Weather Report

I have my very own weather reporter at home. Every morning, my daughter gives me an account of the day’s weather – ‘Amma, it’s a sunny day’ or ‘Its a Windy Day!’.

When we went to India, she started it off there as well, but bored of it within a few days – after all it was always a ‘Sunny Day’ 😦 How Boring!! Now that we are back, she is back to weather reporting! Just a couple of days ago, I had posted on how Spring has come and we are enjoying lovely sunny weather – well, that’s all gone today! It is all windy and grey again! No wonder, the British start their conversation with the weather – there is just so much to talk about!


18 thoughts on “Weather Report

  1. isnt there a saying in the UK that you can never trust english women and weather they are fickle or unpredicatable…

    i dont remember but something on those lines… !!

    our weather is always sunny lol yea… tell us bout it… its approaching april may and june !!

  2. @Hitchwriter – lol! Hadn’t heard of this ‘ you can never trust english women and weather they are fickle ‘ – will check it out 🙂

    By the way, for some reason, I am never able to post comments on your blog from my phone – so always end up reading it but not commenting 😦

  3. VINODJI it was Women and English Weather…

    but I wanted to stay alive !!!

    now that i have said this… i have had it …. * runninng for cover *

    its meant to be funny !!

  4. Awww @the little Miss weather reporter 🙂
    Obviously being able to play outside would also depend on the weather.. reminds me of Bets and Fatty worrying about daily weather 🙂
    I wonder if you have heard “Raggedy Anne’ … my kids had this adorable audio story which always began with Raggedy Ann, the doll worrying about the weather and then finding fun things to do indoors… and I had to explain the difference in daily weather conditions here and there.

    Lol@ weather being a topic of discussion there, now it is a topic of blog post also Smitha … With a hug to your little weather reporter, IHM

  5. In the US it seems like most people start their conversations with the weather, their health problems, and which elected official they hate most ;-0.
    I try to steer away from those topics myself.~Mary

  6. Aww…so cute your own little weather reporter:))

    LOL@”When we went to India, she started it off there as well, but bored of it within a few days – after all it was always a ‘Sunny Day”:D

    from your posts I am getting to know why the weather is the fav topic of conversation there:D

    Dhiren 😛
    Vinod Sir you reminded him!:D

  7. LOL!!! how so very cute! 🙂

    True… even the weather in Bangalore has changed… It used to be so hot and humid – now it’s changed and its very pleasant and nice and windy…

  8. 🙂 LOL hehehehehe… your daughter is so funny….. 🙂

    one thing I realised after coming to america…..
    that if you have nothing to speak about, or to break the ice.. talk about the weather… and the people here get animated…. 🙂

  9. LOL Smitha!!! your daughter is damn cute to report you the weather.. as my friend Raj has said in one of the post.. there is only three climates in Chennai.. hot, hotter and hottest.. LOL 😀

    Thats what came to my mind now 🙂

  10. @Hitchwriter and Vinod – Very Funny!!!!

    @IHM – Yes, Have heard Raggedy Ann 🙂 Can imagine your children’s confusion – I used to be quite confused when I was younger too :)And yes, weather has become a topic of blogs too 🙂 Thats what British weather does to you 🙂
    By the way, I have done the your tag – just keep forgetting to tell you!

    @FrankandMary – Welcome! Yes, I can imagine that! Guess, weather easily becomes the easiest ice-breaker:)Do visit again!

    @Indyeah – I have to stop blogging about the weather I guess 🙂 Life revolves so much around the weather – can we go to the Park – oh no – its raining 🙂

    @Pixie – Bangalore weather was so wonderful.. Yes, it was a little warm, when we were there in Feb.. I envy you, coz you’re in Blore – I miss it so much!!

    @Kanagu – LOL – Loved this – ‘three climates in Chennai.. hot, hotter and hottest’

    @Vimmuuu – Thank you very much 🙂

  11. True true…today was so damn windy here also…where r u living now?
    It was soo windy that I was almost blown away twice [i work in a refinery which abt 1000 acres may be] open space na, so high winds may be!

  12. That is one cutsie weather reporter. {{Hugs}} to her.

    Smi, it is bad here too. After few Sunny days, it is back to rain and cold.

  13. @Sahaja, Yes, its extremely windy:( You know, 2 or 3 years back – I think it was 2006, one woman got blown away in London! I am in Leeds now.. We used to be in London – moved here last Oct..

    @Solilo – Rain there too?? So we’re not the only ones with bad weather 🙂

    @Indyeah – I was just kidding – I plan to bore you a lot more with weather 🙂 By the way – don’t you ever sleep???

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