Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen, yes, that’s my little girl’s favourite song at the moment. From the last few weeks she has been hooked on to ABBA!

Well, who’s going to believe me when I say that my daughter had no ears for anything except her nursery rhymes, now  goes around singing, ‘You can dance, you can jive…’

It all started a few weeks back, when she was refusing to sleep and I was exhausted and wanted to watch to relax. We had Mama Mia – the movie , lying around and I had always wanted to watch it. All the time in London, I had wanted to watch the play – but never managed it and now after the movie was made – that was on the list too.. So that weekend, I threw caution to the winds and said,’Lets watch it, she’ll probably drop off watching it’. I am normally extremely careful with what I let her watch – but that day, I was beyond caring.

How was I to know that she would be captivated by it. She sat through the whole movie. Loved every song and ever since, the only songs she wants to hear are ABBA.. Now I am seriously worried if I have scarred her for life or something. The child is fixated on these songs. She demands Mama Mia or Dancing Queen as soon as we get into the car, this from a child who used to only ask for ‘incy wincy spider or humpty dumpty’. Last week, when I was studying for my driving test, the only way I could keep her away from jumping over the book was to play the songs.. Have I unleashed a monster?

Today, she sang Dancing Queen at the supermarket shopping – very loudly! I got a lot of looks from a lot of people. I am now seriously worried that some of them might report me to the child services for bad parenting 😦

44 thoughts on “Dancing Queen

  1. OK, I wrote that first comment without reading the post..Just read it.

    You know, the thing with kids is that even if they catch onto something quickly, something else with catch their fancy and this will soon be forgotten. Now I am not speaking from experience but I’ve seen that happen many times with cousin’s kids, bro’s kid etc.

    So keep at it. She’ll soon find something more intresting and will move on. But yes, till then, you’ll have to keep a check on her.

    Masood – The songs are extremely catchy and does not help that I keep singing it too 😦

  2. Your kid sounds so cute. My son’s fav song when he was less than a year old was “I’ve had the time of my life” from Dirty Dancing. That was his lullaby.
    He outgrew t within a few months & since then it’s been one song after another.
    So don’t worry!
    Hey, u write well 🙂

    Monika, Welcome here 🙂 LOL at your son’s lullaby 🙂 Children do pick up interesting songs, don’t they 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  3. Hey ABBA is not a bad influence! And it has a catchy rhythm! Get on with her.. may be dance a jig in the super market u might get few amused smile ** all for the goodness of the society spread the smile and all* he he he 😉

    Seriously she is so kewt! Enjoy it simply!

    I love ABBA and can’t get tired of it , no matter how many times I hear it 🙂 Guess it was not so surprising that she liked it 🙂 But she’s crazy abt it 🙂 I am enjoying it 🙂 We sing and dance to them everyday, albeit not at the supermarket 🙂

  4. Kids love music Smitha, they don’t even listen tot he words, and what harm can Abba do? Many Nursery Rhymes (like Three blind mice) are sillier than ‘I have a Dream’ 🙂 And Dancing Queen has such a catchy tune 🙂

    IHM, Yes, they certainly have the ability to judge bad from good 🙂 And I am happy that she picked up ABBA – hopefully it just indicates her taste 🙂 Dancing Queen is one of my favs! I love ABBA too 🙂

  5. My son likes Pappu Cant Dance saala… !!! its as if he is singing it for me… I cant dance at all !!!! 😦

    Masakalli was another favourite too… but nothing like Pappu CAnt Dance Saala… !!!

    LOL! That must be fun 🙂 Does Hriday sing it too?

  6. 🙂 LOL…… no advice from me!!!!!!!
    enjoy!!!! maybe you should introduce her to hip hop..and gangsta rapping..LOL

    Yes, hip hop and gangsta rap next in line 🙂 That reminds me of that episode in FRIENDS where Ross and Rachel try to get Emma to smile 🙂

  7. Sho cute! Poohi dancing and singing you can jive… is the cutest thing. Stop harassing the child, Smi! Next time you join her too. Go crazy in the supermarket!

