No to Sex Education?

I just came across this article here.  ‘A Parliamentary committee has disfavoured introduction of sex education in schools and suggested inclusion of appropriate chapters in Biology syllabus, but not before plus two stage’

And they justify it by saying this – ‘Message should appropriately be given to school children that there should be no sex before marriage which is immoral, unethical and unhealthy,” the committee on petitions of Rajya Sabha said in its latest report which said “there should be no sex education in schools”.’

Does sex education in school equal – ‘sex before marriage’? Surely, in today’s world, children have access to a lot more material than the previous generations and isn’t it always better to ensure that they get this information from schools and parents instead of sleazy magazines or websites? By the time, a child reaches plus 2 – he/she is already 15/16 years old. Isn’t that too late to start sex ed?

‘The committee said chapters like ‘Physical and Mental Development in Adolescents’ and ‘HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases’ may be removed from the present curriculum and included in the books of biology at the ten plus two stage. ‘

I really feel that information, when given in a matter of fact, sensible way , can only help and by taking it off the curriculum and keeping it under the wraps can only cause more issues. Surely, when teenagers are made aware of the dangers and issues, they would be more conscious and responsible rather than when it is all kept hidden away like forbidden fruit?

What do you think? Do you think this is a sensible move or are we just burying our head in the sand?

Edited to Add –  I just came across this. Scares me to think of it – but an interesting read..

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  1. Sex education is needed in this information age where everything is available readily on net.. as you have said it must be given in a more sensible way..

    /*in today’s world, children have access to a lot more material than the previous generations and isn’t it always better to ensure that they get this information from schools and parents instead of sleazy magazines or websites?*/

    nicely said Smitha.. current generation is not like us.. who all just confined to their text books.. everybody browsing thru the net for info.. so there is every possibility that they will end in wrong way 😦

    I think the reason for the rejection is due to the age factor of the members in the committee who will be over 50 and not able to think in the lines of the current world..

    Me : Yes, Kanagu, I agree – the age of the committee definitely makes a difference. It is sad though that they do not see the relevance of sex education in schools..

  2. “I really feel that information, when given in a matter of fact, sensible way”- that is actually the crux of the matter. If we could ensure this…

    Me : Manju, ‘If we could ensure this’. I have actually read that even teachers are quite uncomfortable with teaching sex education.. So I guess we have a long way to go.. When we were in school, we had doctors come and talk to us – it was not part of the syllabus – just that the school felt it was necessary and collaborated with doctors to have sessions – I think we were in class 8 – and I think that was very good – I mean – they handled it so professionally that we never felt embarrased or anything..

  3. I totally agree with u smitha.Instead of knowing from the net/other source,it is better we educate them.
    As said by u the present generation kids are not like us,they are a way ahead of us.The questions we never thought/never asked our parents,they are asking us now.The present generation kids think differently than us.To add more fuel,the internet,one can get any damn thing on the net,and net has become a common feature in everyone household.Before it was a luxury,now it has become a common thing which everyone have it at home.

    I agree with what Kanagau has said– that I think the reason for the rejection is due to the age factor of the members in the committee who will be over 50 and not able to think in the lines of the current world..I am sure 50% of them don’t know abt the net/computers.

    When something is kept under wraps,we become more curious to know it.For example if there is some scene on TV which i think my daughter shuld not see,i change the channel,she asks more questions abt that eg.death,blood etc.

    Me : Totally agree.. The parliamentary committee consists of politicians – so they might just be playing safe too – you know, just before elections and everything… Its a pity though.

  4. What about those who give up biology at 10+2 level and take up vocational subjects
    I think it is very important to make public opinion realizing the difference between sex education and adultery/fornication.
    I think separate sessions (which I suppor more) for girls and boys in school, on the matter, might help calm down the opposition by some amount.

    Me : ‘What about those who give up biology at 10+2 level and take up vocational subjects’ – great point!!! Yes, they have clearly not even thought of this..

