How do you like being shot?

I was just browsing through ourcollection of photographs and have come to the conclusion that most of my snaps have me eating or drinking!!!! WTH! Have to change my photographer – he is out to malign me!!!!!

There was one trip, to Italy, which has me in so many snaps hogging away- people will start believing that all I do is eat! – not that they would be terribly wrong though! Then again, not that they would need to see the snaps to start thinking that – one sight of me would be enough 😦

So what are you clicked doing most? What are you doing in most of your snaps?

34 thoughts on “How do you like being shot?

  1. lol at eating snaps,wish i had seen ur snaps 😉

    Before and after marriage it’s me who is always behind the lens,so hardly i am there in the snaps ;(

    btw my daughter sometimes clicks my snaps 🙂 🙂

    Hubby is always with the camera – I have to fight for it! But now he acknowledges that I take better spontaneous snaps – I believe I take better snaps – always 🙂 In revenge – I have taken loads of his sleeping 🙂 There is one of his – fast asleep which daughter in his arms is wide awake 🙂

    He takes so many of mine with food – and sometimes he puts his plate near me – without my realising it – and takes a pic!!!!! Now after daughter has come into the picture – it has slightly improved – as she gets the centre stage, mostly 🙂

  2. I am rarely clicked… I always am clicking… that doesnt mean I dont like to be clicked… sniff sniff… sob sob… wish some one would click me eating or drinking too… I dont mind… but they dont… eventually I have to tell them and they click and its never natural… How I wish my wife would keep clicking my pictures the way I keep clicking theirs… even my brothers shy away from clicking and everyone wants them to be clicked and I am the one who is always clicking

    click click… i meant sob sob… 😦

    oh oh!! Dhirenbhai – thats coz you are ‘GOD’!!! They don’t need any more of you 🙂 I love clicking and getting clicked 🙂 Can’t tell you how many crazy snaps there are of us – thanks to our (both my and husband) clickomania 🙂

  3. and why dont you share you pics in facebook ?

    Will do- have been very lazy.. Am actually uploading some in Picassa – so will post some in Facebook in the next few days 🙂

  4. I like being shot the way it doesn’t make me look an idiot when you see the snap . 🙂

    Me too 🙂 But that rarely happens 😦 Esp not when I busy polishing away food 🙂

  5. In most of my snaps I am looking at the camera … and I never like my snaps… ! 😦

    I never like my own snaps either – husband says that coz I imagine myself as better looking than I actually am 😦 sob sob! He is no good for my ego 😦

    • did he actually say that… !!! hawww….. that bad…. real bad….

      geee… atleast my wife hasnt said that… !!! whew…

      Lucky you 🙂 Maybe we should give your wife a few ideas 🙂

  6. LoL! I don’t really have many pics of myself (as I’m usually behind the camera) but if they are, they are pics of me sleeping (which my cousin own) or just plain normal ones with me smiling and posing. Although I’ve seen had this one strange picture which our group manager took (in India) with me and a bunch of complete strangers that were walkin past. 😕

    LOL! You too have sleeping ones 🙂 I have loads of my husband sleeping 🙂 I keep telling him – thats coz thats his favorite pose 🙂

    I have done that stranger thing with hubby too – I have one which looks like he is with another girl – though she was just walking by 🙂

      • yes. was studying. Just having a 5 min breather. 🙂 I’m actually on stress mode at the moment. 😦

        All the best! Take care and relax – am sure you’ll do very well!

      • I wish I could. I’m actually EXSREMELY NERVIOUS and TERRIFIED!! 😦 😥

        Oh don’t worry – i am sure you will do very well! All the very best!

  7. I hate being photographed ’cause I get very conscious -> very few photographs of me…My daughter on the other hand loves being photographed so she’s our model these days…

    Bones – Yes these days, my daughter is our favourite model too 🙂 But lately, she has got bugged too – she starts screaming – ‘no photographs’ – the moment she sees me with the camera 🙂

  8. Smitha I am generally behind the camera, I realise I have very few pictures of mine taken by someone else…
    But I find photographers who take pictures of people eating rather annoying, and they do this all the time at gatherings and functions!

    IHM, Get somebody to take your snaps too 🙂

    Yes, my husband just does it to annoy me 🙂 and he succeeds 🙂 I hate those snaps in weddings and functions with people eating too- almost as if it were a testament to how good the food was 🙂

  9. Did it ever occur to you why your hubby takes your snaps eating? Guess that needs some Freudian analysis! Just joking!

    He loves annoying me 🙂 and knows how much I hate it 🙂

  10. Are you going to post any of your photos (while eating or not!)here? I would love to see some.:)

    Here – probably not, Manju 🙂 I would , if only the internet had not been a free-for-all 🙂

  11. I am still laughing, Smitha, can’t think properly. In most of my photos, my neck is tilting on the left side! I can remember only that much. I am still laughing….

    Mine is always tilted to the right side!!! Everytime I get passport/visa snaps the photographer asks me to tilt the other way 🙂

  12. During wedding and functions, the photographer takes snaps of people eating …hand going near their mouth with a laddu, a mouth half open with laddu inside and glancing at the photographer with an embarassed look etc.etc. I have seen my own photos in others’ albums!

    LOL! I know! I stop eating if I see any photographers near by 🙂 One of my cousins used to hide behind papadams whenever a photographer was around 🙂

    We too have got photos of my husband sleeping while watching TV, his usual pose! He holds the remote in his hand always and suddenly it falls to the floor with a ‘thud’ and he wakes up!