    Ha…ha…ha…if social services come then send them to my house. People should have reported me long back 😀 😀

    You all want me behind bars, don’t you 🙂 We do dance to it – but NOT at the supermarket 🙂

    Social services might not be so ready to go all the way to the US 😦

  8. so cute Smitha 🙂 Poohi is a darling 🙂
    let her dance her heart out 🙂
    That song is awesome and Poohi has good taste 😀
    and her mamma is rocking coz next time as SOlilo says you will join her too wont you? 😀

    (((hugs))for Poohi 🙂
    I love the lil monster 😀
    send her over to me …Abhi will teach her a few more awesome dancing wala songs 😀
    muah for Poohi 😀

    Oh I am enjoying it 🙂 A lot 🙂 It is fun to see her excitement 🙂 And yes, I am hoping that it is an indication of her taste 🙂 Lets see what she picks up next 🙂 We do dance to it – NOT at the supermarket though 🙂
    Will send her to Abhi Aunty – teach some awesome dancing – while we enjoy some childfree days 🙂

  9. Not to worry smitha,now ABBA song later some other songs,their preferences keep on changing.Varunavi used to sing i want to move it move it,now any sharuk songs she dances and sings it.

    Saritha – I don’t really mind – unless she decides to sing it at some totally inappropriate place 🙂 Yes, wonder what she will catch on to next 🙂

  10. As everyone here commented, children learn fast and forget fast. The catchy rythm attracts adults, children alike.

    Would love to see Poohi dancing. She must be cute.

    Yes, catchy rhythms certainly attract everybody 🙂 She is always singng and dancing these days 🙂

  11. So cute… Kids do the cutest things… 😀
    don’t worry Smitha… you are a great parent! 🙂

    Thank you Pixie 🙂 my daughter might disagree in a few years time, though 🙂

  12. I think kids are wiser when it comes to certain things.ABBA has a collection of highly evolved and advanced music-i mean like the cream you carefully churn out of milk.Its good that she got hooked to the real good band.”Chiquititta” is my favourite.I still cry when i listen to that song.

    ABBA is fantastic, isn’t it? I love all their songs – Chiquititta is beautiful! I am glad too that she liked ABBA 🙂

  13. Instaed of being worried, you should be celebrating the fact that your daughter has a terrific ear for music. I mean if someone who listens to ABBA does not get hooked, then I have nothing more to say!

    ABBA produced perhaps the most melodious and memorable songs after the Beatles. And your daughter can identify even better with ABBA because it is primarily the girls who sing.

    ABBA is certainly timeless! There is something about their music which continues to captivate people so many years later! I love ABBA too and can never tire of listenning to them! Oh I am delighted that she liked ABBA instead of some general band 🙂

  14. Never heard those songs Smitha… but one thing is kids love catchy music and they will catch their attention instantly… its not a problem… if she hears another one she will forget this one… let her sing and dance 😀 and enjoy… she is a cutie as always 🙂

    Kanagu – You should try these out – ABBA is wonderful. Try it out – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-8DO6k3HJ8&feature=related – This is from the movie.. Oh, she does sing and dance 🙂

  15. that song is nice, overall all songs by abba are great.
    your daughter has good ear .

    sm, Welcome here ! Yes, ABBA is one of my fav too! I am certainly hoping so 🙂

  16. lol 😀

    Though I haven’t heard the song but I am sure that u can not be reported for bad parenting….

    It is just a song and ur daughter is a sweetheart (I cud gauge it from the beautiful way you have put it :-))

    Oh do try it out – Am sure you’ll like it too 🙂 The songs are wonderful!

    • Even I haven’t heard the song.
      Little kids singing songs will look very cute. So u too join Poohie the next time she sings and i am sure this time everyone in the super market will look at you and have a smile on their face 🙂 🙂

      Mystery, ABBA is fantastic 🙂 I love it myself 🙂 Just didnot expect Poohi to enjoy it so much 🙂

  17. Agree with Vinod… who can forget “ABBA”.. even now I cannot ignore them and I chose to watch Mama Mia only to hear those songs once again.. but I liked the movie.. only wish Mr. Bond never acted in it.. he looked silly 🙂

    Let the little one dance to her heart… sweet kisses to her…

    Asha. Me too! I love ABBA – I just don’t get tired of it 🙂 No matter how many times, I am forced to listenm to it – thanks to daughter 🙂
    You did not like Pierce Brosnan in it? I loved him in the movie 🙂