  5. Sex Education is a must…
    When we were in school, I remember my biology teacher saying that she will rap the knuckles of anyone giggling and to further the punishment – since they knew everything, they would have to answer the questions at the end of the session!! 😀

    In one of those awesome sessions, she spoke to us about the dangers of unwanted/forced sex… How to handle it, what is good and what can be filed away as evil…

    Not once did she mention that pre-marital sex was “bad”…

    We had a great biology teacher… 🙂

    *not really a comment, more of a trip down memory lane*! 😀

    Me : Pixie – I agree, I think ‘the way sex education is imparted’ is also equally important. There is no point in having sex education when the teachers themselves are not comfortable handling it..

  6. Of course it is just burying our heads in the sand. One has to get real. Today, as you have said, everything is easily accessible. A friend of mine was once shocked to disciver what her young son had been browsing on the quiet. Most parents don’t ever get to know because kids erase their cyber footprints. That is why it is even more important that sex education is imparted early, sensibly, in a matter of the fact way. Plus two is two too late!

    Me : Yes, we certainly seem to be burying our heads in the sand.. The thought of children browsing internet on the sly scares me.. We, as parents have to really be on the top of things and I guess, be there for them.. But the danger still remains ..Yes, which makes it all the more important that sex education is imparted at the right time and in a proper way.. There is no point in having sex education – if the teachers themselves are queasy and uncomfortable about it…

    • That is one major challenge for today’s parents. Cyber activity. I have been part of online discussion forums before and I have seen children as young as 13 chatting away to glory with married strangers in 30s. Parents have no clue of the danger lurking in their own home while they try to keep their children safe from outside danger.

      Parental control over TV and PC is a must. Parenting is a tough business and it gets tougher and challenging when dealing with a teenager.

      Me : Yes, Solilo, parenting is getting more and more difficult! ‘I have seen children as young as 13 chatting away to glory with married strangers in 30s’ – the thought scares me! I do think that a lot is dependant on us, as parents. How open we are with them and how approachable we are with them… Parental control over TV and PC is a must – totally agree. And I think discipline – if started early – is much easier than when people suddenly wake up to it when the child turns a teenager…

  7. This kind of thinking helps nobody! It is always preferable that the subject of sex education for children is approached with great sensitivity and should encompass the concept of sex, chastity, the institution of marriage and the values attached in our society be conveyed to the growing children before puberty. With the growing instances of child abuse, they should be aware of ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’ so that they can recognise evil patterns. Recently when a case of incest was brought out by the media, so many gathered courage to report their predicament. Good you have raised this point here.

    Me : Gopinath – Agree emphatically with everything that you have said here.. ‘It is always preferable that the subject of sex education for children is approached with great sensitivity and should encompass the concept of sex, chastity, the institution of marriage and the values attached in our society be conveyed to the growing children before puberty. ‘ – if only this was done…
    As for ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’ – yes , it is essential – and parents have to impart these – much before sex ed in school.

  8. Sex education is a MUST but I would go with “I really feel that information, when given in a matter of fact, sensible way” is the underlined and most important aspect here. We must first ensure that it is done in the proper way.

    I still remember the menstruation cycle class in Std. 7th and our Biology Sir explained it in the most confusing manner which left most boys giggling and some girls embarrassed and some students totally clueless . There should be a separate dept. for Sex education but in higher classes.

    I am a paranoid mother who would prefer to be the first one to let her child know about such details. I don’t want young minds to have wrong impression like in US it is taught that ” Use condom and have safe sex” which I believe is a motto in India too now. How about teaching abstinence at young age instead of telling them to cap it and have it.

    As far as I know in most private schools here, before sex education class there is a parent-teacher meeting and I have already prepared my set of dos and donts for when Peanut gets to that level. 😀 I am going to be a pain in the arse parent for Peanut’s school teachers.

    Me : ‘We must first ensure that it is done in the proper way. ‘ – Totally agree. I think most schools don’t have that in place. We had a couple of classes with doctors – who used to come in specially to teach. And I think it was fantastic! It also removes the ‘awkwardness factor’ with teachers you see everyday.. After the sessions, we could ask questions – we were told to write the questions in paper and a teacher would pick it up and the doctor would answer each question.. It was very well handled – with no awkwardness whatsoever..

    I certainly agree that a child should first get to know from the parents. As for the concept abroad of – safe sex – it is scary.. I believe teenagers also get free condoms from health centers here – so bad is the teenage pregnancy problem.. That is another end of the spectrum..I would really want to try and balance it out and ensure that my daughter has all the information – from the right sources.. and the right morals to make the right decisions..

