The weekend that was…

Last weekend was my idea of a perfect weekend. We has whole of Saturday to do our weekend chores and we steppedout on Sunday for a day trip to Hull.

 It was a wonderful spring day. Warm, sunny, cheerful and bright! It felt so good to be feeling warm instead of freezing! One of my great-uncles lives in Hull, so we visited him and went off sightseeing . Our first stop was the Humber Bridge. It used to be the longest single-span suspension bridge in the world for 16 years.


There is a nice walkway for pedestrians and we had a nice leisurely until we got tired . My daughter was delighted to see little cars and little people walking below and of course, the huge expanse of water..


The view from the Bridge..

The one thing that always amazes me is the fact that the UK government does so much to maintain and promote tourism at all such places.. They promote everything and anything and I am sure the revenue more than justifies the investment. In direct contrast, in India, we went to so many places, really pretty, very unique, but so badly managed!  If we step out here, we really don’t think twice about using a public toilet, places are clean, no rubbish on the streets.. We were having an discussion about this, which probably is the topic of another post – so I will leave it at this for now:)

Our next stop was The Deep, an aquarium. My daughter had the most wonderful time! Her shrieks of joy on spotting ‘Nemo and Dory’ and the sharks was to behold! There is something contagious about a child’s excitement on seeing these things! I think it absolutely made my day to see her so happy:)

We also managed to catch a 3D movie on underwater creatures! It had all the children screaming in fear and excitement! There was a birthday group too, so it was a lot of children shrieking and screaming! I think my daughter was not sure what to be more scared of – the movie or all the screaming around 🙂

 Back in the evening, with aching limbs – not having walked so much in ages.. and happy smiles – the sunday slid to an end.. That was my idea of a perfect weekend 🙂 Exhausted but happy 🙂 After all, I have the whole week to laze around and relax 🙂

30 thoughts on “The weekend that was…

  1. Thats cool Smitha.. You had a wonderful evening and that bridge is awesome 🙂
    Really the maintainence in India is very poor… we have to think twice before entering into public toilet here.. very horrible 😦

    /*I think my daughter was not sure what to be more scared of – the movie or all the screaming around */

    Even you also not sure of, by what your daughter got scared?? 😛

    • Kanagu Yes we did have a wonderful day! Yes, the bridge was quite impressive.. I was just impressed with the way they have maintained it – you know.

      As for my daughter -she was looking at the screen and then the children screaming 🙂 I think she got scared by both 🙂

  2. 🙂 beautiful place and photos….. 🙂 I liked the last line:
    “After all, I have the whole week to laze around and relax”…. 🙂 LOL…
    and I am here in office on a monday morning…. 😦 LOL…

    enjoy….!!! and cleaniless in India… will only happen if the Sun rised from the other side… 🙂

    • Thank you Ajit! And yes, these are the few times that I am glad I am not working 🙂 when I can relax at home and everybody else goes to work 🙂

      As for cleanliness in India – I think its a vicious circle. Will do a post on it 🙂

  3. Nice snap smitha.
    India problem is the population and lack of awareness of neatness.Having said this the govt also doesnt do anything.
    When an NRI comes to india he throws waste on the roads and the same NRI uses a dust bin in the foreign country.Because he is scared of the fines,here if we throw any paper on the road we are fined for Dhs.50/-.

    • Varunavi, Thank you! Yes, India’s problem is definitely population.. Infact there are so many interlinked issues… And yes, you are so right about the NRI phenomenon! Though not everybody does that. Will do a separate post on this..

  4. I liked the pics, they were great. We had a great weekend too. It was bright, sunny and beautiful here in Northwest. Loved the last line…I wish I can do that too…

    • Thank you NM! Delighted to know that you had a great weekend too! Sure you should – just take time out and relax 🙂 I love lazing around – even with loads of work waiting to be done 😦

      • Im in the visa process now. My friend stays at Sheffield (I dont know if this is how it is spelt) and I will be with them for about 4 days roaming around here and there. Once Im through, I will let you know for sure.

    • Vimmuuu, Sheffield is right close by! I think its a 45 mins drive from where we are! You have to visit us now 🙂 Do let me know once things are finalised.

  5. O yes, Smitha, I couldn’t agree with you more. I feel our Incredible India campaign is all hyped up. Nothing much on the ground when you compare with many other countries. What we lack terribly is good infrastructure and and some really simple creative ideas to boost tourism. With the potential India has, it should at least theoretically become the number one tourist spot in the world. Alas, just wishes!

    • Pradeep, I would not go as far as to say that Incredible India is all hyped up. Because, in so many ways, India is incredible! Believe me, there are so many undiscovered places in India! The only sad thing is that our governments do not maintain these places, do not really preserve our heritage in the way it needs to be done.. And of course, infrastructure is dismal.. As you say, India certainly has the potential to become the No 1 tourist destination in the world..