  18. I’d like to second Vinod Sharma here 🙂

    Abba has to go down as one of the favourites as far as i am concerned, and so you should be celebrating, not worrying 🙂 🙂

    Particularly Dancing Queen… 🙂

    My younger one, at 20+ has just discovered Abba, and “I have a dream” and he’s like Amma, you have to hear this one. When I sang along, he was confounded :P! That was a joy… to see his expression. So you see, Abba, particularly has a timeless appeal 🙂

    And also as IHM says, kids have a ear for music and are easily taken up with melodies and rhythms… 🙂 Let her enjoy it, as you have 🙂

    Nice post:)

    Usha, I love ABBA too 🙂 I was just surprised at how much 🙂 She never picked up any other song in this way 🙂 ABBA is certainly timeless!!! I love Dancing Queen ! I love all of them, actually 🙂
    Your son did not know that you liked ABBA ? I can imagine his surprise 🙂 One of the few groups with fan following spanning generations, don’t you think?

  19. Dont worry:) children’sfancy dont last too long, dont be surprised if next week she is hung up on something else:)

    She is going strong on this one so far 🙂 2 weeks + 🙂

  20. LoL! Relax! Nothing will happen. (I can’t help but smile 🙂 ). And your daughter is fine. All kids go through that. Even adults. I still do. 😉 When I hear a song I like, ti’s buzzing through my head for days if not week. And I’m fine if I do say so myself. 😉 (Although others may disagree. 😀 ) So she’s fine. It’s just a phase she’s going through. 🙂 😆

    I know – can’t blame her really, not when her mom’s singing it all the time 🙂 She just sang it in the supermarket – how was she to know 🙂

    lol at ‘And I’m fine if I do say so myself. 😉 (Although others may disagree. 😀 )’

  21. Hehe…..just wanted to remind u that the “Best[or worst] is yet to come”


    Thank you Nancy – Thats making me feel better 🙂

  22. Everytime I come here I want to tell u that ur head is soooo beautiful. But before I knw it I’d have clicked submit comment.

    Even today;-P.

  23. ooooooh noooo….I meant ur HEADER!!!!!!

    Ever heard of tht saying “onnil pizhachaal moonnil”

    My life revolves around tht saying;-/.

    LOL 🙂 ‘onnil pizhachaal moonil’ 🙂 For a minute I was like ‘my head’? Did I post my pics by mistake – can’t rule that out – me being me 🙂

    Those are flowers from my mom’s garden – just like seeing them everyday 🙂

  24. Smi, Many times this weekend I was thinking of Poohi jiving and had a smile. Ummas to my little Poohi.

    Poohi passes ummas back to Solilo Aunty and Peanut Chechi 🙂 Did I tell you that I showed her the snap you had put up of her- and she could not quite understand how a ‘chechi’ was a baby 🙂

  25. That’s cute. 🙂 I totally loved “Mamma Mia”, both the movie and the musical. I watched them both! There is absolutely nothing wrong with a lil child jiving to Abba’s music… it’s so catchy!

    Well, I happened to wander over here. Nice blog!

    Welcome here Sindhu 🙂 I never got to see the musical 😦 Will catch it sometime – hopefully 🙂

    Thanks for visiting- do drop by again 🙂

  26. this is the time they (kids) are inhibitionless and we must take a page from their behaviour!! whatever happened to us? dancing in supermarket acc to me is supercool….sure u’ll get stares, but u know, most of these ppl r gonna wish they had the guts to be you, and had a daughter like urs by their side!!! 😀 😀

    u need company to go crazy, contact me…am all for dancing with u and ur lil daughter!!! hey..u won’t disown me there, will u???
    “er…that girl…no no she’s not with me…” hehheehheheh

    Smitha, your lil gurl is a ROCKSTAR!!! hugs n muahs from me to her! 😀

    Yes, We can learn a lot about being ‘nhibitionless’ from children 🙂 I certainly could 🙂 Yes, yes – I need company!!! Please come over and accompany us to the supermarket 🙂 I promise to bake you a cake too – added incentive 🙂
    Poohi says thank you aunty for calling me a rockstar 🙂

  27. Nope, not bad parenting at all! I too play ABBA songs for Ash 😉 And she loves to listen to them. They are classic.

    Thats so sweet that she sang so loudly at the supermarket, I’m sure you felt very proud 🙂

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