    • Frankly, I would teach my kids (whenever I have them) to use a condom and have safe sex instead of trying to stop them. Cuz you can’t stop them. You can only educate them about it and trust them to make the decision for themselves. Because, kids in their early teens will be naturally curious about sex. And they will experiment. I’m speaking from experience. I had my first boyfriend when I was fourteen, and quite a few girls had theirs much earlier. And I remember being shocked by their lack of knowledge and how much they believed in myths. I’m thankful, I was taught about sex and safe sex when I was 11/12 (i was in a british school then) so I was way more responsible about my sexual activities than my friends in Indian schools were. Educating children about sex but not about safe sex is actually counterproductive.

  9. Sex education should be more like an awareness of what the three letter word is all about and the pros and cons related to it. Most of the times, the whole concept is misunderstood and more emphasis is given on topics like reproductive organs, etc which is nothing but a part of biology.

    Me : Vimmuuu – That is a valid point.. More often than not – it is categorised as ‘biology’! We don’t really have sex education in most schools.. Yes, the pros and cons need to be set before them – in a proper, matter of fact way..

  10. I really dont understand, what’s the big deal?
    In school (5th/6th), we studied about organs and organ systems, right? We studied about the reproductive system as much as the respiratory system. At a higher level (say class 8 or 9), these are discussed in more detail.

    I think the best way to go about sex education is to tie up Biology and Moral Science. And at that level, children learn with interest and without any hesitation and/or second thoughts.

    When I was in high school, we had a Biology teacher who taught us morality with Biology. She didn’t say what was right or wrong. She’d give us the facts, she’d tie it up with culture/religion and she’d say you are at liberty to do what ever you want.

    Me : Shilpa, Welcome here! Yes, I don’t understand why they are even considering having sex ed in schools an issue. It needs to be there.. To me, the focus should be on ‘how’ it is delivered. If it is done in the way, you mention – there really should be no issue.

  11. How about teaching abstinence at young age instead of telling them to cap it and have it. —-here I will go with Solilo.Ways of imparting the education are as important as the education and thats one thing we can never be sure of in India.

    I will prefer that this responsibility is left to the parents to do the needful as they are the best persons to give such an sensitive eduation in a sensible way, with the pros and cons of everything.

    Me : Renu, certainly – sex education should in no way, advocate or promote sexual activity. Which is why, the ‘manner’, in which sex education is imparted is important. We had sex education in school – and it was done in such a tasteful way – that it was fine. Yes, parents have a huge role to play – whether the schools have sex education or not. Ultimately, parents will and should play a much larger role.

  12. When you ask someone not to think about the color red, what color does that person think of?


    Likewise, by hiding or burying topics pertaining to sex, they are nothing but planting seeds for the worse. Sex education, if imparted in the right way, will only help troubled, confused adolescents. And grade 12 is too late. It should be gradually introduced by the time kids turn 13. They don’t need full blown subjects on it. Just some informative lessons every now and then will do.

    I remember back in 7th & 8th grade when we first had lessons about the human reproductive system, all we did through that class was giggled to each other. Some were too ashamed to look at the teacher in the eye. Some didn’t open their books because no one wanted to be seen looking at the diagrams. It all sounds so silly now. But back then, it was the toughest 35 minutes of our lives.

    That awkwardness was understandable. Though we knew that stuff, even seen quite a bit of porn by then, but due to the whole secretiveness of the issue, it made all of us uncomfortable. If we did have exposure via controlled mediums aka sex education, I think it would have be quite helpful.

    Me: Yes, Masood, sex education needs to be there – at the right time – plus 2 is way too late and it should be conducted in a positive and sensible way.. ‘If we did have exposure via controlled mediums aka sex education, I think it would have be quite helpful.’ – totally agree.

  13. I am on the same page as Solilo. I think if the information is given at the wrong time as in too could harm rather than do good. It should be given at the right time and the content should be such that in no way the message is do it but safely. The trend here in US is an example in itself. The children here think its ok to have sex and consider it their right be it at 13 or 14. Oral Sex is not considered sex at all and is a very common act. Teen preganancies are common and an everyday occurence. I think we need to reevalutae our sex education startegy and take a lesson from the US case studies too. They do not seem to have much success despite a very stron sex education.
    Parental involvement is very important. And too much or too little information at the worng time can in fact be very dangerous.

