Baby P – Hope you rest in peace…

A little over a month back, there was a lot of outrage in the media in the UK, about a story of a 17 month old toddler, who was tortured to death. It had broken my heart to read about him , but for some reason, I had not been able to write about it – until now..

The mother apparently, let her boyfriend and her lodger torture her son, and did nothing to protect him.. She just helped protect her boyfriend. The kind of things that were done to this defenseless , little toddler – was simply unthinkable.

Apparently this little boy had been in the radar of the child protection agencies and that he was seen 60 times by case workers and yet he could not be saved. It has become a huge issue here. Some heads have rolled in the children’s services at that borough.. I can somehow , even overlook the fact that the child protection services had failed.. I simply cannot believe that any mother could let this happen to her child… Most of us, can’t even bear to see a scratch on our babies.. Can’t imagine what this mother must be like, to let this happen to her baby!

Praying that that little boy , has finally got some peace.. and that no other child has to go through this…

Some articles about this..

4 thoughts on “Baby P – Hope you rest in peace…

  1. Human beings never cease to surprise, both with their goodness and cruelty. This is a really sad story.

    I’ve got an email, with real photographs, of a virility soup in China that includes herbs and, horror, a human fetus that you can clearly see…to make it worse, the photos show the whole process of cooking it. Apparently ladies giving fetuses get handsome monetary compensation.

    So when you visit China next, you know you have to be a vegetarian there.

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