Making Pooh!

Before you guys get any funny ideas in your head – this is what I mean 🙂

This is what I am supposed to do – ‘ Amma, help me make Pooh!!’ Now you know why I don’t have any time to get any work done 🙂

21 thoughts on “Making Pooh!

  1. @Sahaja – Thank you! By the way – I tried a couple of your recipes and my daughter loved them as well 🙂

    @Vimmuuu – Thank you – luckily she takes after her dad in the ‘looks’ department 🙂 And yes – it is a huge ‘Pooh’ – it is supposed to be ‘kidsized’ puzzle:) After she’s done with making Pooh – she lies down on it 🙂

  2. your daughter is really cute 🙂
    Will read and comment on the other posts soon 🙂 I am just back from leave..

  3. @Ajit,Kanagu, Vinod – Thank you very much – on behalf of my daughter 🙂

    @Kanagu – Hope you had a good break? I am off on a vacation soon too!!!

  4. Awww….Lots of kichech to that little cutie.

    How old is she? She reminds me of my daughter. All cute and innocent asking me to help with puzzles and board games these days. Aren’t they little blackmailers with their cute smile and all?

    And as for that bacha-khucha Cake. I refuse to accept it. Now when you come back from your vacation I demand a full Cake. :))

  5. @Solilo, Thank you so much :)Will pass it on to her:) She’ll be 3 in April:) How old is your little one? These puzzles are driving me crazy – they are always on the floor and I am expected to help ‘make them’ 🙂

    As for the cake – sure! a full big cake when I get back. Better still come here on your vacation – and I will bake you as many as you like 🙂

  6. when u said, ur daughter wud be 3 in april, i read it as 3rd april…which is my budday 😀 felt happy for no reason 🙂 anyways dont u worry, she is aries and she would be always first 🙂

    wow….thats a great feedback 😀 u knw what? i am smiling off to glory !!

  7. @Sahaja – So you are an April born too :)I have to make sure that I remember to wish you 🙂 And I forgot to mention, that my daughter is extremely finicky with food – so it was quite surprising that she loved it – your recipe was superb!

  8. Thank you Nimmy!
    As for busy – as you can see – I am finding it very difficult to move away from the laptop – I am definitely going to experience blog withdrawal symptoms when I go on holiday 😦

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