    Me: I agree that it is very dangerous if sex education ends up encouraging teenage sex. However, sex education is actually about ‘education’ – to ensure that young people know their facts, that they are aware of the facts , and if all this is handled sensibly – it will not push children towards experimenting. In fact, if it is done in a matter of fact way, without moralising – it is certainly not dangerous. I think teenage pregnancies are not just an after effect of sex education.
    Yes, parental involvement is very important – infact far more important…’And too much or too little information at the worng time can in fact be very dangerous.’ – totally agree!

  14. I agree with you Smitha, India definitely needs sex education at school level specially in government run schools. It is possible that they are teaching in a way that is giving some people the feeling that they are promoting sex before marriage. I think the classes should be held separately for boys and girls, but to have so sex education is not a good idea at all….

    Children need to know about Child Abuse (how no adults, not even teachers and uncles, should touch them or make them feel uncomfortable in any way, that if it happens they are not at fault), as they grow older they need to know that they are ‘normal’ and any changes, physical and emotional are normal, and if there is something wrong they should be able to recognize it and take appropriate action, and not go through hell not knowing what to do, who to approach. They need to know about AIDS.

    They will grow and they will learn. They will learn from the internet, from their friends, from books and they will learn to feel guilty, they will worry when they need not, and they will, not know when there is something they should worry about.

    What do our Politicians think about parenting and education? Read what they think is unacceptable, here,

    Me : IHM – Agree with everything you’ve said here and in your post – just back from there.. It is so sad that our society still thinks that sex education is a threat to ‘culture’. I think it is essential that the right information, and the right message comes through! And as you mention – the ‘guilt’ of knowing things should not be there.. Until parents start talking to children openly about these ‘facts of life’, I think the ‘guilt’ will be there and it will make it all the more lucrative. As for politicians and their views on parenting – the less said the better.. I don’t understand why they should have any say in it, in the first place – surely qualified professionals should be taking the call – not politicians?

  15. I am writing a post on this and will link your post to it.

    Me : Just got back from your post – it was totally awesome!! Makes so much sense!

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  17. A timely post Smitha…. most States in India are making a mess out of it and in the end the children and their parents will be left to face the consequences.

    I have a soon to be 13 year old and frankly speaking I do not know how to broach the subject… while I hope that they are given appropriate classes in school, I do not think it is going to happen.. meanwhile let me gather my wits around to have a “talk”.. I am sure she knows “something” but what shall I tell her? 🙂

    Wish I could have the list that Solilo has made!

    Me : Happy Kitten, yes, sex education in India certainly seems to be the pits.. I was really lucky that the school where I studied was very good- I am really surprised – I had taken it for granted. It is only after talking about it with others that I realised that it was not the norm!
    By the way, IHM has some very pertinent points in her post – related to what to tell your children – you might want to check it out – Makes a lot of sense..

    As for internet; we have password locked the computer and as of now, they are only allowed to browse in full view. I do not want the kids to enter the world of porn and be fooled.

  18. I guess our politicians do not know that sex education is mostly about preventing child sexual abuse.Child abuse is prevalent in all social classes.The rich and the poor,all suffer from it alike.And if a child doesnt know what he/she is undergoing while being abused,how can they ever even react to it???At ten plus two level,it should be dealt with in a more meticulous way,including safe-sex practices to avoid unwanted pregnancies and Sexually transmitted diseases….I completely agree that doctors should be approached to conduct classes on topics such as intercourse,Sexually transmitted diseases.You see,we have no inhibitions talking about such things!(i am a doctor myself)

    Me: Rajeswari – Welcome here! In the first place, I think politicians are just not qualified to take such decisions! It is really a decision which education and healthcare professionals should take together..
    I totally agree with everything you say ! We had doctors taking the sex ed class – and it was done so professionally!!! How I wish that were no norm instead of an exception! Wow – so you are a doctor!!

