Baby beaten to death after mother objects to caste abuse

I just came across this article. ‘A dalit woman’s three-month-old infant was beaten to death allegedly by some members of another community who objected to her wearing slippers while fetching water from a handpump in Pohari area here.’

It is difficult to believe that, we still have this kind of brutal, ruthless killing in the name of ‘caste’!

Who gave them the right? Will these killers ever be brought to justice? Will any of us remember this after a couple of days?

7 thoughts on “Baby beaten to death after mother objects to caste abuse

  1. Smitha, unfortunately, such incidents happen almost every day and only a small percentage is ever reported. In some parts of rural India, societal fault lines are still as rigid as they were…though in large parts there has been a huge change.

    Yesterday, in NOIDA, the swanky suburb of Delhi, an MBA student was gang raped by 10 buys right next to one the most up market malls…they are from a village only a few kilometers away. Their elders still do not think they have committed a crime…having a woman with or without consent is still treated as a right, right in the capital of the country, in the 21st century!

  2. @Vinod, That is what scares and saddens me – that these are so common that they are almost acceptable to most people..
    As for the rapes(there was one more apparently – in less than 24 hrs), cannot believe it that ‘elders still do not think they have committed a crime…’ Guess all this can change only with more exposure and a better education.. As long as people continue to believe in age old beliefs – guess things like this will continue…

  3. I do not have facts under my belt to reel out figures to you but I do get the feeling that rural india and urban india are two different entities …..

  4. Such a tragic incident, Smitha. Unfortunately, these sort of incidents still do happen.

    Spread of education may change this. However, unless the mindset of society also changes, mere education is of no use.

    Sadly, people in urban areas who are educated think of other types of atrocities to commit.

  5. Violence due to caste divides is a fact of life in India. I hope these men get punished. They have committed a murder and no matter what their connection if the Press makes enough noise they will be punished.
    Can’t imagine what that woman must be going through – a three month old baby!
    Half the things that happen there don’t even reach the media and so we never come to know about them.

  6. @Manju, You are right when you say that educationbrings different kinds of crimes – guess it is a constant stuggle.. But I do think, with education, things can only be better.

    @IHM – Yes, we hardly get to even know about these crimes.. Actually, I think in urban India – a lot of us live quite insulated lives.. Media should take up these issues and follow them to closure.. Can’t even start to imagine what that poor mother must be going through.. Its just horrrendous!

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