Madness leading upto vacation – Part II

Well, finally most of the shopping done, last weekend before flying home and not a bit of packing done yet! Loads of laundry left , loads of ironing left.

And what is it that I am doing – baking a cake. I am sure a lot of you must be wondering – why on earth is she doing, baking a cake, when she is so short on time? Well, I misjudged quantities, and have loads of butter and eggs leftover.. In London, I had friends close by, so all leftover, perishable provisions would go to them. Here, unfortunately, I do not have any close friends nearby, so have to use it all up 😦

So anybody fancying a slice of pineapple upside down cake – please head this way 🙂

Edited to add – Here’s whats left of the cake…not a pretty sight.. e-sending it to all of you 🙂

15 thoughts on “Madness leading upto vacation – Part II

  1. otherwise I would have come 😛
    as saif ali khan says in Dil chahta hai:
    “hum cake khane keliye kidhar bhi jaa sakthe hai” 😛

  2. Hey

    Have a great vacation. Do not worry. It is always like that at our place too.

    One vacation we started packing the previous night and went straight to the airport. Did not sleep through th night.

    You have company.

  3. @Goofy Mumma – I so would if I could 😦 The one thing I like doing in the kitchen is baking 🙂 I need all the luck for packing – still haven’t started – on the comp instead – so the whole morning’s going to be gone 😦

    Solilo – Will upload the pic of what’s leftover of the cake. Yest, hubby dear ate almost half the cake – and was complaing ‘Pet Bhaari lag raha hai :)’. I know, I should go pack -but don’t know where to start 😦

    @Vinod – We ended the weekend with cake 🙂 Husband does not like cake – this is one cake he likes 🙂

    @Mavin – Thats what we used to do earlier – but with my almost 3 yr old – that is no longer an option 😦 Last night packing has now become a memory 🙂

    @Manju – I am uploading the snap of what is left of the cake 🙂

    @Rashmi – Welcome 🙂 I just sae that you are in B’lore – we are coming there – How abt I drop it off at your place 🙂

    @Indyeah – Thank you so much for your kind words.. You are too kind!

  4. Nimmy -try it out – its extremely simple – under 15 mins of prep time 🙂 And is lovely with a scoop of ice-cream 🙂

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