    • kids in schools and parents at home should tell there tiny tots ” where not to be touched etc … sorry to say this some parents do not have a clue such a thing is happenng under their own eyes and shove the kid to ever caring B(uncle )

      Me: Anrosh – ‘sorry to say this some parents do not have a clue such a thing is happenng under their own eyes and shove the kid to ever caring B(uncle )’ – Yes, that is totally scary!!! and you know what, one of my friends was telling me that one of her colleagues found that her maid was abusing her 9 month old son! You know – one can never be too careful when it comes to all this! Parents should tell their children about ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’ – it could be too late if we leave it for later.. Not just that , I think parents need to keep an eye on who the child is with and how he/she reacts to the person too.. One can never be too careful!

  19. now kids are asking younger — the problem i face is some of my neighbouring kids come and ask me — I have to tell the Parents- Buck up. it is not a neighbor’s job.

    It is certainly not a neighbours job!!! It is a sad statement that the children feel comfortable asking you – when they should be ideally asking their parents! I think parents need to aware and approachable.. The child needs to know that he/she can approach the parent and that the parent will address his/her queries.. It is when the parents bury their heads in the sand that the child is forced to look for answers somewhere else…

    • when i told this to the parents they say ” i do not want them to loose their innocence”. my point is if the kid is coming and asking you it is time — otherwise they will go to google ! and peers.

      Exactly!!! ‘” i do not want them to loose their innocence”. ‘ – Why don’t they realise that google and peers could actually strip them off their ‘innocence’ far more brutally…

      there was a study that i read somwhere – “that peers have a larger influence on the kid than the parents have”

      however as parents there is a list of Yes and Nos, the kid is going to learn from the predominant socio cultural setting that one is in.
      children are smart enought to understand their origins and how they are different from the american neighbors in terms of socio cultural values. after all they are growing up here

      Totally agree, and even if the child is in India -they need to be told these things by the parents – as and when necessary… Children are far smarter than we think.. And the thing is that if they want to know – they will definitely be able to find out.. Its always better that parents take the initiative and make it less painful..

      the only thing and the most important thing that is going to play a big role among the other conflicting factors is the relationship of the parents and the children.
      and their assertiveness of certain things with a “reason” – this i have seen works more towards positive behavior.
      Yes, and I think a parent who is open and communicative has a far better chance of a better relationship with his/her children.. after all – it just indicates to the child that the parent is tuned in and that they can turn to them and rely on them.. That is very important, atleast to me.. I would rather that my daughter grows up with the confidence that she can turn to me for help/advice rather than her peers..

  20. Well, I believe, they should keep sex education in schools.

    I, personnally, was first taught about it in the 7th standard (aged 11 & 12) where they first teach you about the male n female bady and what they go through during puberty and how babies are made (in a biology) and the emotinal side i.e. mood swing in teenagers and what it feels like when you are going though these changes (in enrichment or it is now called citizianship. Which is basically a subject that teaches you about everything. e.g. politics, relationships, first aid, etc).

    Then again in the 9th standard (aged 13 & 14), where we revisited it again in science and added animal breeding. And about basical contraception and sexually transmited infections, peer pressure etc in enrichment. I believe the topic was called relationships.

    Then again (and the final time) in 11th standard (aged 15 & 16) where we pretty much learnt everything we needed to know. In science all forms of contraception and in enrichment about again contraception and domestic violence, rape, etc. Bacially to prepare us for the outside world.

    So taking that away from someone is wrong. I mean I know if they don’t learn the facts from school, I’m pretty sure most parents won’t be comfortable discussing it at home. Hence they will visit adult sites and get the wrong information and will get into a stereotypical mind on how things “should” be and how things “should” look and how it “should” be done. Which and lead to depression, not being comfortable with yourself or you body.

    And I believe sex it pretty much still a taboo subject in india and taking sex eduaction away will make things worse for the younger/future generation. (I say younger because I feel i am not far off their age).

    Badz, First of all – please do let me have your blog link pls? Would love to read it 🙂
    I agree with you totally that sex education is absolutely necessary.. If you see Anrosh’s comments – there are so many parents who are not comfortable with discussing this with their children.. Parents in India have to grow up and face the reality and schools should have sex ed and it should be done in a very professional way, so that the right message goes out…

    ‘And I believe sex it pretty much still a taboo subject in india and taking sex eduaction away will make things worse for the younger/future generation.’ – Yes absolutely!

