast I don’t need to hover over her armed with bunches of tissue anymore 🙂

  12. Fantastic… glad someone had a weekend that involved going away. Where in Lake District, if I may ask? I do hope you had a chance to go visit the Beatrix Potter exhibition/musuem they have

    Did you not go anywhere? We stayed at Bowness on Windermere.. We did go to Beatrix Potter Attraction and Peter Rabbit Garden.. We did not get a chance to go to the Wordsworth Museum/exhibition though.. Next time – hopefully

  13. Glad you enjoyed your trip- trips planned at the last minute often turn out the best!

    Yes, they certainly do – probably because the expectation is much lower 🙂

  14. I can imagine how happy you people were. And esp. the children will enjoy fully. Tell Poohi that her 56 year old aunty is still spilling on her saree, while eating cone icecream. So people get me this icecream, without taking my permission first, just to watch me eating…struggling with it!

    We don’t have this habit of celebrating summers here, because every day is sunny days here. Only for the past some years, the families have started planning to go out of their house for just 2-3 days’ holidays. I feel that these types of trips make the family come closer to each other because the children get complete attention, which the TV or other work takes over at home!

    LOL at 56 yr old Aunty spilling ice cream 🙂 and ‘So people get me this icecream, without taking my permission first, just to watch me eating…struggling with it! 😆

    Yes, we certainly don’t celebrate summers in India – we just long for the monsoon 🙂 But yes, small trips are great – it definitely helps a family bond.. And we just did not do too many of these in India.. Somehow it seems easier here – to plan and travel..

  15. sigh.. sounds lovely 🙂
    Glad to know you had a great time! 🙂

    We need to take a vacation somewhere too, but it hasn’t happened and I am so waiting to get away to a quiet place….

    Yes, Pixie – it was lovely! You should try and take some time out.. We never did much of this when both of us were working.. Life was too busy then and all we could think of doing over the weekends was sleep and relax 🙂 But you should try and take a break – certainly is rejuvenating.

  16. So u guyz had a proper blast 😛 …gud 2 hear that……. surprise trips always turns out be the best compared to preplanned ones 🙂 …..

    yes we did – and quite unexpectedly too 🙂 Yes, surprise trips do turn out better – probably coz we tend to expect nothing 🙂

  17. I m just simply feeling jealous.. ! I am not getting any holidays and am stuck… !! even my wife had a 10 day break in manali but i m stuck in the sucking office… booo hooo….

    You just got back from Bharuch!!!! 🙂

    nor are you sharing pics… !!!

    I will share – promise – next post – promise – Have been very lazy – will do it before I lose my enthu 🙂

  18. That was a lovely trip.. but where r the photos?

    so u have an ice cream addict at home now!

    BTW. I shall soon, if the road permits 🙂 see ur wonderful Wayanad..

    Wow! Are you about to go on vacation??? oh!!! I am feeling homesick at the mention of Wayanad 🙂 Do go – am sure you will enjoy it – it supposed to be beautiful during the rains 🙂

  19. Your trip sounds so wonderful. And eating all those ice-creams in a nice sunny weather, how Fun!

    Oh yes, the weather makes all the difference 🙂

  20. Wow smitha, that sounds like a real fun trip………….any luck with job hunting????


    Haven’t started properly yet 😦 Too busy with all the holidays 🙂

  21. I hate last minute planning and I hate to be moved from a place without being given enough notice 🙂 but sometimes impulsive decisions are the best ones 🙂

    Me too – We never do this last minute thing – but this time was a nice exception

  22. (((((((((((hugs))))))))))))for Poohi Smitha 🙂

    big warm hugs for the little princess who doesnt drip icecream from the cone any longer 🙂

    last minute trips are beautiful na?:)

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