What is he thinking??

Just saw this article on Times of India,’Rahul Gandhi assails security focus on VIPs’ .

How lame is that? Is he actually supporting the fact that our ‘VIPs’ get so much of over-protection?? How can he justify saying this, especially when the figures clearly show that the budget for protecting the VIPs is more than for protecting the nation? How I wish I could ask him this!!!


4 thoughts on “What is he thinking??

  1. He was opposing too much of security for VIPs. But be sure that observation was for lesser mortals. Royalty is above and beyond such scrutiny!

  2. oh ok.. I thought that he meant that there was too much focus on the fact that VIPs needed security.. And you are right – royalty is obviously exempted!

  3. Smitha I can forgive Rahul Gandhi for coming into politics because of his family, because we can’t deny that he is amongst the better lot today, he has no criminal record, he does not preach hatred, he is educated and progressive and here I liked his accepting that too much was being spent on VIP security. His family has lost two members to terrorism, so he definitely knows terrorism and it’s effects!!

    I liked what he said here,
    “When the terrorists attacked Mumbai, they did not attack the young or the old, Hindus or Muslims, upper or lower castes but Indians, he said. “If our enemies view us as one, we have to act as one.”

    This country needs unity before everything else.

  4. Yes IHM, I totally agree with you that we Indians need to be united. The only point I would like to disagree is about Rahul Gandhi. Agreed, he is clean, he is not preaching hatred – but what does he actually stand for? To me he stands for a dynasty which has been corrupt – which has brought the country to the condition it is now. And I feel bad that there must be thousands of young people, much much more motivated that Rahul Gandhi – but will probably never get a leg up into politics simply because they donot belong to some ‘family’. I really feel bad that the congress, with leaders such as Manmohan Singh and Chidambaram, still needs to have Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi to guide them – that is my main grievance.. Sorry to be so long winded – but I really wish , we would come out of this sycophantic tradition and let the true visionaries take over! How I wish President Abdul Kalam was given a second chance! I was so proud of having him as our President!

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