    • Well I haven’t started blogging yet. Will let you know when I do. 🙂 Just waiting for exams to be over. 😦

      And talking about sex isn’t just difficult for indian parents. It’s difficult for most parents worldwide. I mean my parents weren’t and still aren’t comfortable talking about it to me. (Although my parents are indian too.) BUT I was fortunate to learn about in school, throughout my secondary/high school education.

      I agree it is not easy for a parent – but I do think that as a parent it is their responsibility. As a parent – i want to ensure that no matter how difficult it might be for me, my daughter should feel free to come and talk to me about it.. I certainly think that would be better than her getting this info anywhere else..

      Hence I think it is important for children to learn about in school. But I also feel it is important they be able to discuss it at home too. Whether with parents (preferably) or big brother/sister (depending on the age of the big brother or sister).

      I totally agree. School is good – but there should be a channel at home as well.. What if the child does not have an elder brother or sister.. Which is why I feel that parents today have to step up to the task.
      And I don’t feel sex eduacation should be shown to a child just through the medical/scientific point of view either. It should also be shown through the emotional side too. They should also be taught about domestic violence and rape too. That a husband (or even wife) shouldn’t/cannot force themselves on their partner if the partner doesn’t want it (Although I don’t know if they count that as rape in india).

      When I spoke of doctors – I wanted to emphasize the lack of inhibition that they feel. One of the things I have always heard from my peers in India is that teachers are themselves quite embarrased about it. If it is taken by doctors or specially trained teachers – they will be able to communicate better -without feeling embarrased themselves.. And it might be uncomfortable for teachers to impart such information to students they see everyday – in an Indian context where these things are still considered quite hush-hush

      Yes, I totally agree with your point on domestic violence, marital rape – yes these are very important and pertinent points which need to addressed- absolutely!

      I believe children should be taught about paedophiles (means an adult who has sexual desire for children or who has committed the crime of sex with a child) both in school and at home e.g. Never talk or take things from a stranger; Never get into a stranger’s car; if someone is touching you in your private area or making you touch them in their private area, even if it is uncle, auntie, teacher, grandma or grandpa tell mummy or daddy or even teacher. You will not get into trouble.

      I believe children should be taught about paedophiles – Totally agree! And I feel this should be done far before the child even starts school! The good touch and bad touch , need to be communicated to them by parents as soon as the child is old enough to understand – no two ways about it. Which is why I feel that a parent needs to be involved and that sex education needs to start at home – it has to start early enough!

      There is so much I want to say – will respond after my test 🙂
      So here you go – my replies:)

      • You said “There is so much I want to say – will respond after my test 🙂 ” Now that it’s over, what did you want to say?

      • With the parents’ issue, I think parents should also be educated/re-educated about sex and what type of things/material their children get access to today. Because I am pretty sure most parents don’t have a clue on about the internet and what is available out there. I also feel parents should talk children open-heartedly without feeling embarrassed or ashamed (I know easier said than done). Plus parents should be invited to their child’s sex education classes so they are aware on that their child is being taught.

        Agreed. ‘I think parents should also be educated/re-educated about sex and what type of things/material their children get access to today’. I would like to think that today’s parents are pretty much on top of it.. But yes, we need to be aware.. And yes, parents should be aware of what is being taught and should have the right to decide on what they feel is relevant for the child.. I am also assumng that parents will be mature about it..

        Now to the point of teachers feeling embarrassed with the whole topic of sex. Then I agree with you that they should get specially trained staff just to teach that topic and for being able to answer any questions the students or even parents have. Although why teachers feel embarrassed is beyond me. I’ve never had any of my teachers feel embarrassed of teaching me that topic. I’ve had an old big age range of teachers teaching me and not one has felt embarrassed. And one thing I have learnt, if you’re not serious or comfortable with the subject you are teaching, your students won’t take you seriously nor learn much of you.

        The thing is, in an Indian context, people still seem to be quite uncomfortable with it.. So a lot of teachers might not be comfortable with addressing such a topic. Which is why I feel we need specially trained teachers for it, who will be at ease with the topic. Again in an Indian context, a teacher may or may not have the option of saying – I am not comfortable with this. So it should become the school’s responsibility to ensure the right person/persons take up such classes..