  6. Looks like Poohi had a fabulous time. Peanut had a great weekend too.

    Such beautiful pictures, Smi! I am glad you could rent the club house for birthday party. So when is it? Is Poohi all ready with her dress and shoes and everything Pinshesh. Nemo Pinshesh loves Nemo and Dory.

    I re-did Peanut’s room last year in underwater theme so she has Nemo, Dory and lots of sea things in her room and walls.

    “Exhausted but Happy”. That’s so sweet.

    • Solilo, Poohi certainly had a wonderful time! Peanut had a great weekend too? I sometimes think that it is so much easier pleasing kids than Adults 😦 Poohi and I went to the park – and that was paradise for her 🙂

      The party is on 25th , her birthday is on the 24th of April – but we are having the party on the 25th- its easier for most people to come on a saturday. Poohi’s dress is ready – I have not had a chance to shop for her shoes. Yes, everything ‘pincence’ is getting ‘readied’ 🙂

      Oh! Does Peanut love Nemo too? Oh Poohi would go mad in Peanut’s room! She loves Nemo and Dory! There was this little tank full of ‘Nemos’ and that made her day – and I suspect most other children there too. There is always a BIG crowd near these tanks 🙂
      A ‘BIG HUG’ from Poohi and me to Peanut!

  7. before you scold 😀
    late coz I have been stupid enough to not put your new blog adrs in my updated list always turned up late at yours dhiren’s and OG’s 😀
    now problem alll sorted out:D

    I will be among the first commentors always 😀

    Loved the pics 🙂
    and Poohi sure did have fun 🙂

    I suppose comparisons between India and other places are inevitable..specially when you are able to see the contrasts on vacations…they should be discussed for sure..
    looking forward to your post

    (((hugs))for Poohi:)

    • Oh Indyeah! You are such a sweetheart! I don’t care when you turn up – as far as you do turn up 🙂 Anyways as you have committed that you will be the ‘first commentors always’ – I will have to hold you down to that 🙂

      Thank you 🙂 Poohi had a lot of fun – ‘I have lots of fun’ – that her words, by the way 🙂

      Yes, the comparison between India and these places are inevitable – as much as we may hate to do it. What hurts is that our India has so much potential, so many diverse and beautiful places – yet, tourism is not an easy exercise in India.. See – another post idea – Today I am brimming with ideas and no time to write:(
      Will have to do a couple of posts to justify these topics, I think ..

  8. That was a wonderful account of your weekend.You’re so right,we have such rich culture and history in our very country but we do so little to maintain it.This is something that we need to imbibe from nations like UK or Oman for that matter.

    Lovely pics too.Hugs to your daughter:)
    Blogrolling you.Will look forward to reading you more often:)

    • Deeps! Welcome! Thank you so much! Hugs to your little one too! She sounds absolutely adorable! Have blogrolled you too – loved what I read of your blog 🙂

  9. LOL, Smitha we are in the same boat. My relatives make fun of me for keeping empty wrappers, leftover food, and other scraps in my car. They often say how I keep my car dirty and do not throw away waste then and there on the road. Even if I clean my car the moment I reach home, there are a few who snigger at me for my “clean-environment” speeches.

    • sscribles! Welcome here! Thank you! for telling me that I have company! I do the exact same thing! I still keep trying though 🙂 I remember, I once had a colleague who threw stuff out of the car window in the US – simply because ‘I’m Indian – this is what we do!’ Do keep visiting:)

  10. That was a lovely account; and yes we need serious discussion on “cleanliness”. If other nations with much less GDP than us can maintain why cant India?

    Personally we all love to be clean, but why is this not reflected in the public places.. I guess it is the “dont care attitude” and the love of “freedom”. Population and the Govt apathy is also another reason but it needs to be changed. If we are not inviting more tourists then it is only because of this major factor… India is incredible only if we can see it without all the dirt and litter. When we watch some places thru “travel Channels” we cant help comment that it looks similar (in beauty) to the places in India except for the cleanliness and overall maintenance.

    If other nations can tame us to be clean then it is time those in India are also tamed. (yes even NRI’s indulge in “freedom” once they board the plane). Imposing fines (even if it leads to more corruption) and public awareness is the only solution.

    • Yes Happy Kitten – Freedom is the word people use!!! It gets me all agitated! And you know what – I have heard people justifying it saying – ‘This is India, this is how we behave here’!!! I guess as far as we have that attitude, things will probably remain this way.. How I wish, the television media took up more such issues.. That would really be the quickest and the easiest way to ensure that the message reaches people.. I think people need to be made to feel ashamed – rather than proud! Only then can things change..

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