Teaching or Child Abuse?

I was shocked to see this new here about a teacher who pricked a child in her eye with a pin for failing to answer a question! This child, has been blinded, thanks to a person, who should have been responsible for her intellectual growth!

I don’t have words to express what I feel! Just the other day, NDTV reported of how a child was forced to drink urine because he passed urine in class! The more, I hear of these stories, I wonder about our education system in India! While, I am sure that these kinds of horrible instances of child abuse is not widespread, general apathy amongst teachers is definitely there.

Who are the teachers who are shaping young lives today? When I was in school , I remember we had dedicated teachers, who loved their subjects and some of the things that they have taught me – I remember and value, even today! I somehow, doubt if that holds true, today. With the huge salaries that MNCs pay and IT and ITES booming, why would anybody want to be doomed to a lifetime of teaching? While, there are some very dedicated teachers out there, who still make a difference to so many young people, I somehow get the feeling, that the vocation, that was teaching, is no longer that! Has teaching become the last option for a career?

Or maybe, while we were at school, we did not have such a strong media to report all such incidents? What do you think?

10 thoughts on “Teaching or Child Abuse?

  1. I feel too strongly about it to even comment. Nothing makes me madder, Most parents accept this as a part of life. See it happening everywhere and being told, ‘All schools are like this.’

    India reveres it’s old and abuses it’s kids.

  2. It is great that you notice such things.

    So did you noticed that the teacher was a government employee? And the school was a government school meant to teach poor kids at lowest fees?

    We can’t expect a good standard of education and educator in a system which considers that education is no commodity and schools and teaching is not a proper job which needs professionalism and devotion.

    Anyways, homeschooling with Montessori education system is best possible way to develop a child.

    And for poor kids of India, private schools are doing alot better.

    here’s a report

  3. I agree with IHM’s ‘India reveres it’s old and abuses it’s kids.’ Infact I have a piece in my draft about the same.

    Slapping, beating up kids are still considered part of good parenting and a right for teachers in India. I have heard many Indians laughing at teachers in US for letting kids be kids.

    Teaching is a noble profession but are teachers worthy of it?

  4. Teaching is a noble profession but there are very few noble people who teach…The desire to teach is inborn and very few people have it…Govt. school teachers are paid a pittance hence, only people who can’t find jobs anywhere else get into it…These guys are frustrated and don’t know how and are not adequately trained to deal with kids…

  5. @IHM, Same here.. It is sad to see what goes in the name of ‘disciplining a child’. This was a physical assualt, so many children are subject to mental torture by their teachers – and it is totally accepted by us! I guess that is one of the reasons, why most of us Indians, have a very low confidence level.
    Its sad isn’t it ‘India reveres it’s old and abuses it’s kids’.

    @Unpretentious Diva, The government schools are the worst – as there is no acccountablity, teachers don’t care, they are lowly paid.. Anybody with a passion to teach will rather go to a private school rather than a govt one. So the govt schools will have the worst conditions. And yes,the poor children get the worst deal. You are right, several private schools are taking on poor children too. And several parents, nowadays, sponsor another (poor)child’s education.
    Am with you on Montessori education – not so sure of homeschooling though!

  6. @Solilio, Will check out your post right away. Yes, not just slapping, beating also, verbal abuse is considered ok! Yes, I know of several Indian parents here in th UK too, who deride the education system here because it does not make the children learn cram up stuff! The schools here are so much more balanced – atleast at the primary level. They have other issues at the secondary level.

    @Bones – Totally agree with you!

  7. Though I agree that education system in India needs much revamping, I feel the whole goodness is still not lost. The truth is only negative things spread faster whether it is thru media or thru word-of-mouth. I personally know many dedicated teachers who know to keep pupils with them and give them value education. The negative incidents should not be used to generalise the system in toto.

  8. @Yamini, Welcome! Yes, you are right when you say that there are several dedicated teachers , even today. I just feel that their numbers are dwindling and will continue to dwnidle unless our education system is given an overhaul. Thanks for visiting – do come again!

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