        Now with the good touch and bad touch thing. I wasn’t taught that as a child. I had only been taught not to take thing from strangers, never get into a stranger’s car, etc. So I didn’t know it existed until a few years ago (and I’m in my early 20s). Fortunately, nothing that bad ever happened to me BUT if it did, I’m pretty sure I would have blamed myself for it like a lot of kids that I’ve heard about do. Hence I agree with you, and feel it is VERY IMPORTANT, to teach young children about it. Both at home and at school. I know in the UK they do now, BUT in my time they didn’t (or if they did, I don’t remember it).

        Yes, Badz, That was how it was – and I do think that it needs to change.. Totally agree with all your points 🙂

        I know I said Tuesday, and it’s Thursday today, BUT I kept my promise on replying. 🙂

        Better late than never 🙂 I am really waiting for you to start blogging – I do think we will get to read a lot of interesting stuff 🙂

  21. T just read the attacted article. It sounds scary. I wouldn’t want a 5 yr old to know about sex and the science and emotion behind it. And for the government wants to bring this new thing to 5 yr old. They are crazy. It’s funny though. India wishes to increase the age to 17/18 yr olds before teach kids about sex and Britain wishes to decrease it to 4/5 yrs olds.

    It is ironic and funny! 4/5 yr olds is a joke!!! And we are still debating in India if teenagers need to be exposed to sex education or not !

      • Thank you. 🙂 There is soo much more I wish to say, but will write to you when I return back to hostel on Tuesday. Because its 1.42am now and I am working full day tomorrow and monday. Such hard work being a student. 😉

        Waiting 🙂 And you are working on the bank holiday weekend??? Oh! Hope you had a good time though 🙂 Waiting for your comments 🙂

  22. loved this post Smitha! And thanks to Badz or I would have missed it!

    I soo agree with you…sex education is necessary and like Solilo says it is equally important that it is imparted in the right manner..

    Sex education should be given according to age …not just hurly burly for the heck of it…sadly in India we would rather bury our heads and pretend the problem doesnt exist…
    and I soo agree on how damn important it is to educate our kids about good touch and bad touch and to make damn sure that they never NEVER feel guilty for anything that someone else does to them!

    thanks for the post Smitha
    a really relevant one!

    • would you belive I had the same stuoidly weird Biology teachers who were damn uncomfortable teaching the subject..have no clue why they were teaching the subject in the first place…I mean if you are uncomfortable then why did you pick up the subject…?
      we too went through endless embarassment in class with everyone giggling like crazy and not a lesson of bio being taught…and now too I see the same scenario all over is so sad 😦

      Indyeah, I was lucky that I did not have that ‘uncomfortable biology class’ experience.. but it does seem to be very common.. As for why teachers take it up – I think they really donot have an option in many cases. They might be too scared to say ‘No’.. I think the schools need to really review and see that both teachers and students are comfortable with these sessions and to try and do what they can to make it better…

      • I think Biology teacher should have the option to choose. Like I said befoe, why the feel embarrassed is beyond me. I thought for a teacher, their students are meant to be like their children. So why would you feel embarrasseed of teaching your children how babies are made? Because they are only meant to show it from a science point of view. (well I’m assuming they get another teacher explaining to the the emotions behind it, and what it sybolises, etc.)

        Badz, I think in an Indian context – it is still pretty much a taboo subject and a lot of people are still uncomfortable talking about it.. That might be the reason why teachers are so uncomfortable with this..

  23. Surely the sex education should be given.In many cases the innocent kids get half baked and exaggerated informations from friends,porn,b-grade magazines etc and they believe that is the truth.It is curiosity that lead many innocent ones to trouble and make themselves another victim of a child abuse or something like that.Our syllabus(i guess for 8th or 9th) standard) should be modified to include healthy information about sex education , child abuse etc.The parents also can help them to learn all essential things(if they don’t want there kids to get stinking ideas from wrong sources) and if they are uncomfortable , they can handover some healthy books or magazines to them.

    Agree with everything you’ve said here.. Sex education is necessary – and it should be handled in a mature and professional manner..

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  25. In answer to your question, I think this move is ‘burying our head in the sand’

    Shail , Welcome here! I lurk at yours – love the way you write!

    I do wish that these kind of decisions were not taken by parliamentary committees who are just not qualified for it..

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