Thank You, Thank You

A long overdue post – I had been a wee bit busy during the holiday season. Today, finally, its business as usual.

A BIG thanks to IHM for the shield.

Thank you Nita for the friendship band.

I would like to pass on the shield to

Bones – For coming up with the most ‘interesting’ tidbits’ from all over the place!

Ajit – For being such an ‘extraordinary blogger’ for someone who claims to be just ‘another ordinary guy’

Vinod Sharma – For his take on Indian Politics

Manju – For the most thought provoking posts

Vimmuuu – For some very creative posts!

Kislay – For his honest posts.

And finally IHM – Right back to you! You deserve all the awards you have got and more!

And I would like to pass on the friendship band to everyone on my blogroll! I can’t tell you all how much I value your comments!

12 thoughts on “Thank You, Thank You

  1. Congraaaaatsss…and thanks a lot for the shield and the band, though the shiled is already there!

    May you get more such awards this year !

  2. Thanks everyone.

    @Vimmuuu – Am sure you have room for one more shield 🙂

    @Ajit, Its good to see that you are back in action -waiting for your next post 🙂

  3. Thank You Smitha!!!!

    Love the interesting subjects you blog about, I don’t just comment, I also keep talking about them at home. My kids say the blogosphere has increased their GK 🙂
    GK = General Knowledge.

  4. @IHM, Thank you! Blogging has certainly improved my GK 🙂 I have started reading up a lot more than I used to before! Plus the exposure to so many views.. Blogoshpere is an amazing place to be 🙂 I am just sad that I discovered it so late!

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