Thank God for our Supreme Court!

In the midst of all the charges of corruption that are levelled against our government machinery – our Supreme Court always seems to hold its ground..

SC pulls up CBI for flip-flop in Mulayam case

Apparently, the SC has pulled up the CBI for ‘ its flip flop over its decision to change its stand in the disproportionate assets case against former Uttar Pradesh
Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav, the Supreme Court’ on Monday said it would not like the agency to become an instrument of the government.’

I really feel proud that our country – despite all the corrupt politicians and bureaucracy, still has a supreme court which is so strong.

13 thoughts on “Thank God for our Supreme Court!

  1. Yes it is one of the few institutions still holding strong, minor aberrations apart. And that is something that is not going down well with the politicians. I hope the SC stays firm and triumphs in this war of values.

  2. @Vinod, Ajit, Yes so far the Supreme Court has been holding strong.. Lets hope it continues to do so.. And yes – this is the biggest difference(and the most important) between us and Pakistan!

  3. Smitha, yes we can be proud that our Supreme Court is standing firm, against the CBI’s changing its stand to suit the govenment.

  4. I agree with Ajit, this is the difference between us and Pakistan.

    The brilliant brains that drafted our Constitution were so right in making 3+1 pillars of Democracy!!!
    Unlimited power has been controlled so wisely! One reason why I defend free media is also the same division of power, a bad and irresponsible media is still better than a media that is the slave of the ruling government.

    We are a young Democracy but we have to admit we are getting better 🙂

  5. @Manju, Yes, its great to see that the Supreme Court is not a government mouthpiece!

    @IHM, Yes, our democracy is evolving. And free press is just as important as an independant and fair Supreme Court. We already saw how the media has already come up with guidelines after 26/11. That I think is commendable.
    ‘We are a young Democracy but we have to admit we are getting better :)’ Absolutely!

  6. But then why is it that there is delay in the final verdict all the time? There are several cases still waiting at the Supreme court for justice. I feel our judiciary system has a long way to go. Comparing ourselves with Pakistan doesnt make us better in anyway. Its like comparing bad to worse. and why should we compare ourselves with a destoryed nation like Pakistan? When we are dreaming of a better India, why dont we compare ourselves to a better judiciary system?

  7. I guess you ignored the bribery cases of supreme court judges..

    Still, supreme court can be said ok for some cases.

    I wonder will SC, ever review the Indian Penal code which even now states homosexuals as criminal along with many other deficits and irrationalities.

    One of the most common is surely the issue of age of consent.

  8. Only saving grace of our democracy is Judiciary, which time and again has proved that they are honest. But the only worrisome fact is they are taking too much time to give the verdict, which is equal to injustice.
    Have you seen the other news today? CIC states that even Chief Justice of India was under the purview of RTI. A very welcome news for all of us.

  9. @Vimmuuu, There are delays, I agree, but the point I was making is that despite all that – the Supreme Court is still not a government mouthpiece. It tries to be fair in most cases, atleast in comparison to the other institutions in India..
    As for comparison to Pakistan – I guess it happens these days thanks to all the focus on the India-Pakistan situation these days. But I agree that we should prob start comparing with better evolved countries and try and match up than keep saying that we are better than Pakistan.

  10. @Unpretentious Diva – Supreme court is still one of the better institutions.. and as Kanagu states – ‘that even Chief Justice of India was under the purview of RTI.’..
    As for homosexuality – I think even the Delhi High Court has come down hard on the govt when they wanted it termed as a disease.. The problem with decriminalising homosexuality is that our govts are scared of aleinating their conservative votebanks. Sad.. Homosexuality is one of the ‘criminal activities’ in Penal code had been defined by the British in 1860!

    @Kanagu – Totally agree

  11. @Hitchwriter, Thanks for visiting. Yes the supreme court should defintely crack the whip more. And should do something about the endless delay in the cases being tried..

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