Just in case anybody is in any doubt…

This is what our future(possibly) MP has to say….

In an interview with the Hindustan Times… Sanjay Dutt had this to say…

Did your wife convince you to get into politics?

Manyataji takes the decisions in the kitchen.. aaj biryani banegi ya phir kabab or chicken. That’s where she rules. In other matters I decide what’s to be done. Yes, she’s my wife, so it’s obvious that I’ll always discuss everything with her.. like every other husband and wife.

Full Interview here.

I know a lot of you will probably ask me, why Sanjay Dutt again? Well, no reason, just saw this and felt like sharing, for a laugh! Ekta Kapoor must be clapping!

18 thoughts on “Just in case anybody is in any doubt…

  1. Hey Smitha this is what I meant in the last comment, her leaving the kitchen duty to shift to pati-dharam duty
    😦 They represent us?

  2. 🙂 while you were on vacation, there was a lot of buzz on this issue…..
    ihm has about 3-4 posts dedicated on this issue….:)

  3. @Varunavi , lol 🙂 Yes, at the very least, these guys have entertainment value 🙂

    @IHM, Yes, I got it – actually your comment reminded me that I had this in my drafts 🙂 Had done this post yesterday, – but did not get a chance to post it.
    Yes, lets hope they never get to represent us!!

    @Ajit, This was the latest – in his series of interesting comments! He actually said this in a interview.. Just when I thought it could get no worse 🙂

  4. After Munnabhai, Sanjay Dutt shines in this comic roles na.. he is a real comedian.. evarybody will laugh at him for the way he behaves.. I don’t know what pushes him to get a MP ticket.. the first mistake we are doing is letting out the criminals out of jail and reason maybe the summer in India.. LOL

  5. yes for a laugh!and yes Ekta kapoor is clapping somewhere for sure..this is her dream cme true..a regressive soap drama can be made out of this!

    I feel sheer despair for this idiot:(( and the whole situation!

  6. @Manyataji only takes the decisions in the kitchen.

    Dude, my mind is wandering in all the directions now 🙂 and he is a moron.

  7. Never mind Sanjay !

    idiot, i told him so many times to concerntrate on the munna bhai sequels….

    they are so wonderful…

    but he wont listen…

    trying to be a munna bhai in politics… and he is gonna fail …

    but he never learns even after so many mistakes in life… !

  8. LOL, he could have got a cook or a maid rather. Why marry someone amidst all these controversies to take decisions in the kitchen ???

  9. Sorry everybody, for the delay in replies, had been busy busy busy!

    @Manju, Yes, I agree, but I am so happy that the SC has decided that he cannot contest elections.

    @Kanagu, Yes, you are right. Thank god finally, SC has decided that he cannot contest.. Hopefully other criminals will also get barred..

    @Kislay – I think he trying hard to cater to the hardcore elements in his constituency.. Just trying to prove his ‘Indian’ credentials.

    @Ajit – I know!!!

    @Indyeah – I know – just very glad that SC has taken the right decision..

    @Solilo, ”Forgive him lord for he doesn’t know what he speaketh and meaneth.’ lol !

    @Chirag – I am tempted ti ask ‘which directions’? but will wisely refrain 🙂

    @Diren – Amen!

    @Vimmuuu – So agree! Now that cook that takes decisions in her kitchen will enter politics to protect her pati-parmeshwar’s honour!

  10. Had a good laugh after reading this…but i m happy now sanju can concentrate on movies..i will luv watching munna bhai sequel 😉

  11. Thankfully, we no longer need to worry about who calls the shots in the Dutt household because at least Dutt won’t be calling the shots in Lucknow!

  12. @Rash, From the look of it, he is going to remain in politics, even if he does not contest – but thank god for small mercies, that atleast he has been banned from contesting..

    @Mirrorcracked – He is much worse than an MCP – I think he is just warming up for a long innings in politics…

    @D, Welcome! From the look of it, he might have Manyata act as his proxy.. but there is little one can do about that, I guess..apart from vote her out..

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