I got an award!!!

I got an award – can’t still believe it! Thank you, Indian Home Maker, for thinking me worth an award. Being so new to the blogging world – its an honour that you even read my posts, leave alone give an award! Thank you once again.

As per the rules, I am supposed to, pass it on to other bloggers. Most of the bloggers I am passing this to , might not even know me, but I just wanted to say that I have been following your blogs and am a big fan!

Vinod Sharma – For all those wonderfully analysed and researched posts.
Nimmy – I love the passion in your posts..
Manju – for those questions which were almost forgotten
Motherhood and all that Jazz – I have really enjoyed reading your posts.
Nita – for a ‘wide angle view’ on so many different subjects.
Indian Home Maker – I would love to give it back to you – you truly inspire me – but I am not sure it allowed as per rules…

Thanks to all of you for a whole lot of wonderful reading material. I have subscribed to all of you and it makes my day – to see a new post from any of you!


8 thoughts on “I got an award!!!

  1. Congratulations Smitha…this colourful butterfly sure knows where to alight!

    You may be new to blogging but you are already making waves and drawing people to you writings. Wish you many more such awards. And thank you for giving one to me too.

  2. Thank You for your lovely words, and I don’t know if the rules allow it or not, but I’d love to get this butterfly one more time 🙂
    Love your blog, and the subjects you discuss. Thank you for posts that make us think!

  3. Hi Smitha..

    Thanks a lot for the awrd..Sorry for being late to respond..Too much preoccupations these days..I am hardly in the blogoshphere..

    I will surely come back and read your posts..Keep writing and Good day to you..

  4. Congratulations Smitha for winning the award! And thank you for passing it on to me. And why should you think that I would not accept it (the comment you left on my blog). I accept all awards, very happily. Usually I announce the award thing on my blog when I do my summary posts and that is what I will do at the end of the week. In the meantime I will put this on my award page. Thanks again.

  5. Congratulations Smitha, I am a new entrant to blogosphere though was lurking in the alleyway of the blogworld for quite sometime and now I have emerged from the chrysalis and hope to get colorful butterflies very soon.

  6. @potpouri, Welcome to the blog. Thanks for your kind comments. Will check out your blog in a minute!I am sure many a colourful butterfly will come a-visiting 🙂

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