    LOL! Thats the only place my husband does not sleep off 🙂 I have loads of his sleeping snaps – but none in front of the TV:)

  13. Sigh… i am so late in my comments this entire week!

    but, of course, back to the point – LOL!! (at the post)

    I am usually clicked browsing on the laptop or cooking 😀

    Busy, Busy, Pixie? Browsing or cooking? Wow! I am rarely clicked cooking – actually probably never 🙂 Once husband took a video of my microwaving ready made meals just to get on my nerves 🙂

  14. Ooooohh I used to be rather anal about giving the camera to anyone else so there used be very few photos of me, but since I’ve gotten over that, I’ve gotten pretty good at posing 😀

    🙂 Dewdrop 🙂 Husband was like that – now he has got a little less anal 🙂 He has started trusting me with the camera – only to find that I am better than him 🙂 *Hope he does not read this * 🙂

  15. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you eating in all your pictures in Italy. The food there is beyond delicious! 😉

    Wish it were only there – that had the most I think 🙂 Yes, I love italian food 🙂 The only thing I could not get eat there was Tiramisu and both of us went hunting for it – in the last few hours that we were there – but could not make it 😦 But yes, lovely, lovely food!

  16. Rephrase Smi. When I read the title I thought what’s with Smi? Is she writing a fiction and asking us on how to shoot the villain. Ha..ha..ha..

    LOL 🙂 I was worried you guys might think that I am asking you for your preferred way of being killed 🙂

    Coming back to your post,

    Count me in. I love being in pictures. My mom tells me that my favorite passtime was to be get clicked. Now of course things have changed and I take pictures.

    Me too – I love being in snaps and taking snaps 🙂 Last trip to Wales- it was a 4 day trip and we clicked 900 snaps – most of them by me – no wonder we are running out of hard disks the way we are 🙂

    To your question, I am mostly with my mouth open in all pictures because I am always chatting.

    LOL! Open mouthed Solilo 🙂 When I was young, Dad used to say ‘ Vaayil eecha povum :)’ Yes, have a lot of that too 🙂 But so many of me eating – was surprised to see it 🙂

  17. I love taking pics and I love being in them 😀
    leo vanity 😀

    LOL ! I love taking pics and being in them too- despite not being a leo 🙂

    but seriously I could pose for hours 😆

    but I am damn good at clicking pics of their various moods 🙂 most of them see a new side of themselves when they see the pics I have clicked 😀
    psst modesty?so not me 😀

    lol!! I love spontaneous pics too! I click so many of husband’s and daughter’s that way – I keep complaining that he does not do the same for me:(

    I am usually smiling in most of my pics 😀
    I can smile at the drop of a hat 😀
    Me too – unless hubby and I are in the middle of a fight – in that case, you would see sullen faces too 🙂
    😀 yeah when the videographer comes anywhere close while I am eating one glare sends him scampering off! 😀

    LOL! I do that too 🙂 Or just stop eating until they go off 🙂

  18. Have to change my photographer
    🙂 your poor husband……. 😛 😛
    I normally take photos of scenaries and the road….. dont know why, I love taking photos of the open road…… 🙂 and I take very few photos of me….. dont want to spoil the pic….. 😛 LOL!!!!

    I do that too – we have so many pics of roads – esp while we drive 🙂 We take some of ours as well as family back home demand it 🙂 And loads of daughter, of course 🙂

    • I am just not photogenic…… 🙂 yeah, always blame the camera and not my face…… 😀

      Oh, I am sure its all the camera’s fault! Naughty camera, as my daughter would put it 🙂

  19. I don’t like looking fat in my pics, and I’ve always looked fatter than I really am. My chubby cheeks look chubbier when I smile, so I’m always trying out different smiles. Thats my only complaint about my pics 🙂

    Welcome here, Priyanka 🙂 That happens with me too 🙂 – looking fat that is 🙂
    You have chubby cheeks! How cute!

  20. He he he… on reading the title of the post I thought how you like to get shot out of pistol… *sigh* i love to click but not to be clicked… most of the times i like to get ‘shot’ in different poses… but they will be mostly dumb 😦 luckily none of them clicks me when i am eating as it will damage my image more. Already my friends were complaining i am taking tons of food.. LOL 😆

    LOL 🙂 You are lucky 🙂 My image is already gone 😦

  21. What am i doing in most of my snaps?

    Flashing the most constipated looking artificial smile in the whole world. I really need to work on it!

    You sound like Chandler from FRIENDS 🙂 I hate posing too – I prefer spontaneous – not eating snaps 🙂

  22. Hey smitha, late to comment 😦 what to do..dint touch the laptop over the weekend..

    Coming to the topic. i love taking pics of anything and everything. so i am the one who is missed in all the pics 😦 and the moment someone wants to click a pic of mine, i keep this smile which isn’t real and i don’t like the pic which was taken. The moment someone says smile i dont know what happens to my smile and i keep all wierd faces..
    As u have mentioned above I don’t like the pics of mine. i always find flaws in my pics. I feel the pic wasn’t clicked at the right moment or some other reasons..

  23. I am the one who always remembers to click ..

    likes to be photographed but I dont like the result!….and now my daughter has also joined me.. but son being a Leo loves to be photographed in all poses.

  24. Oh I was so camera shy once.. and hence I hardly have any pics of my life before college.. but since then.. I have become crazy with camera esp mobile camera.. I either click clouds/scenery etc etc.. or I click myself! oh yes.. I dig clicking myself 😀

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