Chanda Kochhar to succeed Kamath as ICICI Bank CEO!

Some good news at last! Among all the terror-related stuff in the newspapers – this was one piece of wonderful news!

Chanda Kochar has been in the list of the most powerful women in business for some time now. There have been reports of how she has risen up from the ranks through her determination and hard work.

‘Ms Kochhar was instrumental in setting up and scaling up the Retail business for ICICI Bank. In July 2000, under the leadership of Ms. Kochhar, ICICI Bank entered the Retail business and within a short span of around 5 years, the Bank emerged as the largest retail financer in India. Under her leadership, the Retail banking business of ICICI Bank grew many folds and the Bank has established itself as a clear “Leader” in Car Finance, Home Finance, Card business and Two Wheeler & Commercial Vehicle Loans.
In the process of transforming a small bank into the largest private sector bank in the country, within a decade of its inception, the various steps taken by Ms. Kochhar also shaped the retail finance industry in India. Few such path-breaking initiatives included launch of electronic channels in banking, developing a large network of Direct Sales Agents, setting up Bancassurance model of ICICI Bank and using the concept of cross sell by using various channels. In April 2001, she took over as Executive Director, heading the retail business in ICICI Bank.’

Having been in the corporate world myself, I know how difficult it is to balance both personal and professional life. Here’s to more of her kind! Here’s wishing her all the best and hoping to see more reports of many more dynamic successful women in business!

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7 thoughts on “Chanda Kochhar to succeed Kamath as ICICI Bank CEO!

  1. Yes Smitha, in the middle of all the gloomy news, this is one good, bright one. After Kiran Mazumdar, Chanda Kochhar has shown what a determined woman leader can achieve in India – other than in politics.

    I am sure we will see many more rise like her in the coming years.

  2. Hi Vinod, yes you are right – women have been successful everywhere -except in politics.. Guess thats coz you cannot enter politcs unless you are part of some dynasty :)Mayawati being an exception, I guess..

  3. True Smitha..We need more and more women coming forward..That said,it is indeed very sad that majoirty if indian women are still very very far away from basic neccesities of what you and me have..We are indeed the choosen ones…

  4. Yes Nimmy, Most of the women in India do not even have the choices or freedom to do what they want – even in their own houses – be it due to lack of resources or lack of freedom. India will truly ‘shine’ when all its women ‘shine’! Lets hope for a better tomorrow!

  5. Did you notice that most of Chanda Kochhar’s competitors for the post of CEO were women? ICICI Prudential Life CEO Shikha Sharma and executive director Madhabi Puri-Buch were also in contention…ICICI seems to be a woman friendly place…
    I’ve always known that women can do as well as men in the corporate world but they do need support from their husbands and families…Indra Nooyi’s husband started working from home in order to look after their kids so did Carly Fiorina’s…

  6. Yes Bones, you are right, ICICI does seem like a very women friendly place..Yes, women can do as well, if not better – with family support. The reason it is so much easier for men is that they have a very good support – most of the time.. Most of the time, it is the woman who is expected to take up an ‘easier’ job.. But that is changing – albeit slowly..

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