Experiment gone wrong

My last post was truly an experiment gone wrong.. Yesterday, my broadband decided to play up. I had just started my blog day – commenting and started working on a  post when suddenly – no Internet connection!

Now, that never happens here.. So I assumed that there must be something wrong with the router, the laptop. Repaired the connection, tried restarting, tried switching off the router, even disconnecting it and connecting it again – but no luck at all! Even tried connecting with my husband’s laptop – to confirm that it was not a problem with mine.. But nothing.. It kept saying that it is connected – but I kept getting errors while connecting..

Finally gave up and decided to log on from my phone. Now, the phone is great – but I can’t comment on a lot of Blogger posts from my phone and I was halfway through a post too – and had never accessed the WP admin from the phone.. That had been on my to-do list – but somehow had never gotten down to trying it out yet. So decided to experiment with trying to do a post from the phone. 

Now, this was one aspect that I find Blogger easier to use.. There aren’t as many options – so with blogger editing and posting using the cell phone was quite easy. With Wordpres, I was very wary.. And as I was playing around with stuff, i decided to preview  my post. Now this post, I had not done any editing, spellcheck or any sorts of checks – I had just completed it and wanted to see how it looked.. As I hit preview, and just as I did that, my phone died on me – as I plugged it in to be charged, daughter decided that I had spent enough time on the phone – she wanted my exculsive attention.. I got busy with my non-blog life and forgot all about my post.

I logged in later in the night- again on my mobile – blog surfed and commented but forgot all about my post. This morning when I logged into my email – I noticed a bunch of comments for a post which I thought I had not published! Thats when it dawned on me that I had actually hit ‘Publish’ instead of ‘Preview’ 😦

And this morning, broadband has started working again- miraculously! I do wonder if the universe was conspiring against me ….

21 thoughts on “Experiment gone wrong

  1. hahahaha 🙂 The internet god never seems to happy with you!!!! 😛
    maybe you need to do puja to satisfy “Lord Internetu”!!!!
    Then maybe you could escape the curse!!!!

    Yes, I should do some puja to satisfy “Lord Internetu”!!!! That should help 🙂

  2. LOL!!! 😀

    We used to keep having that problem previously – all these mysterious issues of re-connect and disconnect of the internet!!!

    Now, we are ok with a different service provider…

    My mobile is the basic model – u know – the Nokia base model which is useful only for receiving and making calls/sms… 🙂

    You know – funnily enough – it has not happened since last Thursday – just seems to have got sorted miraculously ! I spoke to the ISP and they asked me to ‘monitor’ it – but it has not happened again..

    My phone used to be that basic model too – but now I am too hooked to this phone – its fantastic 🙂

  3. Gosh I always wonder what would happen if I did that… and my unedited posts are long, and rambling .. written in between many distractions at home! 😆 Which post is that? The last one?
    … or this one and you have edited and added this to it…?

    I have never used the phone for accessing the internet, but I have had similar experiences with the internet connection 🙂

    IHM, I almost died – when I saw that I had published it by mistake 😦

    I love my phone though – it allows my to multitask everywhere 🙂 But I am not going to experiment with accessing WP Admin from the phone in the near future 🙂

  4. 😆
    Smitha that was cute to read 😀 awww…poor bbaby (((hugs))
    Like OG said didnt you pray to the internet gods nicely? 😉

    and I also have to say that the post was awesome!so no worries there! 😀
    loved it! 🙂
    it was upbeat and optimistic 🙂 like you 🙂

    PS:- there is miscommunication between the phone god and the internet god it seems 😀

    Yeah, yeah, Internet god certainly hates me and lots of miscommunication too 😦 Am certainly not going to experiment at least not in the near future 🙂

    Thank you for the compliment – you are certainly good for my ego 🙂 Hugs !

  5. Lol ur post doesn’t require any spell check/editing.When post i make sure twice before i post as i am expert in spellings 😉

    Give bribe to the internet god,he will listen to u 🙂

    Sometime i also face the same situation,my internet keeps on playing with me and kids also doesn’t want me to get glued to the laptop 😦
    And top of all these hubby will be laughing…..

    Saritha – I got so scared when I saw that I had published it by mistake ! It was scary and so embarrassing and too late to delete 😦

    ‘internet keeps on playing with me and kids also doesn’t want me to get glued to the laptop 😦
    And top of all these hubby will be laughing…..’ – that sounds just like me 🙂

  6. It happened to me yesterday! I tried to connect to the internet for more than 2 hours – on/offed my modem (the 4 lights were flickering too!), restarted the laptop, connected to wireless modem directly ….did everything. After two hours, I wanted to make a phone call and lifted the phone and it was DEAD! This is the first time, it is dead.

    I had this habit of writing posts and save them for 2-3 days, edit and then publish. Once I hit the ‘publish’ button for a post and it published on the date I started writing the post – went below 3 newer posts. I did not know about the ‘options’ button. God, I did so many mistakes for coming this far. I don’t get so much free time to just sit alone and write at a stretch.

    But that post was good, Smitha. Just one or two small mistakes, which is very common for bloggers like us! I liked the subject, which is important, for a post.

    Sandhya – I think you write very well! It takes time to get used to all the ‘options’ 🙂 Thank you for your kind words – as always 🙂

  7. You are clearly more than hooked to blogging Smitha! And everybody knows now…that is why “the universe was conspiring against” you!

    Yes Vinod – I need to get a life and a job 😦

  8. Ha.. ha.. ha.. if it is happened here means the first blame will go the internet provider 😀 its very hard to blog thru mobile.. I am yet to read your previous post… so after reading it i will comment 🙂

    I am still not sure what went wrong 😦 Makes me uneasy – if I don’t know what was wrong 🙂 It is more difficult to do things like spell checks and stuff.. And you might end up touching the wrong button 😦

  9. modest people like me are a rarity to recognition is always a problem …

    god forgive this lil child she knows not what sin she is committing !

    Why do you need ‘God’ to forgive me? I thought you were ‘GOD’???????

  10. Haha! 😆 It sounds like what happened to me when I moved home. Not the blogging thing just what happened with your internet. You’re right. We rarely get problems with internet here (touchood), BUT when it does go and you’re forced to use your phone (which you are not use to for internet) you end up doing things you don’t intend to. 😉

    Yes, Badz -LOL at ‘you end up doing things you don’t intend to. ;-)’ I do access the internet on the phone all the time – but mainly to read posts and comment on WP blogs.. Some of the Blogger posts are difficult to comment on with the phone 🙂 But this time – it was bad 😦

  11. Smitha, I too use the mobile to access blogs. You are right, there is no mobile version for WordPress, unlike Blogger. Also we can’t email a blog post to WordPress, it’s possible to do that for Blogger.

    Yes, Blogger is certainly better for mobile blogging.

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