Just the other day, my husband says, ‘ I really want to have a website!’
Me, ‘Why? You want to blog too?’, all excited at the prospect of ‘recruiting’ him into the joys of blogging’
He, ‘No, I want to try out Google Analytics, it sounds fantastic, but I don’t have a site!’

Well, at this point, I should mention to you that he is a major, major, major google fan! He uses every possible application that Google has come out with! And If I even talk of WordPress, he is quick to tell me that Google will definitely improve Blogger. He is waiting with bated breadth for the new Google phone!

So do you think his wife moving to wordpress from blogger would count as a betrayal? Can’t wait to find out!

33 thoughts on “Betrayal?

    • Yes Solilo, He is aware of it – and he is totally backing Google on that one:) He really feels that people are making too much out of nothing 🙂 And he has been bristling after seeing your comment! The nerve of somebody to criticise Google:))

  1. well u know what?? I am die hard fan of google as well….i just feel they are incredible bunch of guys! As all things, everything comes with a cost!

    btw, am on wordpress too though i love google…its def not betrayal 😛
    afterall all these r made for our convinience na?

    • Sahaja, Thank you! Yes, google certainly is good isn’t it? They keep coming up with such amazing stuff.. I love my Google reader:)

  2. LOL! 😀 Welcome Smitha 🙂
    Love your blog’s look 🙂
    I am going to add you as soon as I figure out how to 😀

    LOL! I am feeling a lil lost but mostly quite good 😀

    yeh betrayal achcha hai! 😀

    • Indyeah! You and Dhiren inspired me to do it – I was dithering for way too long..

      Yes, I feel a little lost too – but I am having a good time with most of the options.. But do you know how we could see the updates on our blogroll- they way we could see it in Blogger? Is that an option? Any of you senior WP guys?

    • Me too Ajit, Me too! Delighted to see that you have shifted base too 🙂 I am just missing the blogroll updates – any idea if that can be replicated here?

    • Chirag – Will share this with him 🙂 Can’t wait to see his expression when he reads that 🙂 I just read it – and its very interesting.. Lets see if your prophesy turns out true 🙂

      ‘Ducks and Runs’ – Smart thinking 🙂

  3. And As for the Google never made Blogger, it was made by Pyro labs, then google bought it off. So, google will improve blogger in a near future may be but it will never there priority, Why you ask… Hmm because, WordPress, Typepad and Movable Type are the best blogging platforms in the world. WordPress alone is used by New York Times, Reuters, Yahoo, Flickr, NASA…..

    So I don’t think its a betrayal, “Google is what Microsoft use to be”

    • Chirag, I totally agree! It will be difficult for Blogger to come up to the standard of the others..Even if Google does try – it will become what orkut became.. Too little too late..

      I’m not totally sure if Google is what Microsoft is – I have my reservations on tha though:)

  4. here we go….

    i got my wife to see this too… she is not too keen or interested in all this…

    but she did say this looks better…

    however she can never understand what the fuss is about this bloggin vloggin !! 😦

    this is not betrayal at all….

    I think this is upgradation… with all of us here… WordPress is going to rock !!!!!

    i still have to learn to get all the blog rolls transferred from blogger… that is going to take some time i guess !!!

    • Hitchwriter! Who is that handsome dude? Your son? Whats his name? Do tell him that he looks very very cute!

      I agree – this is certainly an upgrade.. I wanted to change a long time back – but kept dithering.. You guys gave my the courage :)I got the blogrolls transfered – but I want to see the blog updates – not sure if there is an option for it though..Do let me know if you know..

    • Yes – everybody loves Google and Raymond. I LOVE Raymond by the way 🙂

      Oh yes – I did tell him:) He is fine – just a little annoyed if anybody criticies google – its ok to say WP is very good 🙂

      Are you thinking of moving too? Its quite good actually..

  5. Yes Kanagu – As of now, am definitely enjoying WP 🙂 Blogger has its own advantages -but I am certainly enjoying WP!

  6. i think every man who is worth his weight in technology swears by google and apple. bah, no betrayal. we are more aesthetically pleased. what can we say. 🙂

    blogger’s too cumbersome.

    • I know! Yes, WP does feel much better than blogger.. I was in two minds before shifting – but am loving it now 🙂

  7. The temptation to shift started with Roop and now it is getting stronger….

    Pray I dont get enough time to do it!

    • Happy Kitten! You should give it a try – does not really take too long.. and then you can take your time to tinker around with it 🙂 I am definitely enjoying it 🙂

  8. Oh I am sure we can not imagine internet without google. sometimes I tend to search things in my home using google !! 😉
    I want to wait for that day when blogger gets better. I still totally love the amount of customization one can do with blogger templates 🙂

    • Bluemist, Welcome! ‘sometimes I tend to search things in my home using google’ lol at that!!! Yes, can totally get what you mean! Yes, I do hope that blogger does get better 🙂 In that case, I could go right back 🙂 In some ways, blogger was better – but overall -I think WP is better as of now !

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